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Welcome to a captivating exploration of Taiwanese brides, where we delve into the enchanting world of their elegance, tradition, and modernity. In this article, we celebrate the allure of Taiwanese brides, shedding light on their unique qualities, cultural heritage, and the reasons why they stand out as exceptional life partners. Join us on this journey as we uncover the fascinating aspects that make Taiwanese mail order brides a coveted choice for many.

? Taiwan women populationAround 11.8 million
? Average Taiwan bride price10000 – 50000 $
?️ Best cities to meet Taiwan mail order bridesTaipei, Taoyuan, Chiayi, Hsinchu
? Average Marriage age19 – 55 y.o.
? Best site with Taiwanese bridesEasternHoneys
?  Best dating site to look for a Taiwanese womenAsianMelodies
? Success marriages91%
? Divorce rate23%
Taiwan mail order brides overview

Why Taiwanese Women Are Good For You?

modern taiwanese women
modern taiwanese women

Local Brides Are Welcoming And Courteous

Local girls possess great hospitality skills. They love to greet guests with delicious homemade foods and make sure everyone feels at home. Besides, these women know how to behave and in which situation to show their temper. Taiwanese women never speak badly of their husbands in public and prefer to solve family issues behind closed doors.

Monogamous Nature

Taiwan is a conservative society. Locals don’t support sexual liberation. Taiwanese women believe in monogamous relationships. They are satisfied with the idea of having one man for their entire life. There’s very little likelihood of a short-term affair of a casual fling in Taiwan. Girls are fiercely loyal to their husbands and will never cheat or betray them. Moral values regarding marriage are very strong in this society.

They Can Wake Up Masculinity in You

Taiwanese girls rarely take the initiative. They are brought up in a traditional society where a man is expected to take initiative and perform his “male” duties. If you live somewhere in Europe or in the United States, it may sound weird since local women don’t lose any opportunity to show their independence. Taiwanese ladies also value equality, but the way they see gender roles is different. A bride from Taiwan wants you to woo her. She will most likely play hard to get and wait for male actions from you.

Taiwanese mail order brides

Hot Taiwanese Women are Calm and Reserved

These brides know to control their emotions. It’s uncommon to see them in a fit of rage. They prefer to stay away from anything that could lead to disagreements. Your Taiwanese wife may experience a hurricane of emotions inside, but they would never show it to a human eye. They don’t argue to make their opinions heard and don’t make drama if you offend them. But keep in mind that just like many women, these girlfriends can be hurt easily.

Devoted to Family

Taiwanese girls love their families. They are not the type of brides who leave the family nest and only call their parents to get a profit. While growing up, they’re embedded with the idea that relationships inside a family need to be solid. This fact is also a significant pointer to their love for long-term relationships that lead to marriage.

The Most Beautiful Asian Ladies?

Men have difficulties in resisting cute Taiwanese babes. Local girls are hot and charming. With an average height of 160 cm, dazzling straight hair, fair skin, and brown eyes, women from Taiwan attract men who value petite Asians. Compared to women from Japan or China, Taiwanese wives have bigger eyes, lighter skin, and are often taller. They don’t need to go hard on makeup and use any beauty enhancements.

These brides are the brightest examples of what people call natural beauty and femininity. They are feminine and proud of carrying this charm to the world. These girls look incredibly young even in their 40ties. They seem to age very slowly.


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Taiwanese Brides Pros and Cons


  1. Education and Career-Oriented: Taiwanese brides often prioritize education and have a strong work ethic. They are ambitious and strive for personal and professional success. This can lead to a mutually supportive relationship where both partners encourage each other’s goals.
  2. Family Values: Taiwanese culture places a strong emphasis on family values. Taiwanese brides tend to be caring, respectful, and prioritize their family’s well-being. They often have close-knit relationships with their parents and siblings and value maintaining strong family ties.
  3. Attractive Appearance: Taiwanese brides are often regarded as attractive and beautiful. They take pride in their appearance and invest time and effort into grooming and personal style. Their fashion sense is influenced by both Eastern and Western trends, resulting in a unique and appealing look.
  4. Culinary Skills: Taiwanese brides are known for their culinary abilities. They are skilled in preparing a variety of delicious and healthy dishes. Sharing meals together can be a pleasurable and enjoyable experience in a Taiwanese bride’s company.
  5. Respectful and Polite: Taiwanese brides are raised with a strong emphasis on politeness and respect. They display good manners and treat others with kindness. This can contribute to a harmonious and respectful relationship.


  1. Language Barrier: If you do not speak Mandarin Chinese or Taiwanese Hokkien, communication with a Taiwanese bride may be challenging. While many Taiwanese people have basic English skills, language differences can still pose a barrier to effective communication.
  2. Cultural Differences: Taiwanese culture has its unique customs and traditions. If you come from a different cultural background, adapting to these differences may require effort and understanding. It is essential to embrace and respect Taiwanese customs to foster a harmonious relationship.
  3. Work-Life Balance: Taiwanese society places significant emphasis on work and career success. As a result, Taiwanese brides may have demanding work schedules and commitments, which can impact the amount of time they can devote to their relationship and family life.
  4. Family Expectations: Taiwanese families often have high expectations for their daughters-in-law. There might be pressure to conform to traditional gender roles and meet certain societal expectations. This can lead to stress and tension within the relationship if these expectations are not met.
  5. Long-Distance Relationships: If you are not currently in Taiwan, establishing and maintaining a relationship with a Taiwanese bride can be challenging. Long-distance relationships require commitment, trust, and effective communication to overcome the physical distance.

Where Can You Meet Taiwanese Girls?

taiwan mail order bride
taiwan bride

Online Dating

Taiwan has a fast-flourishing online dating culture. In fact, this is the most realistic way to meet your love in Taiwan. Many local women looking for American men get linked with them via the Internet. The Taiwanese are active users of dating apps, so you are sure to find a rich female database on sites:

Offline Approach

If you want to meet Taiwanese woman during the day game or nighttime, you’d need a good share of the fortune. While there may be no room for flirting during the daylight, the nightlife is a relief. Brides dress nicely and go out to lounges and bars for relaxation. Taipei, the country’s capital, has superb nightlife. Head to Omni, Yen Bar At W Hotel, or Elektro to get a chance to buy one of the local brides.

What You Should Know About Dating a Taiwanese Mail Order Brides

They May Be Really Cold

When you meet Taiwanese women, you may notice them behaving like ace queens. No foreign interest, no friendly attitude, and no willingness to make an acquittance. Breaking the ice is not an easy task, but it’s worth the effort.

Be Patient When They’re Taking Photos

Girls in Taiwan love taking photos of everything that surrounds them. Beautifully served meal, a picturesque landscape, or any other thing worth being captured. For them, it’s more important to get their friends envious about what, where, and with whom they’re eating.

Meet Taiwanese Girls

Don’t Brag With Your Status

Taiwan brides would sincerely value your personality over your wallet. You can’t buy the attention of these cute singles. You can only deserve their favor with your actions. Don’t think that Taiwanese singles are for sale. A boastful man whose main pride is his foreign residence and a thick wallet is the biggest turnoff for a Taiwan girl.

They Don’t Rush Into Marriage

The median age of first marriage in Taiwan is about 31 years old for men and 29 for women. Just like Westerners, Taiwanese take a little time to be adults, to work, and explore the world before they tie the knot.

How to Impress a Taiwanese Bride?

When relationships between you and your Taiwanese girl start getting serious, you will inevitably need to meet her parents before the wedding, and you need to know how to impress them. I’m happy to assure you that meeting with your future Taiwan life won’t be stressful. However, here are a few tips which gonna make your meeting even smoother:

Do Taiwanese Women Like American Men?

Many Taiwanese girls have a reputation for being cold and unapproachable. Especially when it comes to meeting foreigners. Happily, this is not applied to all women. More and more local brides abandon the idea of dating area men and make a choice in favor of American and European grooms. Why does it happen? Is it because of the lack of worthy men? Or due to exotic tastes of Taiwanese women for marriage? We can only guess about it. The most probable reason is the willingness of local brides to escape the commonly accepted rules of the patriarchal society of Taiwan. Let’s dig a bit deeper.

In general, the aim that all the lovely Taiwanese wives share is a strong desire to build a solid family with men who’d treat them with respect. When marrying Taiwanese woman, prepare to become her greatest reliance in achieving life goals.


Men from any part of the globe want to marry Taiwanese women because of their beauty, devotedness, and family-oriented mindset. No matter where you find a Taiwanese wife, you will get an exciting experience of dating her. Learning about their preferences, hobbies, and lifestyle can simplify the process of searching for your significant other from Taiwan. The most important thing in this complicated task is to prepare in advance and learn to impress your woman.

Taiwanese Women for marriage
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