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Russia might be a questionable state but the local women are compared to the richest jewelry in the world. Are they shining for you? Is there a way to melt their cold hearts? Read on in our article.

Monthly visits to a site show that men dream of Russian brides. Their particular style coupled with their cold character makes you anything but indifferent. Therefore, the demand to know how to attract one is important. But is it easy? This is what you will discover in our article on Russian women.

We will see together all that you need to know to succeed in seducing Russian girls. We hope that you will like our valuable tips for seducing a Russian woman from the East and that they will help you in your attempts to seduce her.

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Typical Traits of Real Russian Brides

There are many stereotypes about the physical characteristics of Russian women for marriage that are known all over the world. Sexy Russian brides are tall, have a slim figure, their hair is blond or light brown, they have blue or green eyes and their legs are firm and energetic. Cute Russian girls have a certain style, they are very feminine and have an unparalleled sex appeal.

Unfortunately, these are just stereotypes, especially the tall blonde with blue eyes. Most people are surprised when they arrive for the first time in Russia and see that hot Russian women are very different from each other. It is a far cry from the image people have of women in the East. The country is the largest in the world and is made up of many different ethnicities.

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Natural Beauty of Russian Women for Marriage

But when it comes to pure beauty, we must admit that a Russian lady is probably one of the most beautiful in the world. A modern Russian woman is much prettier than a girl of any other nationality. When you see a cute woman from Russia, you will probably be eager to talk to her and try to seduce her. But once in front of her, you will lose your words as her beauty will dazzle you. Even after a certain age, single Russian women would still be pretty.

The Mentality of Russian Wives

It is important to know the mentality of single Russian women to know how to seduce them. Without this, you will have enormous difficulties. Moreover, you will not use the same techniques of flirting with a girl from Moscow as with a woman from Vladivostok. Similarly, the way you approach a woman in Saint. Petersburg who is Christian will not be the same as a Muslim Russian woman from Kazan.

Whatever you may think about the stereotypes associated with Russian women, you will have to forget about them. There are indeed a lot of porn actresses and prostitutes in Western Europe who come from this country, but this is not the case for most of the serious girls who still live in Russia. On the contrary.

The Sexuality of Russian Chicks

Russian brides are quite conservative and sex is still a taboo subject for many of them. At least, for those who don’t like nightclubs and are only looking for a stable long-term relationship. So don’t expect to have sex with a Russian woman easily. If you want to come to Russia to pick up easy girls, this is not the right plan. Seducing a Russian lady is an art.

Even if the young generation seems to be more open about it, they still received a strict education from their parents for whom sex is a subject that should not be discussed. Avoid talking about this subject on the first few dates. This could put an immediate end to your attempts to get a date.

Russian society, and therefore Russian culture, is largely inherited from the Soviet Union. And during the USSR, morals were quite conservative. If you want a sincere relationship with a Russian wife you will have to keep in mind this Soviet mentality.

The Character of Russian Singles

It is difficult to say precisely what is the character of Slavic girls since there can potentially be as many as there are beautiful Russian brides. However, we can make a small generalization that summarizes most cases.

The character of a Russian woman can be very changeable depending on her mood. Russian bride can be very calm and then suddenly get angry for reasons that seem incomprehensible. This is quite typical for Slavic brides. In this case, you should not try to argue with the Russian bride, because a Russian wife will always want to be right. If you try to fight a Russian woman who gets angry, you will very rarely win.

Despite this, it is in the character of a Russian woman that you will find beauty. If a Russian mail order wife is content to be with you all the time without ever getting angry, you will quickly get tired of her. This adds a little spice to the relationship.

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How to Seduce a Russian Bride?

If at first sight, a Russian mail order wife may seem quite cold, it is not so once you get to know her. As long as the Russian bride does not trust you, she will remain cold and closed. To succeed in attracting a Russian girl, you will have to break the ice. You will find out later that a Russian wife has a pretty cool sense of humor once a Russian wife agrees to trust you.

For some people, this coldness may seem harsh and rude. For others, it adds a charm to dating Russian women and makes you want to try to seduce such a woman. Anyway, if you are a fan of Russian women, you will have to accept this fact. That’s the way it is and there is nothing you can do about Russian culture.

How Russian Chicks Appear to Us

The elegance of single Russian girls is also internationally recognized. They always make sure that they are dressed sexy enough, go to the manicure regularly, and take care of themselves. For Russian wives, being beautiful and pleasing people is an obligation, especially if they are single. Moreover, when they are young, Russian brides regularly do sports to have a firm body. This is why many foreign men like Russian brides.

However, it would be a lie to tell you that all Russian women are like that. There are, as in all countries, foreign brides who are not attractive that you will not want to seduce. But almost all of those who can speak English are elegant. And for that one, you will be ready to learn how to find a Russian bride on dating websites.

Approaching Russian Women The Right Way

Russian women have a very different way of functioning than other foreign women. You will have to be aware of this to succeed to meet a Russian bride. There, a man must be able to take care of Russian brides and be strong. The society in which they live is still strongly patriarchal. This means that you have to be able to provide for Russian ladies and your possible future family. If a Russian mail order wife doesn’t feel this way about you, your chances of being seduced will be dashed. Here are other main things to take into account:

Why Do Foreign Men Want to Find a Russian Bride?

For many men from Canada, Europe, the USA, and Switzerland, Russian females embody a feminine ideal. In the eyes of these people, Russian females are filled with the greatest qualities. At least, this is what many western men think.

But why exactly are Russian mail order wives considered in this way by every foreign man? Is it simply because of their physical appearance? Or are there other factors to take into consideration? This is what we will see together.

Are Russian Girls Exceptional?

Most Russian women are mainly known for their beauty but those are not the only qualities. They are also affectionate, pleasant, and interested in having a family with the right person.

Local ladies for marriage like to show themselves as feminine and for that, they use different strategies:

When you compare this with what you can find in western countries, it is obvious that it is difficult for a man who grew up in a country like France or Canada not to fall for a Russian girl.

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Are Russian Mail Order Brides Attracted to Foreign Speakers?

Foreign culture plays an important role in the seduction of a Russian chick. It is probably the language that will allow you to appear as romantic as possible in the eyes of Russian brides. Being a foreigner is therefore a serious asset.

If you compare the beauty between the sexes in the country, you will notice one thing: it is very unevenly distributed between men and women. Even if you are of average beauty in Europe or the US, you can be of acceptable beauty for a very pretty Russian girl.

Russia is also a rather cold country, both in terms of temperature and people’s attitudes. By being a foreigner, you will appear as something more friendly and smiling. It will add a touch of exoticism. You will also benefit from the stereotype of the person who does not drink much. Or at least, who drinks much less than a Russian. How to meet Russian females in a foreign country?

How Do I Start Looking For Russian Chicks?

To know how to meet Russian mail order brides in a foreign country, you have to use the internet.

However, we advise you to be very careful with international online dating. There are Internet dating scams that promise to find you the Russian bride of your dreams. But in fact, the only goal will be to get as much money out of you as possible, especially if such sites are located in Eastern Europe.

Instead, we advise you to use legitimate Russian bride sites. On this type of site, you will find ladies for marriage interested in meeting foreigners.

According to our experience, the most serious dating service in this field is Russian Cupid. You will find a ton of Slavic women, but also from other former Soviet countries. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a Russian girl you like.

Behaviors to Adopt During a Date

When you meet a Russian bride face to face, she does not necessarily expect you to be the best flirt on earth. On the other hand, during Internet dating she expects you to show her a minimum of respect. This is the big difference with Europe. Forget what you know about mail order bride sites, as they act differently.

Confidence with Russian mail order brides is earned little by littleYou must be careful not to rush things on mail order bride services. Don’t propose to her to sleep directly with you for example. This is the best way for a Russian bride to decide to end your meeting.
Be simple and courteous as possible and don’t overdo it on a dating websiteIf you are macho from the first meeting your international dating will get funky. She will feel, and perhaps rightly so, that you act that way on every mail order brides service.
Don’t stare at other womenAlso avoid looking at the other Russian ladies around you, even if it is not easy at first to control yourself with so many beautiful girls everywhere. International dating sites expect you to be a part of western gentlemen who act honestly;
Be patientIf after your first date nothing special happened, it does not necessarily mean that the Russian mail order bride does not like you. Unlike in Western and American countries, in Russia women sometimes need some time before they want to do something with you, even if it is just a kiss.

Does Your Online Dating Experience Depend on How Rich You Are?

A common cliché is that a man has to be rich for a Russian chick to be interested in him. Although this is not completely false, it is not completely true either. And wealth is also relative. A poor European will be richer than 90% of Russians.

As an English speaker, you can use the supposed virtues attributed to people who speak this language: romanticism, gallantry, and sympathy.

Of course, always pick up the tab in a restaurant or cafe. That’s how it’s done in the country. Just be careful not to get caught in an overpriced place.

A Russian chick who is interested in a foreigner does not need this man to take her to an expensive place. She wants to have the opportunity to meet him face to face and see how it goes.

Are Russian Chicks Deceitful?

In some situations, you will, unfortunately, come across dishonest Russian mail order brides. They will think that as a Westerner you are rich. You will then have several cases of figures:

Those who will make you believe that they are in love with you. They will generally start by accepting “cheap” meetings. Then, they will try to take you to more and more expensive places or ask you for money.

The ones who will try to scam you from the first meeting. For example, they will try to get you to pay for their shopping session or negotiate with a restaurant for a higher rate for the bill on which they will get a commission.

Finally, you will also have those who will stay with you as long as they have no one better. You will just be a temporary occupation in their eyes. If, for example, you have a problem in your life, this kind of woman will leave you immediately.

Opinions About Russian Females and Westerners

The reasons mentioned here are just a few of many. There are multitudes of reasons for a Western man to fall for Russian girls.

If some of your friends don’t understand why you like Russian brides, don’t hesitate to show them this article, it should be enough to convince them and, who knows, maybe make them like Russian ladies too.

russian lady

First Dating Steps With Russian Brides

During Internet dating, it is always advisable to be careful when you visit a site. It is common to find girls on dating sites who just want to find a sucker to eat in an expensive restaurant. Girls like these on mail order bride sites are useless. She monthly visits the site for her gain.

This is why you should always choose a simple place with many monthly visits site. If she refuses, good for you, you will save your time and brides cost. If she accepts, it means that she is ready to try real online dating. And in this case, you can take out all your seducer’s paraphernalia.

Meeting Russian Mail Order Bride in Real Life

Drinking tea or coffee is a good idea for a first date. Even if it is not an original approach to dating, the mail order bride will have accepted that you are getting to know her. You can also suggest a restaurant in your country. Keep in mind that a mail order bride who tries to go to the most expensive places doesn’t give a damn about you and will move on to the next one as soon as she gets what she wants. So a simple thing is the best thing to do.

Don’t forget that a man has to pay the bill in Russia. This is an additional price not counted with the usual brides cost. Moreover, a small gift is always a very appreciated gesture.

Mistakes to Avoid When Seducing a Russian Chick

One thing about Russian Internet dating is certain. A Russian chick can have quite a character at times. It is therefore advisable to be careful when seducing a girl in Russia not to offend her. For that, you have to be careful not to make the following mistakes during a meeting with a Russian chick you want to seduce at the early age:

Show your self-confidence.In Russia, women like confident men who are not afraid of the cold. It is better to be a bit macho (without forcing it) than to appear weak. Otherwise, you will not be able to attract a Russian mail order bride.
Do not criticize their country. Russian brides idealize their country.Be careful not to say anything shocking. All your seduction projects will then fall apart. Call it our dating coach advice.
Don’t lack creativity.Russian men are usually monotonous and boring as hell. So try to surprise your mail order bride, without going overboard.
Familiarity is not the way to go.On a first date, you should be polite to the girl. Don’t allow yourself any familiarity, it will be perceived as a lack of respect. There is a certain class to be respected when flirting with a Russian mail order bride.
Avoid making bad jokes or using too much second-degree language.Very often Russian mail order brides are not able to understand sarcasm or second degree. Therefore, make a few jokes as possible in this sense, otherwise, she might take it at face value and you will ruin your meeting.
Be careful when talking about money.This goes for Russian bride cost as well. Either you will shock your mail order wife, who will be a little ashamed of her low salary, or you will attract girls online who will be happy to lighten your wallet as much as possible. In both cases, this is not a desirable situation. If you want to seduce a respectable Russian mail order bride, be cautious about money.
Avoid using the clichés you have about Russians in your seduction approaches.Don’t tell local mail order brides that all guys are vodka drinkers and all girls are super hot and look like porn actresses. You will shoot yourself in the foot immediately with such comments and your chances of getting a Russian mail order bride will be equal to 0.
Don’t put everything on one woman.Unfortunately, you will most likely not meet the ideal Russian mail order bride immediately. Some girls online will be complete disasters. Even top dating sites can struggle with helping to find a perfect match. Get to know several women from Russia at the same time to be sure to have one that suits you in the end. With dating sites, it is much easier.

Why Marry Local Mail Order Brides?

Many men fantasize about a young Russian chick even at a very young age. However, marrying local mail order brides, as well as trying to seduce them, is not done in a snap. It will be necessary to respect several steps to find interesting mail order brides. You will also have to decide where to take your offline dating to the next level. Seduction is one thing, marriage is another. Just because you like hitting on Russian brides does not mean that you should decide to marry one. This is something that should not be taken lightly.

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What Russian Mail Order Brides Look For In Husbands?

If you have arrived here, you may be thinking of marrying a Russian chick after a good dating service experience. But why exactly would a Russian mail order bride look for a foreign husband? What does she find attractive in online dating with a foreign person?

Russia is a huge country and Russian ladies are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding someone in their country. Let’s see together the reasons why Russian brides looking for a foreign husband on a dating site. We will analyze what they like in Western countries and what they think about English-speaking ones.

Choosing the Right Dating Sites

First of all, we will start by talking about the places where Russian mail order wives go to look for a foreign husband. For this purpose, we will assume that they are using a dating site from Russia. Therefore, they will have only the Internet at their disposal to try dating online.

Women who dream of getting married, or at least getting to know a foreign person, can use two different types of dating sites.

Best Candidate for Dating in Russia

Thanks to our many years of experience with Russian Ladies we believe that Russian Cupid is probably one of the most interesting mail order bride sites. On this site, you will find many local girls online who are looking for a foreign husband. Things are very clear about this and there is no ambiguity about Russian brides cost. The number of girls online available on such online dating websites is also quite large.

Russian Brides: Final Verdict

We have just seen in this article how to seduce pretty Russian brides. Of course, these are only general tips, but they should already give you a good basis for a local mail order bride.

It is important to understand the cultural differences when you want to seduce a mail order bride from Russia. What may seem normal to you may seem shocking and inappropriate in other countries. You must therefore pay special attention to this when you visit the site. Seduction techniques must be adapted to Russia if you want to seduce Russian mail order brides.

Russian girls are known to be the most beautiful in the world. However, this does not mean that it will be easy to seduce girls online. There are certain “codes” to respect and steps to follow when your visit site begins. This varies from one girl to another, but the “procedure to follow” is very different for Western girls.

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