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A serious relationship is a complex process, and you begin to understand all the nuances with age. When you are young, you see life differently, and charming girlfriends seem like great partners. You begin to associate with them, and it turns out they are unsuitable for marriage. Because a family becomes strong only next to an understanding and loving woman who shares your interests and life values, at the same time, she should be beautiful, passionate, and cheerful. Then every day of family life will be full of positive emotions, and you will never feel lonely.

Also, your partner should have a bright and cheerful character. In this case, we recommend paying attention to the charming Portuguese women. Yes, we understand that Portugal is far away, but everything has become much easier thanks to modern technology. You can register on a dating site and start chatting with beautiful Portuguese women online. Our review will tell you about the important features of beautiful girls from this country.

Average age of French Women on dating sites27.4 years old
Chance to meet perfect Portuguese brides at dating sitesHigh
Best dating services with Portuguese ladiesChiSpa, Amor en Lina, LatinoPeopleMeet
Do these sites legit and safeBest sites have licenses
SecuritySSL Protocols, Users Verification
Marriage success rate62%
Prices for creditVary from $2.99 to $179
Average cost of Portuguese bride$7.400

Sites To Find Portuguese Women For Dating or Marriage


Unique Features of Portuguese Women

Portugal is an amazing country, which is sometimes called a European province. It has a rich historical heritage and numerous ancient fortresses, cathedrals, and palaces. And here is a mild climate and beautiful beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, hospitable people, and modern resorts. Moreover, you will be delighted with Portuguese hot women as they have some amazing and delightful features.

Portuguese Women

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Reasons to Date a Portuguese Woman

So, women from Portugal have a lot of interesting features. But how will your life change if you start a serious relationship with such a lady? Let’s talk about the main reasons that will help you make your life more colorful and interesting with a Portuguese girl.

Delightful Beauty

You’ve heard about the beauty of hot Portuguese women, haven’t you? Beautiful local girls can charm men at first sight. Look into those charming brown eyes, full of tenderness and warmth. And the love of this charming lady is only for you, which is especially nice. Also, admire her graceful gait and slender figure. Local women are very sexy, and grace is visible in every movement. As a rule, they have dark skin and dark hair, but modern dating sites will help you meet a Portuguese blonde with fair skin and green eyes (if you so desire). It is also worth saying that the beauty of local ladies does not fade with time. And you can admire the bride even after many years of family life.

Portuguese girls

Sexuality and Charm

Many consider Portugal women sexy, you know? Yes, local ladies have a natural grace and sexuality. And you will feel it when you come to the event with your bride. Be sure that the attention of others belongs to you. Because now, next to you is a charming Portuguese woman in a beautiful evening dress, bursting with grace and tenderness. If you want to know what female envy looks like, then come to the party with the Portuguese girl.

Interestingly, a vacation with a Portuguese girl will also be great because your bride is trying to learn more about your inner world to support your interests and hobbies. With such a woman, it is pleasant to be anywhere and enjoy it. And the main pleasure you will get when the night comes is because the Portuguese bride will turn into a pleasant ocean of passion. All your fantasies will become a reality because local women are very hot and sexy. These are incredible sensations that make you feel happy.

Understanding and Support

Another important feature of the Portuguese mail order bride is that they believe in romance and dream of building a harmonious relationship. Charming women are looking for love and ready to give tenderness to their fiance. Moreover, you can be sure that even in the most difficult moment, she will be by your side and help you cope with any problems. This approach makes marriage with a Portuguese woman almost perfect. And even after many years of family life, you will be sure you made the right choice.

Portuguese Marriage Culture

In this review, we talk about important female Portuguese features. Most Portuguese people have three bright qualities: sensitivity, romance, and sadness. At first, women are very shy, but if you let them know that the feelings are mutual, they will express their sympathy very clearly. Interestingly, Portuguese women still tend to emphasize their independence. In a cafe or restaurant, it is customary to pay in half. A man will pay for you only if he wants to impress and splurge.

In addition, compliments in Portugal are distinguished by their simplicity. Here it is perfectly normal to tell the woman you like that she has such a beautiful body that you want to steal it. This is not an insult or a hint, just a Portuguese compliment. If the Portugal girl refuses to be touched and kissed, the Portuguese will decide that she is not at home or that she does not have any feelings for him. Locals do not recognize personal space in relationships. If you demand it, you will be ridiculed and kept away.

Why Portuguese Brides Are Liked By Foreigners

Many foreign men are eager to meet beautiful Portuguese brides. And we can understand them because living next to such a girl becomes more pleasant and colorful and full of positive emotions. Interestingly, Portuguese women also often try to find a husband abroad. This is due to their friendliness and desire to learn new things. They are attracted to foreign cultures and unusual things. Therefore, you will be able to interest them.

Moreover, Portuguese women like honest and open men. So, you can find your way to the heart of a beautiful Portuguese girl if you sincerely show attention and talk about your feelings. And don’t forget your sense of humor. A good joke will make her smile and show interest. Rest assured, if you can make a Portuguese woman smile, she is interested in you.

And one more fact from local statistics. Domestic violence is the country’s most frequent and widespread crime (23,439 cases in 2020). Just think, the most popular crime in the country is not pickpocketing, theft, or breaking into cars, but domestic violence. In contrast, according to the Portuguese organization’s data supporting domestic violence victims APAV, in the vast majority of cases, the victims of violence are women (about 75%). This, too, can be seen as the reason why Portuguese women seek their husbands abroad.

Where to Meet Portuguese Girls

You can meet a beautiful woman in Portugal right on the street. After all, the local nature endowed the girls with real charm and true grace. But we can recommend a few cities where this chance is the highest.


Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and is sometimes referred to as the northern capital. Most often, vacationers talk about delicious local cuisine and drinks and also note the beautiful architecture of the historic city center. The most popular attractions in the city:

You can walk around the city for hours:

Also, you will be amazed by the huge number of bright and beautiful Portugal girls walking along the local streets. And if you want bright sensations, you can visit the night center of the city with bars, cafes, and restaurants. Here life rages around the clock.

women from Portugal


Coimbra is the student capital of Portugal. The city’s symbol is one of the oldest European universities, built in the 13th century. Ruins from the Roman era have been preserved in Coimbra:

This is the student capital, which means you can meet many young and charming Portuguese women here. Of course, some prefer studying to having a serious relationship. But it’s still a good option for finding the perfect partner, as the chances of meeting a beautiful Portuguese lady here are quite high.


Considered the religious capital of Portugal, Braga has many temples, cathedrals, and churches hidden in the labyrinth of narrow streets of the old part of the city. The architecture of Braga has been shaped over the centuries. The buildings were built in different styles: Italian neoclassicism, baroque, and renaissance. The main attractions of the city:

Tourists note that Braga is a rather quiet, calm city. Walking along it and sitting with friends in a cafe is pleasant. In 2021, Braga was named the best travel destination in Europe. It is worth saying that local Portuguese girls are also very devout and have a modest character. So, this is a great place to look for a Portuguese bride.


Thanks to our review, you know all about Portuguese brides. It remains only to start your journey to happiness by choosing a quality dating site. Thanks to modern technology, you can be as efficient as possible. Find the Portuguese lady of your dreams on sites like LatinFeels, AmoLatina, LatamDate, LatinoAmericanCupid, ChiSpa, and more. Good luck.

Questions & Answers

What Is the Best Place to Meet Portuguese Girls

We told you about the places and cities of the country where you can meet the perfect Portugal woman. But it is best to look for a bride on dating sites. After all, here you can quickly register and get access to a huge number of charming ladies. We can recommend sites such as ChiSpa, Amor en Lina, and LatinoPeopleMeet. These platforms have a lot of advantages and can guarantee the safety of their customers.

Are the Portuguese Women Beautiful and Sexy?

Yes, because the local nature helps the charming Portuguese girls look great. As a rule, they have dark hair, skin, and slender figure. You can admire such sexy girls for a very long time. And the easiest way to find them is on modern dating sites - thousands of beautiful Portuguese women who want to meet are already registered here.

What Are the Costs of Dating Women from Portugal?

You will have to use a credit card if you search for a Portugal girl for marriage through dating sites because communication here is often a paid feature. The cost of a monthly subscription is about $40. Also, you can send gifts to a Portuguese lady ($100-200). And if you want to meet her in person, then you should pay for a visa, hotel, and plane tickets. The final cost of a Portuguese bride can reach $7,000.

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