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If you are a guy seeking a beautiful bride in the Philippines, you have to take into consideration the bride cost. However, you need to understand that marriage in the Philippines is not just a matter of money. It is a tradition that lasts a lifetime. If you are truly interested in getting married to a Filipina bride, you have to know that they are in love with foreign men. Once they hear your offer, it will be very hard for them to refuse the offer. In this review, you will learn about finding a wife in a real life from this country and other important information on this topic.

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Expenses to Find a Filipino Bride Online?

In modern society, it has become a lot easier to find a Filipino bride online. There are lots of dating sites that make it possible to find your perfect match with Filipino mail order brides. But with so many dating services out there, finding a Filipino wife can be overwhelming.

There are several factors to consider when looking for a match. One of the most important is finding the right bride cost. The typical cost for finding a Filipino bride online varies depending on what service you decide to use. Below you will find basic information about the expenses to find a Filipino bride online.

Using the Dating Website

Using a online dating site to find a Philippine bride is not necessarily a big expense. Most online dating platforms offer free membership to their members. This allows you to create a profile and look for Filipino mail order brides. When you are seeking a Filipina girl online, you need to make sure you look for a site that is reputable.

Once you have your profile, you can look at members profiles and send messages to those mail order brides that interest you. Some online dating services even have chat rooms for Filipino mail order brides. If you want to find a Philippine wife in real life, you need to look for an online dating platform that has a lot of members to find someone.

Communication with Brides

Finding the perfect online Filipino brides in your own country has never been easier. There are many good online services that allow you to communicate with a potential Filipina wife who is seeking a hubby. So if you want to marry a Filipina woman, then dating sites are what you need.

While not all Filipina women looking for marriage, the right online service can find you Filipina brides. You will be able to find tons of women looking gorgeous. It is a great option for those who are short on time.

filipino bride online

Sending Gifts

Another important cost when finding a Filipina mail order bride online is sending virtual gifts to all pretty Filipino women. Once western men find a Filipina girl, they need to decide how much money they want to spend to talk to her. Sending money or gifts to a Filipino woman who is interested in you is a great way to make a good impression and a chance to ask her out on a first date.

Finding a Filipina bride online can be hard. Most people who find a Filipino mail order bride online are happy to spend a lot of money. Once you have done this, you will have the potential to find a Filipino mail order bride who is right for you.

Extra Expenses

The problem with paying for an online dating platform is that people need to pay for the site itself. Once you get it set up, they will tell you the prices of the site itself, but for many dating websites, the other services are extra.

For example, your credit card company might be charging you a fee for “swipe fees” that are charged monthly. Some online dating platforms can make as much as 80 dollars a month. They also charge for other services like a premium membership, which are additional online dating sites and advanced features for paying members.

If you are only paying to match people or chat, the service might be too expensive. Most people will say that 99 dollars a month are the minimum you need to be spending to meet someone on dating sites. On the other hand, 99 dollars a month is not an insanely high total cost for a dating site. But, if you are meeting people, it is definitely going to be much more than you need to pay.

One of the biggest things that people have been frustrated with when looking to pay to match is the fees. Since they can add up quickly, they are usually willing to pay a little bit extra to only pay for the service they want. Instead of paying for a dating site, you can always just use e-mail and be more casual. There are many dating sites like that out there, but they are a bit more hit or miss.

marry a filipina

Offline Expenses—a Real Philippine Mail Order Brides Price

It’s really expensive to come to a tropical paradise like the Philippines! A typical budget is around $5,000 for a two weeks trip. As a comparison, you should expect to spend, on average, around $2,000 per day on food, lodging, and transportation. If you come on a budget, then it will be enough. However, if you have more money, then you can spend it on shopping, eating out, or buying gifts for your Filipina mail order bride. You should definitely budget for around $3,000 per day. 

There are two ways that you can save money when you come to the Philippines. The first place is that you can bring some money with you which you don’t mind losing. The second is that you should consider visiting places which have low prices. To know which places are expensive or cheap, you can check out the cost of living index for the Philippines. If you don’t have a budget, then you should try to share your trip expenses and pay as you go. 

You should be mindful when you go shopping, eat out, or look at tourist attractions as prices may be expensive. The best way to save money is to spend less money on entertainment. When you’re in the Philippines you should consider visiting places that have low prices, such as museums, parks, and beaches. You can find cheap accommodation by searching for Airbnb and staying in an apartment instead of a hotel. It is best to stay in a hostel in the city as they are cheaper.


The cost of plane tickets is one of the biggest costs when seeking a Filipina mail order bride offline. The cost varies depending on which country you will be flying from. So, for example, if you are an American, then a ticket for a direct flight from New York to Manila starts from $1000. From Los Angeles, a ticket will cost around $2,600.

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Hotel and Accommodation

Philippines hotels range from $32 to $175 per night with an average of $52, while most vacation rentals will cost $60 to $390 per night for the entire home. Accommodation in the Philippines will cost you between 5,000 and 6,000 pesos (≈$90-110) a night for a couple. This will get you a private room with your own bathroom at a three to four-star hotel or apartment rental. Although hostels are less expensive, a private room with a shared bathroom will still cost roughly $1,110 ($20) each night.


In a tourist mid range restaurant in the Philippines in 2023, food prices fluctuate around 200-300 pesos per person ($4.5-6.5), and in cafes for locals – 100-150 pesos ($2-3) and even cheaper. Fast food is popular in the Philippines, a burger in a stall costs about 30-40 pesos (from $0.7). Breakfast will cost about 90-100 pesos ($2), and lunch – from 100. Drinks in stalls (tea, coffee) – 15-20 pesos ($0.4).


A tricycle ride costs about 5 pesos per person per 1 km. Jeepney fare is 6-14 pesos per person and depends on how long your route is. Jeepneys are, in fact, our minibusses, only in an exotic version. A huge number of people can crowd into the salon; outside the city, it is not forbidden to go on the roof. Jeepneys take you to the suburbs. In Manila, the capital of the Philippines, there is a subway – it costs 15 pesos ($ 0.4).

You can move around a particular island (and even between islands) by bus. Buses pick up everyone they meet – it is not necessary to go to the bus station, you can catch a bus on the highway by waving your hand to it. The fare is low and is usually indicated on the ticket.

There is also sea transport – boats, boats, and ferries, but the average price is not very low (for example, the cost of a ticket for a ferry from Bohol to Cebu for 400 pesos per person), and the journey can take a long time. Sometimes it is cheaper to travel on low-cost airlines, as many islands, even small ones, have airfields.

marrying a filipina


The country is famous for its variety of entertainment, from temple visits to diving visits to the highest Apo volcano (2954 m), located on the island of Mindanao. Prices are hard to calculate, it all depends on your budget, but rest assured that everyone will find something affordable.

Visa and Wedding

Every foreigner who decides to relax in the Philippines, study, work, or get married to a Filipina woman must apply for a visa. It is necessary to collect the necessary documents for submission to the embassy. Then there will be an interview. You should also study the conditions of entry. To obtain a visa to the Philippines, you will need to apply with ready-made documents to the Embassy of the Philippines in your country. Obtaining a standard visa document for this country is not problematic: papers can be submitted through a trustee, and the percentage of rejection of applications for entry is minimal. But each category of visa has its own package of documents.

There are several types of visas:


As with any wedding, the price range here can be very large. It all depends on the number of guests and what you want to get in the end. The minimum cost of the ceremony in the Philippines varies between ₱84,000-111,500(≈$1500-2000). Prices and offers often change, and even in the case of a wedding ceremony, it is impossible to give any average figures, so it is better to contact a specialized company that deals with wedding ceremonies on the islands.

In addition to organizing a wedding in the Philippines, you will be offered a number of additional services for newlyweds. This includes the provision of special rooms, the organization of a romantic dinner with your Filipina wife, travel, the provision of witnesses, wedding gown, photo and/or video filming, the organization of a wedding ceremony or a fun party, bride price, and much more.

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How Much Would It Cost to Bring a Bride to the United States?

In order to calculate how much it will cost to bring a Filipina bride to the United States, you need to consider the entire chain. It all starts with American men applying for a K-1 visa for their overseas foreign brides. It usually takes about 4-6 months from the date of the K-1 visa petition for your fiancée to come to the US. The cost of the visa is $265, also add the cost of the plane ticket here. While in the US, you and your woman must apply for a marriage registration within 90 days.

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