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Lithuanian brides come from a small but very proud nation with rich history and special customs. The country’s population is almost 3 million people. It’s composed of Russians, Latvians, Polish, and other ethical groups. But regardless of the origin, local mail order brides captivate husbands from all around the globe. Want to know more about lonely Lithuanian women for marriage and how to meet them? When seeking a Lithuanian bride, these 3 cities are a must-visit.

Sites To Find Lithuanian Women For Dating or Marriage


Cities to Meet Lithuanian Brides


The country’s capital and largest city is the home of thousands of young Lithuanian women looking for American men. The old town captivates with its ancient buildings in Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles. In Vilnius, you’ll also find a good share of young female students as the country’s most prestigious university is located in Vilnius. To meet your love in this city, head to Vilnius Jazz Bar at Rūdninkų g. 20, Opium Club at Islandijos g.4, Ozas Mall, and Panorama shopping district.


The second-largest city in Lithuania and a place with sightseeing historical exhibitions. Undoubtedly, the main area for singles nightlife would be in Old Town. Not only you will be closer to the bars and clubs where you can meet Lithuanian women, but your whole trip can become smoother if you choose the right direction. To pick up the girls during the daytime, head to Mega and Urmas shopping malls, Dia at Maironio G. 9, and Ridikas at M. K. Čiurlionio g. 16B romantic restaurants. The choice of places to meet local girlfriends is unlimited.


The city of Klaipeda is a cozy port and gateway to the Curonian Spit. This is a great stopover for a relaxing weekend or a love trip. Some of the shopping malls ideal to find local women looking for love are Akropolis Klaipeda and Vilhelmo Pasazas. Great nighttime spots are Crystal Show Club, Admiral Club, and Shelter Pub. It’s also a great place to meet Lithuanian woman.

Lithuanian Mail Order Brides

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Lithuanian Women Characteristics

Extremely Intelligent and Educated

Most women in the country possess university degrees. Enrolling in a university after school is seen as essential in Lithuania. Besides, the state of the education system was influenced by the post-Soviet system. It makes students learn many subjects besides the main specialization. Partly thanks to this fact, women from Lithuania are well-versed and can keep the flow of the conversation. Besides, these alluring wives have a lot of hobbies and feel a special passion for music.


Lithuanian women find it unattractive to abandon their ambitions and turn into housewives as some other women do. Lithuanian wives are focused on their goals, and they will want to accomplish their dreams. However, this should not be interpreted as if they don’t want to settle. Of course, these beauties will not think about marriage in their early twenties. However, most women are ready to tie the knot as soon as they reach their late twentieth. Local brides masterfully juggle between jobs and their families.

Charmingly Modest

From the clothes they choose to their lifestyle, Lithuanian brides stand out from the crowd of fellow European counterparts. They have a subtle and modern approach to life which makes them extremely magnetizing. Compared to Russians who dress loudly and sometimes extravagantly, the Lithuanians prefer more restricted clothes.

Sometimes Very Straightforward

Lithuanian women can be very straightforward. If they like or dislike something about your behavior or your manner of speech, they’d be upfront about it. If they’re not feeling like you two are going to make a good match – they’d also tell you in advance. Manipulating people to get a profit or waste time is not really a style of a Lithuanian bride.

Striking Beauty

Not only the personality characteristics of Lithuanian woman make her attractive in the eyes of foreign guys. These brides allure Western grooms due to their striking appearance. When you think of a girlfriend from Lithuania, you’re most likely to imagine a mix of Nordic and Slavic features. And you’d be right! Lithuanians belong to the Baltic group meaning they inherited the best from the Slavic and Nordic features.

Strolling through the streets of Vilnius, you’ll catch yourself feeling surrounded by supermodels. Tall and slim girls of athletic complexions gracefully adorn their homeland. Be sure you can’t take your eyes from the rosy cheeks, blue eyes, and blonde locks of your woman.

How To Meet Lithuanian Girls?

What man doesn’t want to bathe in the beauty of Lithuanian ladies? Undoubtedly, there’s no better way to get the eye-pleasing experience of observing brides from Lithuania than traveling. But what if there’s another way to find Lithuanian singles? Humanity made a great contribution to cross-cultural dating with the invention of online dating. There are numerous applications that can help you meet Lithuanian mail order brides. Here they are:




You can open an account and surf through profiles of beautiful Lithuanian women for sale. Talk to them about your interests and try to establish a connection between you and the ladies. The chances of meeting a Lithuanian wife online are quite high because they’re on a stage of actively embracing online dating.

Meet Lithuanian Girls

All You Should Know About Dating a Lithuanian Mail Order Bride

Before you start dating Lithuanian woman, you should have a clear understanding of what they value in men. When it comes to the seduction of a Lithuanian single woman, you ought to do it professionally.

Behave Like a Gentleman

Being a gentleman has become a rare thing today. Local girls in Lithuania miss those chivalry times when men were capable of crazy actions to please their ladies. Nobody asks you to do something beyond human capacity. Just make sure you’re polite, respectful, and honest to her. Little gestures like flowers or opening a door in front of her can lead far.

Focus on Her

When with a Lithuanian woman, act as if no other woman exist. She surely wants to feel your interest in her personality. Don’t look at other girls and don’t concentrate only on your needs. Say compliments, ask questions that can help you learn about the personality of your girl. Show your genuine interest in her.

Stay Relaxed

I know that the first date is always stressful. And so are the second, third, and even maybe the fourth dates. Regardless of it, you need to remain calm and relaxed. Demonstrate your confidence in whatever you say or do. Otherwise, you may create an impression of being not the best match for her.

Be Honest

Like all women, girls in Lithuania don’t like cheaters and liars. Whether you’re seeking a serious commitment or a short-term fling, clear out your intentions from the very beginning. This is how you ensure a successful dating process.

Be Determined

Almost every female doesn’t like a weak man. Fragile and feminine beauties want to see a strong male around. And a Lithuanian girl is not an exception. If you promise one thing today, one more tomorrow but change your mind at the end, it says a lot about your character. So don’t give promises which you can’t keep.

Are Lithuanian Brides Good For Marriage?

Sometimes it feels like they were born for marriage. These charming brides are nurturing mothers and caring wives who know how to make a house a cozy place. But a role of a woman in a marriage cannot be only measured with a role of a mother and a caregiver. When it comes to Lithuanian women, there are at least 3 more aspects making them good for marriage.

They Don’t Rush Into Marriage

Sounds paradoxical, but it’s true. One of the reasons why Lithuanian brides become excellent wives is their relaxed attitude towards marriage. Even though these women are among the youngest in Europe to wed, they still marry later than Ukrainian or Polish brides. More and more young women from Lithuania prefer building a career and enjoying bachelorette life before walking down the aisle. Marrying Lithuanian woman, you get a well-shaped personality who knows what she wants from life and her husband. Is there a better guarantee of a solid marriage?

They Don’t Deal With Betrayal

Cheating is a sneaky act that these girls would never do. They’re really ready to remain loyal to their partners until the end. Fidelity is also what they expect from their husbands. If you are not capable of being faithful, you better not even try to get a Lithuanian wife. She is not the type of woman who’d suppress her dignity and cry into the pillow just to preserve marriage. Local brides have a great sense of self-worth. They know they deserve more.

Easy Going and Open-Minded

Hot Lithuanian women adore being outdoors and discovering new fascinating places. They are fond of traveling, walking, cycling, and any other way to diversify their leisure. These cuties can find common ground with almost any person and gladly share their interests. With such an active wife, you’ll never get stuck in a routine.

Do Lithuanian Women Marry Foreigners?

Being open-minded to different nationalities and cultures, Lithuanian girls find foreigners a perfect choice for family life. Whilst area men behave rudely and disrespectfully towards women, foreigners treat these ladies with admiration and gratitude. Also, Lithuanian men are rarely willing to provide decent living conditions to their spouses and kids. This is why Lithuanian brides choose to date and marry guys from highly developed countries. Hence, the main reason driving Lithuanian women to search for a partner overseas is the desire to meet a soulmate which is often lacking in their homeland.


Finding a woman from Lithuania is by far an easier task than you may have thought of. Of course, you should prepare for a few rejections and unlucky dates. This is a part of your love search, after all. Well, regarding the characteristics and mesmerizing beauty these women possess, they’re 100% worth your attention. They are caring, educated, and open-minded partners. If you happen to be in Lithuania, give it a go!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lithuanian Girls Easy?

Lithuania is an easy and affordable country to travel to. But are local girls easy to hook up with? In Lithuania, it’s easier to hook up a woman than in neighboring Latvia. It’s due to the fact that there are more women than men in the country. It creates some kind of a fight and constant tension between brides since every young girl wants to start a relationship.

How To Find A Lithuanian Girl?

The two ways to find a wife from Lithuania are traveling to Vilnius, Klaipėda, and Kaunas. These cities have a lot to offer in terms of daytime activities and nighttime attractions. Or you may try going online and buy a subscription on a dating website. Some of the good sites to meet Lithuanian mail order girlfriends are KissRussianBeauty, Amour Factory, and UkraineBride4You.

How To Attract A Lithuanian Woman?

Attracting a Lithuanian lady is not as hard as it seems. It’s enough to look well-groomed, be polite, and show a genuine interest in her personality. Local girls are friendly and welcoming. They treat people kindly and wouldn’t make fun of them in public. Don’t be afraid to approach a local girl. Even if you don’t fit her standards, she’ll let you know in a polite manner.

Can I Marry A Lithuanian Girl?

International marriages are not a rarity in Lithuania. Local brides are prone to marrying foreigners for many reasons. They believe foreign men to be more respectful, loyal, and responsible than area guys. As a Westerner, you have a significant advantage on a Lithuanian dating scene.

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