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European Mail Order Brides is widely known for her unique chic and charm. While looking at photos of ladies from Europe or meeting Eastern European mail order in real life, men often understand that they don’t know for sure what they think and feel deeply in their minds and hearts. Indeed, thousands of European women are into the family institution, dedicated their entire lives to husbands and kids. It seems they are ready to give up jobs and careers to ensure peace, comfort, and order in their houses.

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At the same time, not fewer European brides are known as iconic models, actresses, politicians, artists, sportsmen, journalists, writers, and other celebrities. More and more girls become outstanding doctors, scientists, and explorers. There is no sense to number their names since it should have been a multi-volume series of books rather than a review.

Moreover, on average, about 25% of Western European brides run businesses. Such impressive stats proves better than words that beautiful European women are highly educated, intelligent, and ambitious enough to succeed in any field.

Statistics about European wives

❤️ Success Rate 97%
⌛ Average age of European bride 23 y.o.
? Is European women Easy? Yes
?‍?‍?‍? % of woman who are family oriented 97%
? Divorce rate 3%

Males see myriads of hot European girls in the streets every day. Even Asian and African countries are full of white women looking for love and romantic experiences. Men see their beauty. However, do they really know enough about their characters?

  • European brides are well-mannered.

European mail order brides are usually polite and discreet with strangers. At the same time, they will smile and stay calm when communicating with men in malls, cafes, offices, and other public places. They won’t hide their faces and foolishly giggle when guys start approaching Eastern European wife.

  • European women are feminine.

Despite fast-growing feministic trends, European singles are still charming and know how to use their beauty. They prefer comfortable but stylish clothes from well-known brands and manufacturers, cute shoes, modern hairstyles, and moderate makeup.

  • European brides are caring.

As most Eastern European countries profess Christianity, local mail order brides are brought up on family values. The latter implies care for husbands and children, the priority of family interests over personal ambitions.

Beautiful European Women

  • They feature a great strength of character.

Most European brides consider themselves equal to men in everything. It means that European ladies don’t see differences between male and female duties, including even military and church affairs. So, you can see many warriors and priests among girls from Europe.

  • They are fascinating conversationalists.

European women are keen on dozens of topics, from cooking to web development. That’s why they can hold a civilized conversation in a relaxed atmosphere and on public occasions. Moreover, they usually conduct dialogs casually and naturally, without ritual phrases and heavy smiles.

  • They are versatile.

European brides are well-educated and usually have a wide range of hobbies. Their social and financial status allows Eastern European girls to get any knowledge and skills they want to be good at sports, music, handicraft, and other occupations. Of course, a wife from a particular country may have a specific or so-called national hobby. For instance, Ukrainian women are gurus of cooking, while Swedes cannot live without outdoor activities. Still, according to stats, most European brides prefer TV, videos, and socializing.

Are European Brides Good Wives?

You can find many various characteristics of a European girl. Still, these ladies are perfect wives when they really love their foreign soul mates. They are sweet and supportive, good at domestic chores, and know how to have fun. They raise children in love and respect for parents, considering modern educational trends and achievements. In other words, European mail order wives think about everything at a time, from food to a university for their newborns.

At the same time, Eastern European brides have adequate self-esteem and know their rights. Their inborn intelligence and decent education allow them to understand juridical aspects of family life. That’s why they won’t let men hurt them or cheat on them with impunity. Instead, they will stay devoted and desired wives if their husbands love and respect their personalities and appreciate their efforts to make a family happy.

Of course, European women for marriage are distinctly different from each other. Men looking for their attention should consider some cultural peculiarities, specific traditions, and unique dating etiquette. Besides, time changes and affects female mentality worldwide. That’s why more and more men prefer to learn about their potential partners before meeting them on the first date. How is that possible? Keep reading to know.

Dating stories European couples

Success Story #1 Image
Johan & Astrid LaDate logo
When European couple Johan and Astrid first met on a dating site, they were both a little bit hesitant. But after chatting online for a while, they soon realized that they had a lot in common. They started dating shortly afterwards and they are now very happy together. Johan and Astrid have been together for over two years now and they have never been happier. They credit their relationship to the fact that they took the time to get to know each other online before meeting in person. If it hadn't been for the dating site, they might never have found each other!
Success Story #2 Image
Liuda & Jaroslav TheLuckyDate CIS logo
European couple Jaroslav and Liuda met on an online dating site and hit it off immediately. They both loved spending time outdoors, hiking and exploring new places. They bonded over their shared love of adventure and soon they were inseparable. Three years later, they're still together and as happy as ever. They credit their online dating site for bringing them together and say it was the best decision they ever made.

Where to Find the Best European Women for Dating and Marriage?

Apart from their native lands, European brides are frequently met in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Great Britain. Instead, they are quite rare in Asian and African regions, except for those volunteering or working in local companies.

If you want to meet your love inside her environment, you should buy a tour. Still, it’s critical to learn about this country’s dating traditions before jumping into a romance. For instance, The French prefer to avoid the word “date.” Besides, a French girl doesn’t define the current status of her relationship with a partner. So, you may never know whether you are a fling or a soul mate for her. Sounds complicated, yeah? As for Sweden, local girls bogged down over hundreds of cultural norms make dating harder than anywhere else does.

In other words, you may get lost in a specific country’s strange dating culture. Hence, European dating sites remove all these issues when offering detailed female profiles on their web pages. Besides, you’ll get other benefits when you sign up for one of these services:

  • It’s possible to choose a girl of any appearance, age, body type, and nationality. You can set up filters and make the site display specific brides on your dashboard. This feature is especially helpful for those who prefer a certain type of woman.
  • Group chat rooms, forums, and blogs available on some dating platforms allow people to learn interesting facts about European women and their dating culture. Such knowledge helps men not to be caught unaware if there’s any indiscretion.
  • Private messaging and video sessions allow a potential international couple to get closer to each other. With the opportunity to discuss hobbies, values, lifestyles, plans, and dreams before the first real date, people have more chances to pick a compatible partner and avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.
  • How do you recognize European women looking for American men? No chance offline. Still, online services help their members sort things out immediately.
  • Men can access hundreds of European brides for sale without the risk of meeting scammers. Of course, this point is just relevant for reputable and well-known dating resources.
    Success Story #1 Image
    Joe & Sofia CupiDates logo
    Joe couldn't believe his luck when he spotted Sofia's profile on the Russian online dating site. She was beautiful and seemed like a kind, caring woman. After exchanging a few emails, they decided to meet in person. Joe was so excited to finally meet her that he hardly slept the night before their date. When Sofia arrived, Joe was blown away by how stunning she was. They hit it off right away and spent the evening talking and laughing. By the end of their date, they both knew that they wanted to be together forever. A few months later, they were married and living in the USA. Joe loved Sofia more than anything and was thrilled that they had found each other online. They were happy ever after!
    Success Story #2 Image
    Bill & Anna CharmRomance logo
    Anna was nervous as she filled out the online questionnaire. She had always been an independent woman, but her country had been through some tough times recently and she was struggling to make ends meet. She knew that there were many American men who were looking for a wife, and she hoped that this would be her ticket out of poverty. A few weeks later, Anna received a message from Bill. He was interested in meeting her and he seemed like a kind man. They arranged to meet in person and Anna quickly fell in love with him. Bill was charming and funny, and he made her feel safe and loved. They married soon after meeting, and moved to the United States together. Life wasn't always easy, but Anna was happy with Bill. He worked hard to provide for them and they were able to create a life they loved. Thanks to Bill, Anna had finally found the security and happiness she had always wanted.

As you see, European mail order wives are the best possible solution for those valuing their time, money, and efforts.

Find European Women

How to Attract and Date a Beautiful European Bride?

Despite significant differences between dating cultures of various parts of Europe, common patterns are clearly identifiable in some countries. Hence, the following tips are generalized. At the same time, they reveal specific dating game rules relevant for several regions. In any case, the information below gives the idea of the right dating behavior while interacting with European women.

  • While approaching Belgium, French, and German ladies, men should make the first move and be rather decisive. On the contrary, a girl from Switzerland may invite a guy to go out before he comes around.
  • French girls may reject you after your first attempt at approaching her. Still, it usually means a game. In this way, Eastern European brides women motivates you to chase her and persist. Chasing is also popular in Spain.
  • Don’t be overdressed like a peacock or, on the contrary, put on sportswear. It’s crucial to look classy, neat, and stylish, like a modern dandy rather than a Victorian gentleman.
  • German, Danish, or Netherland women looking for American men usually speak directly about their thoughts, feelings, and intentions. So, be confident and frank in response. Otherwise, Eastern European wives
    may think about you as an infantile peacock.
  • Spanish girlfriends will be waiting for tons of compliments. Hence, be polite, respectful, but openly recognize their beauty and charms.
  • Note that an average European single woman doesn’t understand group dates rather common in Asian countries. Hence, don’t drag the rest of your company and ask her about her female friends. Otherwise, you will deliver the wrong message entirely.

Besides, lonely girls in Europe have problems with formal dating. Mainly, they consider it a relic of the past. So, a man should be ready for the first several meetups in the format of casual outings to cinemas, exhibitions, restaurants, etc., while dating a European woman. After that, even having sex after a series of dates may mean nothing. By the way, one score for online dating: it makes romantic nuances clear at once.


Are European Women Easy?

While speaking of countries like Germany or France, men should be ready to put considerable effort to win local brides. European mail order brides from Eastern Europe are more loyal and easy-going. For example, Italians and Spanish are more passionate than others are. Swedes are open-minded, while those from Baltic countries are more reserved. Generally, no woman is too easy when it comes to long-lasting relationships and marriage.

Can You Marry a European Woman?

You can easily marry a European girl once you’ve met your love. Many of them are even ready to move to another country if it comes to a well-established area. However, it’s crucial to consider internal laws since each member of the EU has unique immigrant and marital legislation.

Why Are Eastern European Brides So Beautiful?

This region covers several countries in the north, south, west, and east of Europe. Every part of Europe has its history that contributes to local girls’ appearances. Its gene pool includes many peoples and races blood, making women extremely appealing and diverse. You can meet light and dark-haired, blue, green, and hazel-eyed girls with all types of bodies you could ever imagine. Remarkably, their beauty is alive and enigmatic due to their high intelligence and rich inner world.

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