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Vietnam in recent years has become one of the most favorite travel destinations among tourists. Which is not surprising considering the hospitality locals provide. People in this country are friendly and helpful. At the same time, their smiles have nothing to do with the fake friendliness of many other nations. The Vietnamese are a very sincere nation. But hospitality and paradise-like nature is not the main reason for the popularity of this country. Vietnamese Brides are the source of the hype.

So let’s learn a little more about Vietnamese mail order brides. And the best way to start is to describe their great looks. The vast majority of Vietnamese girls are not tall. Vietnamese beauties are slim, without a single gram of fat. The level of Obesity in Vietnam is one of the lowest in the world. And this trait sets them apart from many women in Western Europe and North America.

?Female PopulationAround 50 millions
? Average cost of a Vietnamese brides2000 – 20000 $
?️ Best cities to meet Vietnamese ladiesHo Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang, Haiphong
? Average Marriage age of most Vietnamese women19 – 55 y.o.
? Best site with Vietnamese mail order wivesEasternHoneys
? Best dating site to look for a beautiful Vietnamese girlsAsianMelodies
? Success marriages91%
? Divorce rate23%

Vietnamese woman personality also contributes to their popularity among foreign men. Girls in Vietnam are very feminine and respect traditional gender roles in the family. They are tender and loving mothers and wives. These ladies look for love and family comfort and prioritize good relationships above their egos.

Vietnamese Bride
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Reasons Why Are Vietnamese Girls Such a Good Choice

No other woman will be as passionate, romantic, and comfortable for her partner as a girl from Vietnam. She always wants to show love with sincere hugs and kisses. The local girl is ready to cook something delicious or just hug to support her husband in a difficult moment. But for themselves, they require the same attention. On cold nights and days, she will cling to a man under a blanket.

When a Vietnamese bride feels that her partner is not having a nice time, she will do everything to please him. And will express an incredible number of words of encouragement and support. They rarely complain. But they will never be blind to your problems and troubles.

If there are any problems in the relationship with a local woman, she will not take these troubles out of your home. If she criticizes you, then she does it honestly and straightforwardly. It is one of the advantages of dating Vietnamese woman.

If you are in a relationship with a woman from Vietnam, you should be ready for a certain duality of character. On the one hand, Vietnamese brides are shy, tender, and feminine. On the other hand, they are just as good at being hot, straightforward, and passionate.


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Typical Vietnamese Bride Is Different From Others

But a beautiful appearance and family orientation are not the only qualities that attract foreign men. More and more guys are choosing Vietnamese women because of their differences from other ladies. Their views on building relationships, avoiding conflicts, and caring for a loved one are the qualities of an ideal woman. It is worth mentioning that many Vietnamese women looking for American men. But back to the main differences from other females:

Ways To Date Vietnamese Mail Order Brides

At first glance, finding a partner in Vietnam seems extremely difficult. After all, this Asian country is quite exotic and located on the edge of the Asian continent. But in fact, to find and start dating is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

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The Internet and cheap flights made the search for a local brides very accessible. And if you live in European Union or North American countries, the mission of finding a Vietnamese mail order wife will be much easier.

Vietnamese women want to meet an American, a German, or a Canadian as well. After all, Western men seem to find local girls more attractive, sexy, and feminine. If you want to meet a woman raised in Vietnam and not spoiled by Western feminist society, the following options will come in handy:

Undoubtedly, there are other ways to find a Vietnamese single woman. But these are the most effective options.

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Social Networks

Social networks offer the most significant number of Vietnamese women for dating. 80% of local girls have an active Facebook or Instagram account. The advantage of social networks is obvious: they provide a lot of information and, in some sense, simplify the first step. The easiest way to make an acquaintance and find the right partner is to choose based on your interests. Groups, public events on social networks – you can meet directly in the chat or contact the girl privately. If you want to get acquainted, it is better to show it by writing a few words rather than silently flooding the girl with dozens of likes.

Of course, not all girls use social networks to find love, but still, this method is very effective. Additionally, the girl does not have to speak a foreign language; online translators will help find a common language.

Dating Sites

Dating through websites or apps is relatively simple because Vietnamese singles who are looking for love, use those sites too. But there are no fewer potential competitors here. Such platforms are still gaining popularity, so the number of registered local beauties is greater than that of foreign men.

Using such resources is very cheap. And while searching and correspondence are time-consuming, it’s still easier than getting to know each other in real life. And if you take into account the shyness of Vietnamese, then dating sites will be almost the only option. For those men who can afford it, the following option is ideal.

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Marriage Agencies

The services of marriage agencies are considered quite expensive compared to dating sites. But the client saves a lot of time and effort, so such firms thrive. Local agencies provide professional assistance in finding a partner. After all, they know not only the mentality but also the preferences of Vietnamese girls. The agency staff will help determine the interests, and according to wishes, will suggest a potential Vietnamese wife.

Travel To Vietnam

For many modern Western men, traveling to Vietnam fulfills two basic desires at once:

Only by communicating offline can you understand whether there will be passion in the relationship. Pay attention to facial expressions, evaluate body language, and notice some not visible features in the photo or video.

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How Much do Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Cost

When it comes to exploring the pricing of Asian brides, Vietnamese mail order brides are a popular choice amongst Western men. The cost of securing a Vietnamese bride can vary depending on numerous factors such as the matchmaking agency, the bride’s background, age, and level of education, and the duration of the relationship prior to marriage.

On average, it can cost anywhere between $3,000 to $30,000 to find and marry a Vietnamese bride through a matchmaking agency. It is important to note that this cost includes various expenses such as airfare, accommodation, and legal fees, in addition to the fee that the agency charges for arranging the match.

One of the reasons why the price of Vietnamese mail order brides is relatively high is due to the high demand and the limited supply of eligible Vietnamese brides. Many Vietnamese women prefer to marry Western men due to the higher quality of life and economic stability they offer, leading to a shortage of available brides.

Overall, while the cost of Vietnamese mail order brides may seem steep, it is a worthwhile investment for those looking for a loving and committed partner who shares similar values and interests.

What Vietnamese Wives Like In Men?

In relationships, Vietnamese girl personality is pretty pragmatic. Therefore, in a potential husband, they appreciate the qualities necessary for a strong relationship and marriage. Of course, all people are different, but most Vietnamese brides appreciate the following qualities:

Differences between Vietnamese women and Western women

There are a number of differences between Vietnamese women and western women. For one, Vietnamese women are more likely to be mail order brides. This is because the traditional roles of men and women in Vietnamese society are more clear-cut than in western society. Moreover, vietnamese brides tend to be younger and more attractive than their western counterparts. Finally, vietnamese women are generally more submissive and obedient than western women. As a result, they are often seen as more desirable partners for western men.

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Why do Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Looking for Western Men?

Modern technology has made our lives easier, and today you can quickly get acquainted with charming Vietnamese mail order brides on websites. But why are Vietnamese girls so eager to build relationships with foreign men? Let’s talk about it in our review.

Yes, Vietnamese brides are loyal to foreigners and American men. Moreover, they find them very attractive. Vietnamese ladies like the European appearance and gallant manners of men. Moreover, they know that men in the US respect women and try to learn more about them to build harmonious relationships. And the perfect marriage is the dream of every Vietnamese woman. You can make this place a reality.

It is also worth saying that patriarchal tendencies and an outdated understanding of family responsibilities are very strong in the country. Many Vietnamese brides fail to fulfill their potential or suffer from domestic violence. The best way for them is a family and marriage to foreign men. And do not forget about the low level of prosperity in the country. Many Vietnamese girls do not know the many joys of life. Therefore, you can become a knight in shining armor for these Vietnamese mail order brides.

How to Find Vietnamese Brides?

Let’s talk about how to meet Vietnamese girls. After all, you have alternative options. For example, go to this beautiful country and meet your future wife. But this approach has limitations because you need a lot of free time and money. And if you decide to register on special dating sites and buy a subscription here, then this choice will become more convenient. After all, there are some advantages here.

Find Vietnamese Brides

How Much Does a Vietnamese Mail Order Bride Cost?

So, you have decided to search for Vietnamese woman online, which is the right decision. After all, you must choose a high-quality and reliable service that cooperates with Vietnamese mail order brides, register, and start communicating with beautiful ladies. And then invite the woman you like on a date and build a relationship. It is worth saying that this path will require you to spend money, so let’s talk about this in more detail.

Tips for Men: How to Impress Vietnamese Mail Order Brides?

The first step to a harmonious relationship is communicating with Vietnamese mail order brides on a dating site. So, you can understand her character and whether you want to invite the girl you like on a date. First impressions matter a lot, and we’ll show you how to earn extra attractiveness points on a date with a Vietnamese woman.

  1. Choose a good place for a date. Remember that Vietnamese brides should feel comfortable. Pleasant music, a cozy atmosphere, and good cuisine are important factors. Therefore, a pleasant cafe or restaurant will be an excellent choice.
  2. Stylish clothes. Rest assured, Vietnamese mail order brides pay attention to appearance and will look just gorgeous. Therefore, we recommend you also dress in stylish casual clothes that emphasize your best qualities.
  3. Gift. Grab a small memento to make a good impression on the charming Vietnamese woman. Do not take something too expensive – perfume, flowers, or stylish jewelry will be an excellent choice.
  4. Communication. Find common interests with your companion. Please find out about her attitude to things that are important to you. Also, honestly answer the questions of Vietnamese brides, because harmonious relationships are built on trust and mutual respect.
  5. End of the date. Pay the bill, and you’re a gentleman. Now take the woman home. Do not invite her to your house after the first date; you are looking for Vietnamese brides to start a family. Such gallantry and courtesy will be the key to the heart of a charming lady.

Now you know how to win the heart of Vietnamese girls, so it remains to take your first step towards happiness.


Vietnamese women are great at building romantic relationships. They have attractive appearances and good character traits. And unlike many modern women, Vietnamese brides want to get married and start a strong family.

Finding a beautiful Vietnamese mail order bride is not difficult nowadays. There are many options for finding a bride, although there are several main ones: dating sites, marriage agencies, dating sites, or visiting this mysterious country. Just don’t trust ads that offer “Vietnamese female for sale” – it is a lie.

As for the favorite male traits of Vietnamese, then everything is also quite simple. Those features are essential when building a strong family – care, intelligence, and responsibility are the most important personality traits.

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