Ethiopian Brides – Everything Foreign Men Need To Know About Ethiopian Bride

Finding a mate is typically on most people’s lists. Usually, people want to get an education, find a job, and settle down. In some cases, people find true mates while studying. However, not everyone is so lucky to find a perfect partner almost immediately or early on in their lives. For that reason, many opt for online dating or seek spouses from abroad. Today, men are curious about Ethiopian brides.

This short and comprehensive guide explains how to find an Ethiopian girl for marriage. You will also learn where to meet an Ethiopian bride and how much it costs to find an Ethiopian woman. 

❤️Success RateMore than 90%.
?Popular Ethiopian Cities With BridesAddis Ababa, Dire Dawa, Mekelle
?Average Cost Of A Bride$9000.
?Average Age Of A Bride18-20.
?Divorce RateAround 15%.
Ethiopian Brides

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Why Ethiopian Brides Are Ideal For Marriage?

If you’re looking for Ethiopian women looking for American men, you should first learn why Ethiopian brides become perfect wives. Let’s start with some basic facts. Ethiopia is the second most populated country in East Africa. It’s also worth mentioning that Ethiopia is one of the oldest Christian countries. Christians, Orthodox, and Muslim Jews get along quite well in Ethiopia. Thus, it means that there are several religions, and people, in particular, Ethiopian brides, believe in different traditions.

If you ever meet an Ethiopian mail order bride, you will immediately notice the beauty of this Ethiopian woman. A typical Ethiopian bride has an elegant figure, big eyes, a wonderful smile, curly dark hair, and an overall feminine appearance. 

Many foreign men around the world want to meet beautiful Ethiopian brides because of their traditional family values. The majority of the population of the country are Christians (over 60%), the second biggest religion is Islam (around 30% of Muslims), and the rest of the population believes in different other religions. The point here is that the biggest religions people believe in Ethiopia popularize traditional family values.

So, marrying an Ethiopian woman means not just marrying a gorgeous Ethiopian woman but a faithful and loyal bride. The woman has traditional values and wants to have a family. Getting married to a hot and attractive woman who is loyal to her husband is a dream of many men. That’s why so many foreigners seek spouses among Ethiopean mail order brides. 


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How Do Ethiopian Weddings Work?

If you’re seeking Ethiopian wives, you may be interested in their wedding traditions. Wedding traditions in Ethiopia are unique and different from the ones we are all used to; there are no white dresses, waltzes, and standard receptions.

First of all, a traditional Ethiopian wedding lasts for three days. So, if you meet an Ethiopian mail order wife, be ready to celebrate for three full days! Each occasion has value in and of itself. The Ethiopian bridal culture adheres to a number of traditions, one of which is to kiss the knee of the elder of the family. It could be a man or a woman, depending on various circumstances. 

Meet Ethiopian Women

The Ethiopian bride receives a new name after the bridal ceremony. It doesn’t mean the woman gets a new last name (it’s pretty obvious); a bride from Ethiopia receives a new name from the mother of her husband. 

Thus, your mother or the elder of the family might need to visit your wedding ceremony and give your Ethiopian wife a new name if you’re into preserving traditions. If not, you can always opt for a traditional western ceremony. 

If you and your Ethiopian bride are into preserving some traditions while combining them with a more western ceremony, you can opt for a compromise. You can choose to cancel the traditional part, where there is less partying, and the knee-kissing part. Instead, you and your Ethiopian woman can opt for wearing traditional Ethiopian wedding clothes, making braids and tattoos, enjoying traditional Ethiopian food and drinks, feeding each other, and dancing Ethiopian dances.

Where To Meet Ethiopian Women For Dating Or Marriage? 

Let’s start with some interesting facts. Recent data proves that by 2024, there will be around 240 million people worldwide dating online. So, more and more people choose online dating. In fact, more than 40% of marriages in the United States begin online, so it is sure to say that online dating appointments have changed the way we seek love, friends with benefits, or casual hookups.

The data presented above leaves us with a logical assumption that it’s possible to encounter Ethiopian girls for marriage online. The usage of online dating apps is an excellent way of getting to know Ethiopian women better. Moreover, it’s easy to use apps, and you don’t have to change your routine.

You can set up a profile for free, load some photos and then start sliding through the profiles of Ethiopian mail order brides and send messages to the Ethiopian women who seem interesting to you. Some of the best dating websites include eHarmony, Bumble, Match, Zoosk, Cupid Media platforms, etc. 

However, if you want to meet Ethiopian women organically or through connections from real life, you have two other options. These two options for meeting an Ethiopian bride include:

The first option is obvious. Where else would one meet many beautiful Ethiopian mail order wives if not in Ethiopia? However, this method requires having a flexible job schedule. If you can work remotely, it may be a perfect option for you, along with using dating apps. If it’s not possible to work from a remote device, then check out Ethiopian diasporas in your country. You may attend their events and meet beautiful Ethiopian brides. 

Ethiopian girl for marriage

Pricing Of Dating Ethiopian Mail Order Bride

As mentioned, there are only a few methods to find Ethiopian wife. One of these methods includes online means, and the other focuses on offline means. Offline means include traveling to Ethiopia or finding diasporas of the said communities in your country. 

In the latter option, you stay in your country and date as you would usually date. The point is you know best how much you spend money on dating women in your country. The figure you spend is the price of finding a bride of Ethiopian heritage. 

The other two options may require additional spending to meet Ethiopian females. Check out the table below.

Type of datingThe cost (per year)
Online when using dating apps.$100-$300 for buying a subscription plan on a dating site. 
Offline when traveling to Ethiopia.Around $9000 for living in Ethiopia, including rent. 

The table shows that using a dating app to find a bride is much cheaper. However, you should also consider the expenditure when meeting an Ethiopian mail order bride and dating for a while offline. It could take up to three months to decide whether you fit. 

As for living in Ethiopia while seeking a bride, you should be pleasantly surprised. Living in Ethiopia is cheaper compared to living in the U.S. 

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Why Ethiopian Women Are Eager To Marry Foreigners?

The first thing you notice when you meet Ethiopian women is their beauty. But what about their thoughts? Why do they prefer to seek marriage in foreign countries? We may divide a few main reasons why Ethiopian brides are so eager to marry foreign men:

These are just a few main reasons why Ethiopian wives seek husbands from abroad. There may be other individual reasons. In some cases, Ethiopian brides may study or work abroad. Thus, they are more interested in finding a partner in the country they currently work. Overall, this means that you have a chance to encounter a perfect Ethiopian bride. 

Best Ways To Meet An Ethiopian Bride 

We’ve already covered a few options that help men meet single Ethiopian ladies. However, we have a more detailed section so that you can better understand what options you have and what methods suit you best. 


The obvious option in the 21st century is the usage of dating apps. However, there are other Internet methods to meet brides from Ethiopia. For instance, many singles fall in love while playing online games or chatting on Twitter or other social media platforms. However, the most effective option to find a bride from Ethiopia is to use a dating app. 

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If you’re more into traditional means of finding a mate, you can always travel to Ethiopia to meet gorgeous Ethiopian women. As we mentioned in the article (in the table), it costs around $9,000 to live in the country for a full year. Men who can work remotely should find this option especially interesting and encouraging. If you can’t work remotely, consider finding diasporas in your country.

Typically, diasporas organize various events where people from Ethiopia meet and have fun. You may attend these events and find a bride. However, the best idea is to combine the usage of offline and online means to find a perfect bride from Ethiopia. You can spend around $300 dollars to find a perfect candidate to become your Ethiopian mail order bride. Then you can travel to Ethiopia and see whether you fit. Thus, you save time, effort, and money while actively seeking a woman who will make you happy. 


Ethiopian brides are incredibly attractive. Their dark beauty is heart-warming and unique. That’s one of the reasons why foreigners want to establish serious relationships with Ethiopian beauties. However, foreign men are pleasantly surprised when they learn that Ethiopian brides are also of marriage material. One thing for sure, foreign men rarely regret marrying Ethiopian women. 

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