Beautiful Romanian Brides And Marriage To Foreigners: Facts For Foreign Men

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Before the era of the Internet, it was quite difficult to communicate with people from other countries. Today, it’s possible thanks to all social media networks and other means of communication. People find like-minded individuals, friends, and even love. More people are interested in establishing serious romantic relationships with foreigners. This is one of the reasons why men pay more attention to Romanian brides.

Typically, Romanian women are extremely attractive. These beauties from Eastern Europe have amazing physical appearances and believe in traditional values. Check out this article to figure out whether you should consider dating a Romanian mail order bride. 

❤️Success Rate85%.
?Popular Romanian Cities With BridesBucharest, Timisoara, Iasi, Constanta.
?Average Cost Of A Bride$15,000.
?Average Age Of A BrideAround 25.
?Divorce RateAround 45%.
Romanian Brides

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Why Romanian Brides Are Good For Marriage?

Typically, Romanian women for marriage are naturally beautiful, and they know how to enhance their features with makeup and stylish clothing. However, physical appearance isn’t the most important thing when it comes to marriage, right? So, what else should you know bout Romanian brides?

Most Romanian mail order brides desire serious relationships, and this fact alone makes them good candidates for future wives. When it comes to traditional gender roles, the Romanian woman puts gender roles before anything else, which is another good benefit for men with traditional views. Many Romanian girls are curious about what it means to be in a serious relationship since they turn around 20. At this point, most of them are ready for serious relationships and even marriage.

Typical Romanian girls for marriage are well-educated, young, beautiful, and want to be with someone who is respectful and not abusive. They are ready to put the interests of the family first, even if it means not pursuing career dreams. Often, Romanian brides keep their jobs since they want to support the family financially.

Overall, Romanian wives are supportive and understanding. If you marry a Romanian mail order bride, you will find yourself in a traditional romantic relationship. Your wife will take care of the household. She will also raise kids. However, most Romanian mail order wives prefer the help of their men. They believe it’s important to spend time together and raise happy children.

These are just a few reasons why marrying a Romanian woman is an amazing idea. You can try chatting with Romanian women online to get a better understanding of how they think and behave. 

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Interesting Facts About Romanian Weddings

There are a few interesting wedding traditions that you should learn about before you meet Romanian women. For instance, the kidnapping of the bride. No, it’s not a barbaric tradition when a groom truly kidnaps a woman and marries her against her will. It’s just a fun wedding game, a part of the official ceremony. 

The kidnapping of the Romanian bride takes place before the wedding ceremony. It is an old tradition and requires the groom’s friends to be in charge of the kidnapping of the Romanian bride. They take a Romanian bride to a city center so the groom won’t have difficulties finding her. That’s where they take photos, dance, and have fun. 

It’s also the place where the boyfriend must negotiate the release of his Romanian bride. It is up to the groom’s friends to decide on the reward for returning the bride. Usually, they demand declaring their love for a future Romanian wife, singing a song, or telling a love poem. So, it’s an incredibly fun tradition. 

Other than that, the ceremony is similar to any western wedding reception. The bride wears a white gown, the groom wears a nice suit. Guests bring gifts and attend the reception. However, most Romanian women and men prefer also to have a ceremony in the church.

Typically, only the closest people attend this ceremony. it’s an important part since people in Romania are religious. Having a ceremony in the church means getting married in the eyes of God. In simple words, the couple wants God’s blessing and recognition of their marriage. Otherwise, the marriage is not entirely real, despite the signed documents and official recognition of all states.

Romanian Mail Order Bride

Where To Find Romanian Women To Get Married?

You may meet Romanian brides in an obvious place – in Romania. However, you should know that many Romanian brides prefer using dating websites to meet future husbands. After all, Romania is a modern European country with people speaking English as their most commonly chosen second language. Thus, the best place to find Romanian women willing to marry foreign men is on dating platforms.

If you prefer traveling to Romania, consider visiting the biggest cities. The most beautiful and educated Romanian women looking for American men live in big cities. Here is a list of cities to consider:

The good news is that living in Romania is cheaper than in the United States. Thus, you can enjoy sightseeing and exploring a foreign country, and find a bride from Romania. 

Cost Of Finding A Romanian Mail Order Bride

Typically, the cost of finding a Romanian mail order wife means how much you have to spend to meet and date the woman. So, the costs include all visits to clubs or restaurants, traveling, etc. If you’re using a dating app, then the cost includes buying a subscription plan. Check the table below.

Bride-seeking methodCost per year
Dating online.Around $100-$300, depending on the subscription plan you choose. 
Traveling to Romania and staying for a year. Around $15,000, depending on how quickly you find a bride. 
Find Romanian Women

If you want to meet Romanian females in Romania, finding a Romanian bride will take you around $15,000 in a year. The costs include entertainment, food, and even rent. 

The usage of a dating app is cheaper. A subscription plan costs around $100-$300, depending on the package you choose. The obvious conclusion one makes is that using dating apps is cheaper. That’s true, but you will still need to meet in person and date for a while.

The best decision is to combine a dating app with traditional dating. Use extended filters and compatibility tests to find a perfect Romanian bride, and then travel to Romania and date her in real life.

Why Do Romanian Women Want To Date And Marry Foreign Men?

It’s clear why you want to find Romanian wife, but why is she interested in marrying a man from a foreign country? There may be a few reasons, and they depend on the individual situation of every woman. However, we can distinguish the following reasons:

These are only general reasons, and your Romanian girlfriend may have other reasons.

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Best Places To Meet A Romanian Bride

The obvious way to meet a Romanian wife is to travel to Romania. However, we can distinguish a few more general methods.


One may find a Romanian mail order bride even outside dating apps but online. We often communicate on social media, forums, and even online games. There are many beautiful Romanian brides who may suit your personality.


Traveling is one obvious option, but there are other ways as well. To name a few:

These offline methods may be helpful, so consider them when seeking Romanian brides.


Now you know more about Romanian mail order brides, who are they, and that you can’t buy Romanian wife. The “Romanian mail order bride” part means a woman wants to marry a foreigner. Her potential groom would be referred to as “mail order husband.” Overall, two people form a romantic international relationship. They can meet over the Internet, or in real life. 

Romanian brides catch the attention of men with their beauty, femininity, and charm. However, these women are also perfect life partners. They are hard-working, emotionally mature, and willing to compromise to preserve their romantic relationships. These, and many other advantages, make Romanian women perfect future wives. 

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