How To Marry A Costa Rican Bride: A Comprehensive Guide

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Thanks to traveling and online apps, we meet people from different countries. It’s fascinating how easy it is today to communicate with each other. Thanks to these opportunities, we learn more about people from abroad. For instance, women from Costa Rica are extremely attractive and sexy. That’s one of the reasons why men are interested in marrying a Costa Rican woman.

Luckily, it’s rather easy to find a partner from abroad. We can travel to the country of our choice. However, we may also consider other options, like dating apps. Keep reading the article to learn more about Costa Rican ladies for marriage. In the article, readers will learn about the marriage culture in the said country. Men will also appreciate the guide to finding a girl from the said country and how much it will cost to find a bride.

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Can A Foreigner Marry A Costa Rican Woman?

Yes, there should be no obstacles if you want to marry a Costa Rican girl. Women in the said country are mostly Christians. The main religion is Catholicism. If you are a Christian too, then the wedding ceremony in the church will be possible.

Note: the official ceremony in the church is an important part of the wedding. Women in the said country are religious, and they want to be married according to religious rules. The marriage also consists of the official part. You need to sign official documents and inform authorities about your marriage in both countries.

Costa Rican Marriage Culture

Wedding traditions differ depending on the country. However, today, most ceremonies are similar. If you propose to a beautiful Costa Rican girls looking for husband from abroad, you will be able to enjoy some of the unique traditions common to the region.

One of the most remarkable and romantic wedding traditions in the said country is related to the preparation stage. Before the ceremony, a man with his friends has to visit the bride’s home to sing a serenade. You may skip the tradition if you don’t like singing, or you could consider hiring a music band to play and sing instead of you.

Another notable tradition loved by Costa Rican brides and grooms is the Money Dance. It comes as no surprise that weddings in the said country are cheerful, accompanied by amazing music and lots of dancing. But this dance is an exceptional tradition.

marrying a costa rican woman

The idea is to sort of donate money to get a chance to dance with the groom and the bride. Depending on the generosity of guests (and the number of guests), the newlyweds may even pay for their wedding trip using the money. So, if you haven’t learned how to dance yet, here is your motivation to start mastering the dancing skill.

As for the marriage, a typical Costa Rican mail order bride is ready to follow the lead of her husband. Naturally, most women from the said country prefer having a job. However, if the husband is well-off and can support the family financially, he can expect a woman to focus on taking care of the household and raising kids.

Pros And Cons Of Marrying A Costa Rican Girl

When a man wants to marry a Costa Rican woman, he should understand there will be benefits and drawbacks. Take a look at the table below to see what are the pros and cons of marrying a beautiful Costa Rican woman.

Family values 
Friendliness and optimism 
Amazing cooking skills 


The advantages of being married to a girl from the said country include some physical and mental aspects. Let’s start with the obvious benefits of being married to a Costa Rican woman:

Now let’s see what the disadvantages are of dating Costa Rican mail order brides.


The disadvantages of being married to anyone are more about some characteristics or qualities we don’t like in people. For example, you may dislike it when women occupy the entire bathroom space with their balms, shampoos, and other cosmetics. Most of these disadvantages depend on the individual situation. However, when it comes to Costa Rican girls, there might be one common disadvantage.

This disadvantage, as you see from the table above, is a hot temper. On the one hand, it’s great when your significant other doesn’t hold her emotions, and you know what she thinks. On the other hand, often, the smallest triggers may set off a beautiful Costa Rican woman.

How Much Does A Costa Rican Wife Cost?

Compared to living in the United States, living in Costa Rica is much cheaper. If one expects to find a Costa Rican bride while living in the said country, they should allocate around $1,000 to $1,500 a month. Men who have remote jobs with a decent salary can easily move to Costa Rica and live comfortably while also looking for Costa Rican girls to date.

Note: the price may increase considering how often you plan to go out on dates. The mentioned country has a traditional society. Men and women there believe that if a guy asks a woman on a date, they must pay. It’s uncommon to split the bill or to pay each for themselves when at a restaurant.

However, men can make the task of encountering Costa Rican woman to marry easier. They may consider creating accounts on dating websites. Yes, a lot of people still don’t trust dating apps, but they miss out on a huge audience of people. If you are going to live for a while in the said country, you may use Tinder. It’s easy and fun, it takes just a few swipes to find a date.

Overall, if you get lucky and meet a Costa Rican woman within a year, it should cost you around $18,000. However, it may be cheaper to use the dating website to encounter Costa Rican women. Before visiting the country, men may save their time and find a Costa Rican bride they like on a dating website. Then it would be a great idea to visit the said country.

Costa Rican girl for marriage

Instead of blindly going to an unknown country without knowing anyone, men may find a Costa Rican girl online. It is a logical idea, given one just has to check whether there is a spark of passion. You can’t check if you are physically attractive when dating online, so you can do that in person.

The cost of using a dating website is about $25 a month. Buying a longer subscription typically guarantees discounts. The yearly subscription, on average costs under $300. So, subscribing to a dating app to find Costa Rican girls for marriage is cheaper than blindly visiting the country.

Suppose a man decides to use the dating app. Within the year, he finds a gorgeous bride among Costa Rican singles. The cost of finding a bride, in this case, is $300. But to ensure they match and have the spark of passion, the guy decides to visit the country. The couple dates for about half a year, so it costs the man around $9,000. If the guy is lucky and the two much, they may even get married sooner since they have known each other for a year while dating online.

Best Places To Find A Costa Rican Bride?

Men interested in finding Costa Rican women for marriage have three main options to find girls. These options are described in the table below.

Costa RicaVisit the following cities: San Jose, Heredia, and Cartago.
The U.SThe biggest Costa Rican communities are located in the following states: California, Texas, Florida, and New York.
Dating websitesConsider Tinder (if visiting the country), eHarmony,, International Cupid, Latin American Cupid.

Often men don’t even consider looking for Costa Rican communities in their countries. It’s a mistake, especially if one lives in the U.S. A man can encounter a Costa Rican girl for marriage by finding official communities on social media.

However, the easiest way to find a girl from the said country is not even to travel. The simplest and most affordable option is using dating apps. The cost of using a dating app is revealed in the previous section of the article. It’s fun and less time-consuming to seek a woman to date online.

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