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Thailand mail order brides have been desired for decades. There is a good reason for this. They are sexy, attractive, and dedicated ladies. If you want serious relationships, look no further than a Thai bride. Through this article, we will discuss the positives of having a mail order bride from Thailand in your life. These are extra special females that have caught the attention of Western men for years.

?Success Rate96%
?️Best cities to meet girlsBangkok, Chiang Mai
??Average age of Eastern ladies23 years old
?Best dating site to look for a Thai wifeAsian Melodies
?️Average cost of buying a bride$4,000

Interview with Eric, who found a real Thai bride online

Name Eric
Location Denver
Age 55
Occupation Sales Manager
Hobbies Fitness
Preferred Website AsianMelodies
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Hi Eric! Can you please tell me a little about yourself?

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I am from Las Vegas and have been a policeman for the last 30 years. I was married for 25 years and am now divorced. I have always been interested in Asian women, as I traveled through Asia many years ago. So when I got divorced about 4 years ago, I decided to check out Asian melodies. I would like a woman to treat me with love and care. I am no spring chicken at 55 years of age, but I have a lot of love to give. So I am hoping a dating site will help me out. Some of my friends spoke about mail order Thai wives and what a good idea it would be for me. I took their advice and checked out mail order bride websites.

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What is it about Thailand brides that attracts you?

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For me, a Thailand bride is everything I require in life. They are gorgeous, caring, and loyal. As I am 55 years of age, I require a Thai bride that will stick with me until the end. I do not want any more divorce in my life. I have friends who have Thailand wives, and they only say good things. I am sure a Thai woman is an ideal partner for me now. I love the way they look, and spending time with most Thai women is a real pleasure. The mail order brides I had seen were all beautiful, so I knew a Thai lady was the right choice.

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Did you find it easy to find a reliable dating platform that catered to Thai girls?

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Yes, it was not difficult. I searched through several Asian brides online dating sites until I found a website I enjoyed. The best advice I would give to others is to read reviews of Thai wives dating websites. This is an excellent way to find a trustworthy dating site. You can find countless Thai dating sites that specialize in mail order brides. Once you find the top online dating platforms, your life will be simple. Getting in touch with a Thai bride online takes a matter of minutes. Once you get the conversation started, you will find charming Thai girls irresistible.

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Did your online dating experience go as expected?

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Yes, everything went smoothly. I found a Thai girlfriend reasonably quickly which was fantastic. There were so many brilliant features that I used to communicate, including video chat. Most mail order brides websites have so many ways to connect with Thai women, it is a joy. To meet Thai brides through mail order brides services is easy. Many sites will even match you with the perfect Thai girl. So the process of finding mail order brides was great. I enjoyed every minute.

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How did you manage to find a Thai woman?

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It did not take too long until I met my Thai wife. I spotted her on the dating website and got chatting. Thailand ladies are very positive and always smiling, which I love. My Thai lady was super friendly and spoke excellent English. After spending three months chatting on the dating website, we decided to meet. I arrived in Thailand to meet her and realized after our meeting this was a serious relationship. I knew she would end up being my Thai wife. She was perfect for me.

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What is life like now that you are married to a Thai lady?

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My life is considerably happier now that I have met my beautiful Thai bride. I can say Thai brides will change your life in a good way. My Thai lady is so loving and dedicated to me. I feel like a fortunate man. She cooks incredible food and is always looking after my needs. Thailand ladies are so humble and down to earth. It is great. We got on so well. I just wish I had known about Thai brides 30 years ago. There is no doubt that online dating has changed my life. I am now in a committed relationship with an attractive Thai mail order bride, and my life is easier, complete, and I feel so happy.

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Do you have any advice for single Western men looking for Thai mail order brides?

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My view on international marriages is to go for it. Finding a partner from Asian countries is a smart decision. Thai ladies bring so much to the table, much more than Western women. If you are someone who is looking for a serious relationship Thai brides are ideal. Because Thai culture is about care, respect, and love, there is no better partnership to be involved with. So get on international dating sites and search for the Thai bride of your dreams. It could not be easier.


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Who Are Thai Mail Order Brides?

When you are looking for gorgeous women, Thai girls should be at the top of your list. These ladies have everything you need for a happy family life. A Thai mail order bride through one of the international dating sites is an ideal choice. You can easily connect with thousands of Asian brides, especially with brides Bangkok. Using the best dating sites foreign men can chat and use various features to meet the perfect Thai bride.  What makes these ladies so special is their down-to-earth personality. Thai brides love the idea of meeting Western guys and living abroad. Life in Thailand can be challenging for Thai singles. This is why they enjoy registering with specialized dating websites catered to finding Western guys.

Because many Thai women watch TV shows based in the US, American men are desired a lot. Many local females want to marry a Western man and move out of Thailand. Even though there may be cultural differences, Thai mail order brides are willing to take the step and be with foreign men. And dating websites are the fastest route to that dream life. So single men from the West are in luck, as Thailand brides are waiting for men just like you. There are countless Thai brides searching online every day. These females are easy-going, attractive, and eager to love a husband who can support them. 

Thai Women For Marriage Characteristics 

Because Thai brides are so sought after by foreign men, we need to go through some of their characteristics. When you meet Thai mail order ladies, you will want to stick with them. The reasons are multiple. Check out the list below for Thai girls benefits. 

A Thai mail order wife is the perfect companion if you are a foreign man. The West has lost women who have traditional values. The good news is that Thailand brides are old fashioned in the sense that they are great housewives. With a Thai mail order bride marriage is sacred as well as love. 

If you have a dream of being a father, a Thai mail order wife is the right choice. They are hardworking, caring and offer love every moment. Because most Thai brides dream of having kids, it is a match made in heaven. With a Thai girl, expect a dedicated mother who takes responsibilities seriously. 

If you see the glass half empty, a Thai mail order bride will see it half full. These women are full of positivity and smiles. Thai women love to think and speak positively. Having a Thai mail order bride will make you less fearful and more courageous. The fact is, southeast Asia women enjoy being happy. 

When you need a boost in your life, Thai brides will give it to you. You will find Thai women for marriage always want to laugh and have fun. They believe life is short, so enjoy it. When you meet Thai women, you will feel their passion for life, and being lucky enough to marry a Thai woman, you will feel years younger. 

Thai people understand all about hard work. They seem to be tireless, with bounds of energy. Your Thailand mail order bride will make sure you are taken care of in every way. They do not expect to sit around doing nothing all day. Thai brides enjoy being a homemaker and love feeding their loved ones. 

By marrying a Thailand wife, you will be respected more than ever before. This is because all Asian girls are taught to respect people. In Thailand, it is part of the culture. A single Thai lady will treat foreign men with lots of kindness and respect. This is one of the reasons thousands of foreign men search for Thai brides online. You will see respect in everything they do, even their body language. 

These are only some of the characteristics Thai girls possess. These are amazing attributes that draw western guys to them. Thai ladies offer Western men a happy, satisfying married life. The way to meet Thai bar girls is through dating websites. 

How To Find A Thai Bride? 

If you are captivated by attractive Thai women, you will want to know where to find them. The good news is that they are not hard to locate. Either you head to Asia on a plane or you search through online Asian dating sites. These are the two options, and looking from the convenience of your PC or mobile device is the easiest. You have to remember that most Thai women prefer online dating, so it is better to sign up online. 


If you are someone that likes a challenge, then offline dating is for you. Traveling to Asia and searching the bars and clubs for single girls is some men’s idea of fun. The problem with this is that you will find it difficult to find Thai ladies looking for serious relationships. Many times the Thai women you will meet are only looking for free drinks and some fun. A local lady in a bar is not Thailand wife material. 


If you want success with Thai women, signing up to a dating site is the best choice. Popular mail order brides sites offer profiles of countless beautiful Thai brides all searching for true love. It is super easy to find a date as everyone connected to the mail order bride industry is like-minded and looking for partners. The convenience is excellent, you can chat and date from your own home or mobile. It is an easy route to love. 

Steps To Get Thai Mail Order Bride 

Once you are sure you want to meet Thai brides, follow these simple steps:

  1. Search for a trusted mail order brides dating site. This needs to be a safe and reliable site that offers lots of hot Thai brides. Having a host of cool features and communication tools is good too. 
  2. Create a nice profile with quality photos and details about yourself. All Thailand women adore viewing photos and reading details about Western guys. 
  3. Make sure you pay for credits to use the Thai wives website. This will allow you access to find a date with attractive Thai women. 
  4. Start meeting women on the platform. Using video chat or live chat features will get you to success faster. 
  5. Make sure you are polite and well-mannered when interacting with Thai women online. Showing respect and care will certainly impress these ladies. A mail order bride will appreciate a true gentleman. 

By following these five steps, you will have a great chance to date attractive Thai mail order wives. These females are worth all the effort as they give so much to a man’s life. 

Thai Mail Order Brides Cost 

A common question is, how much does a Thai lady cost? Every situation is different, so there is no exact figure. In general, the average Thai bride cost can be around $18,000. 

You have to think about the cost of quality mail order bride dating sites, such as Asian Melodies. This website uses a credit payment system which is ideal because users only pay for the mail order bride service they use. This mail order Thai brides website will cost users $2 for 20 credits, 50 credits for $20, and the largest package of credits is 250 for $70. We believe this is fair Asian brides pricing and thanks to a credit system, users can pay for advanced features only when they want to interact with women.  

Statistics you need to know about Brides from Thailand

Thai girls have always been sought after, and now even more. It is a massive business in the country, and foreign men adore these ladies. Here are some facts and statistics on dating local females:

Heading to places like Pattaya and Bangkok, there are countless bar girls looking for Western guys. You can also get into the statistics if you marry a local girl.

Thai Brides’ Popularity Secret 

These gorgeous Thai brides are super popular with Western men because they offer everything. They give a man all he needs. A Thailand woman is not only a lover but a best friend. Check out the list with secrets that Thai mail order wives have that draw men to marry them.

Spending time with hot Thai brides is always exciting and enjoyable. These girls love to smile and have a good time. Life is to be enjoyed, and with Thai ladies, that is the case. When you marry a Thai, expect laughter and lots of good times. 

You will be looked after when you are with such a woman. Thai women for marriage enjoy showering their husbands with love and warmth. It is part of Thai culture which makes Thai brides so appealing to foreign men. When you are with gorgeous Thai women, expect to be taken care of. 

Thai ladies from Chiang Mai and other regions of Thailand are naturally stunning. All gorgeous Thai women will make you turn your head in disbelief. If you are lucky enough to have a Thai girl in your life, expect your friends to be envious. A typical mail order bride from Thailand is stunningly attractive. 

Here are just some of the reasons why Thailand girls are so popular among Western bachelors. As you can see, Thai ladies are extra special in many different ways. 

Pros and Cons of Marrying Thai Women

People always have their views about a Thai mailorder bride and woman in general. However, marrying a local woman has its pros and cons. We decided to review all of them and share what foreign men can expect after marrying Thailand girls.


These women are easy-going, they speak good English and they are quite flirty. Thailand is one of the most visited countries, so Thai girls are used to meeting foreigners and chatting with them. Men from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Sweden say that local females are incredibly welcoming and hospitable. 

One of the biggest pros of marrying a local girl is knowing that you will be in safe hands. Asian females are devoted and loyal. They believe in God and see marriage as a blessing. They respect their partners and treat them with much love. 


Quite a big number of Thai mail order brides earn money by having sex with foreigners. They can make big money, support their families and live the life they dream of. However, it does not mean that every Thai girl for marriage does it. There are many Thai mail order brides that are very shy, reserved and look for prince charming. 

Many Thai females are poor and come from a small village, therefore, you may face cultural differences that can be difficult to put up with. Some ladies from this country can be very conservative, follow their parents’ decisions and feel uncomfortable around men. However, you can meet a Thailand mail order bride who comes from a wealthy family and wants to be with a foreign guy. If your future wife’s status matters to you, ask how much does a Thai lady earns and what kind of a job she does.

Reasons to Marry Thai Women for Western Men 

There are many reasons to marry Thai ladies. They offer a lot to a single man’s life. We have created a list of benefits of being with a Thai girl for marriage. 

One of the best things about Chiang Mai women is their warm hearts. In fact, all over Thailand, the females are incredibly open and warm towards strangers. But when you marry a Thai lady, you should expect love and care like never before. 

In most cases, men are drawn to women for their looks first of all, and Thailand ladies are stunning. They have outstanding natural beauty. Even with cultural differences, the fact these girls look incredible attracts many men. 

When you marry a local girl, you will find they enjoy being a housewife. Thai ladies love to cook meals and treat their loved ones to delicious meals. The Thai bride cost should never put you off, as the benefits are countless. 

These are some of the advantages of having a Thai wife in your life. You can now understand precisely why Western men have a high demand for such wives. 

Tips On How To Avoid Thai Mail-Order Brides Scams

Unfortunately, dating scams are on the rise, and these are some common scams that cost victims money and time:

It is a common way of gaining sensitive information from users online. The scammers do this by creating fake accounts with fake photos etc. If you suspect photos are too good to be true, they probably are. You can always check the photos through a reverse image search through Google. 

This is one of the most common ways of gaining money. These scammers will tell other users they are madly in love after just a few days of chatting. These scammers will tell a sad story hoping to convince the victim to send money to them. To avoid this scam, never send money to anyone online, simple.

These are scammers that will gain the trust of another user and get them to pose for naked photos. Once they have these photos in their possession, they will blackmail the victim into sending them money, or send them to their family members. Never send naked photos to another user. 

All of these are dangerous scams that you must be aware of when online. As long as you always use common sense, you will have no trouble avoiding such scammers. 


With a traditional Thai greeting, it is easy to fall for Thai ladies. Marrying these ladies will undoubtedly change your life in a positive way. Through the many dating platforms, getting in contact with these girls is simple. This article should have advised those who desire a Thai wife. Once you make the first contact with these beautiful girls, you will never look back. Their friendly nature will make you smile every time. Thai ladies are a breath of fresh air. They will help you relax and enjoy life much more.

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