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In Southeast Asia, it is hard to find brides more gorgeous than Filipino Mail Order Brides. These ladies are well-known for their mesmerizing beauty and charming personality, and many Western men find them perfect for serious relationships and marriage online.

Filipino women for marriage are definitely unique not only in their character but their traditions and dating culture. For European and American men it can be difficult to start dating these girls without the knowledge of their culture. That’s why this article can be incredibly useful for you, as we collected all the information you need to know about Filipino women here. Keep reading and you will find out everything you want to know.

Why Men Are Interested in Filipino Brides: Facts & Statistics

A lot of foreign men found their wives and girlfriends in the Philippines and are totally happy about their life together. But why exactly do so many men want to date Filipino brides? There are statistics, that reveal the truth about such success of Filipinos among foreigners:

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What Is a Filipino Bride’s Character?

Besides statistics, there are a lot of other reasons to date beautiful Filipina ladies. These ladies possess many great qualities and fascinate men with their kind nature. Also, due to their cultural background, Filipino ladies are different from Western girls’ mindsets and values. Let’s take a look at the main traits of women from the Philippines.

Kindness and Sincere Love

Filipino ladies are amazingly kind-hearted and romantic. They tend to see only the best in people and never want to hurt anybody. They like to be helpful and supportive, especially to their beloved ones. And it doesn’t mean that they tend to care about others more than about themselves. Supporting is just one of the ways Filipino mail order wives show their love and dedication.

The romantic nature of Filipina girls makes them incredible girlfriends, as they are caring, passionate, and sincere with their partners. It is impossible for a Filipina girl to date a man she doesn’t like. That’s why foreign men dating Filipina girls will be surrounded by true love and can be confident that the feelings of Philippines mail order brides are totally honest.


Talking with any Filipina women, just ones, you will understand that they are interesting and well-educated ladies. Most modern Filipina brides have higher education and ambition to get a successful career. They prefer meaningful conversations, but small talk is also pretty popular in the Philippines.

It is easy to talk with Filipina ladies on many topics, as they are good conversationalists and most of them are fluent in English. Thus, foreign men shouldn’t worry about a language barrier or any difficulties in communication. Also, local girls are funny and quick-witted, so you will spend a good time talking with them.

Friendliness and Openness

Although in Filipino culture women are expected to be modest and reserved, it doesn’t mean they try to avoid new acquaintances. In reality, Philippines women are open-minded and friendly. You won’t have problems meeting a beautiful girl somewhere in the Philippines and becoming friends with her.

Also, charming Philippines brides like to meet foreign people, as they find them interesting. They will be happy to tell you more about their culture and lifestyle, show you their hometown, or visit their favorite cafes and restaurants. However, it can take some time to become closer with Filipina brides, as they carefully choose people with whom they want to build friendships or romantic relationships.

Charming Filipino Women: The Secrets of Their Attractiveness

The appearance of Filipino mail order brides is another thing that attracts men from all over the world. Their beauty is exotic for Western men and different from Korean or Chinese beauty. However, their beauty is not only about their appearance, but also about their lifestyle. Keep reading to find out more about gorgeous Filipino girls.

Eye-Catching Beauty

What most people notice at first glance is any Filipina woman looks different from other Southeastern Asian women. The reason is that Filipino beauty is an exotic mixture of Spanish and authentic Filipino features, as the Philippines was a Spanish colony for a long time.

A typical Filipina girl has soft facial features and tanned skin. Their eyes are big, almond-shaped, and dark. The hair is usually dark and wavy or curly, and most Filipina girls prefer to keep it long. What also distinguishes Filipino brides from other Asian women is their plump seductive lips. These ladies are undeniably beautiful and can catch the eyes of any foreign man.

Their body shapes also deserve attention, as most Filipino brides are possessors of sexy figures with a defined waist and wide hips. While many women from Eastern Asia try to be slim and fit strict beauty standards, beautiful Filipino girls prefer more healthy bodies.

filipino girl


Philippine women know how to take care of their beauty and always look good. Young Filipino brides have a skincare routine that usually includes natural products. They use the beauty secrets of their mothers and grandmothers to take care of skin and hair. That’s why Philippine women have shiny thick hair and silky skin.

Also, Filipino brides usually don’t have bad habits such as smoking and prefer a healthy lifestyle. Many of them do sports and try to eat healthily. It helps these Asian beauties stay in shape and look gorgeous.


Not only the natural beauty makes Philippine brides so charming and attractive. Their manners are also impressive and magnetic, especially for American and European men. You will never meet a normal Filipina girl who is loudly discussing or arguing with someone on the street. The reason is in Filipino culture a perfect woman is supposed to be soft-spoken, calm, and polite. And many Filipino brides are taught to behave in this way in public, so they are always elegant and well-mannered.

What Is It Like to Have a Filipino Wife?

Wondering what it feels like to have a Filipino wife? We are here to tell you everything about this. Filipino women make wonderful wives who know how to build a strong family and deal with conflicts. There are a lot of factors that influence their view of marriage, including their culture and mentality. Here are the main characteristics of Filipino wives.

They are loyal

Until recent years, divorces were prohibited in the Philippines, and spouses were supposed to live together for their whole life. Due to this fact, local women choose life partners very carefully and stay loyal in relationships. They take marriage seriously and bring all their love to the partners they choose.

These ladies are perfect for marriage, as they know how to build trustful and meaningful relationships. By marrying Filipino women, men can be sure that they get good wives who are loyal and sincere.

They are supportive

Support and understanding are extremely important in marriage, and ladies are aware of it. They are dedicated to their husbands and ready to help with any problem. A Filipino bride will put all her effort to support you in a difficult time and go through all adversities together.

They are also good listeners and know how to cheer people up. It is always easier to deal with problems with some support, and Philippines women are the best choice if you are dreaming about a compassionate and supportive wife.

They are non-conflict

You don’t want to fill your life with drama and loud scenes? Filipina ladies are perfect for you then! As we mentioned earlier these women are well-mannered and have a mild temperament. Filipina ladies tend to speak softly and manage conflicts peacefully. It is easy to find a compromise with them, as they always want to find a solution that will satisfy them and their partners.

It is easy to build peaceful relationships with a Filipina girl. So if you’re looking for this type of wife, a Filipino mail order wife is just what you need.

Dating Guide: Is It Easy to Date a Filipino Woman?

Making a good impression on the first date and making things work for long-term relationships is usually not easy, especially if you date a foreign girl. Filipino gals might not be easy to approach if you aren’t familiar with their dating culture. That’s why we want to share with you some facts and tips that will help in dating Filipino girls.

Dating Culture

The Philippines is a religious country, and this fact greatly influences local dating culture. Some things you are used to in your country are not acceptable for Filipina ladies, and it is crucial to be aware of all these dating customs. Here are some interesting facts about dating Filipino brides, that will definitely help American and European men to get a Filipino girlfriend:

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Complete Guide on Making Your Filipino Lady Happy

Need some tips on building happy relationships with a Filipina mail-order bride? In the guide below you will find all tips you need to make your Philippines girl happy:

  1. Choose a nice and comfortable place for your first date. The first date is always an exciting occasion, especially for romantic mail order Filipino brides. Thus, it is better to choose a cozy cafe for a date with a relaxed atmosphere where you can feel comfortable.
  2. Don’t wait too long to ask a Filipino girl to be your girlfriend. It is impossible to find a Philippines girl who will waste her time dating a guy without serious intentions. Thus, if you think that you find the right woman, don’t hesitate to ask her to be your girlfriend.
  3. Always be sincere. There is never a place for a lie in meaningful relationships. And Philippines women consider honesty as one of the most important things for building happy relationships. So, you must be honest with yourself and with your girlfriend about your feelings.
  4. Respect her culture and values. It will make your Filipino mail-order bride happy if you show respect for her traditions. So don’t try to change her view of life or lifestyle, as it can be offensive.

Where to Meet Filipino Girls Online

Nowadays, online dating is one of the easiest ways to meet new people and find relationships. Many dating platforms offer services that allow singles from all over the world to communicate with each other and find love.

For those who are looking for Filipino brides, there are a lot of mail order bride websites where many single girls online look for marriage. A lot of them want to find a foreign husband, so the chances to find a Filipino wife there are huge.

Filipino Dating Sites

There are hundreds of dating sites on the Internet, and all of them claim themselves the best in the industry. But how can you understand what dating sites are worth choosing? Here are some criteria you can use to evaluate any online dating platform:

Don’t want to search for reliable dating sites by yourself? We did all the work for you already! There are many lists of dating websites for meeting Filipina mail order brides. Take a look and choose the one you like the most. And then just choose the one and visit the site.

How to Date Filipina Women Online: Best Online Dating Tips

Online dating can be difficult, especially if you lack online dating experience. Even if you choose a reputable dating-focused platform, there are chances to be scammed. Or, you can simply not get as many matches as you expected. How to improve your dating experience with Filipina mail order brides? Read our tips below, and you will avoid the primary mistakes all newbies make.

Where to Date Filipino Brides in the Philippines

Do you prefer traditional dating or want to move to the Philippines? In this case, you also have a lot of chances to find a beautiful Filipino girl for marriage. As Filipino beauties are open-minded and friendly there is no problem dating them in the Philippines. However, you should know where it is better to meet them and how to arrange a successful date. Keep reading for more details.

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Best Cities to Meet Filipina Singles

If you’ve never been to the Philippines, it is better for you to look for a Filipino mail-order bride in big cities. There you will have more chances to find a single girl who knows English and doesn’t mind meeting foreigners. Let’s take a look at the best cities for dating Filipina ladies:

ManilaQuezon CityDavao
The capital of the Philippines. This city is full of charming women who like to meet new people and spend time in good company. A vibrant nightlife gets a lot of opportunities to meet singles in bars and clubs. Also, you can meet local women in the daytime by visiting different events or the city center.One of the most populous cities in the Philippines. There are a lot of universities, so many young Filipino girls come to Quezon City to pursue their education. Also, you can find a lot of beautiful parks, cozy cafes, and noisy bars in this city where you can meet beautiful single ladies.An urbanized city with ambitious girls. Beautiful and determined Filipino women move here to start their career path and make their dreams come true. If you are looking for self-sufficient, interesting, and well-educated women, Davao is a perfect place for you.

How to Date a Filipino Girl in Person

Offline dating is different from communicating with a Filipino bride online. And although it is a more exciting and effective way to date someone you like, it also can be harder. Here are some tips for you that will help you with dating your Filipino mail-order bride in person:

Top 3 Traits Filipino Brides Like in Men

All women dream about a perfect partner, and Philippines ladies are not the exception. As we mentioned earlier, they tend to start only meaningful relationships with men who seem suitable for them. Do you want to know what men Filipino mail-order brides like the most? Keep reading to find the top 3 traits their boyfriends must have.

  1. Self-confident men. As most Philippines mail order brides were taught to me modest and soft-spoken, they are pretty shy and want a man to lead in relationships. For example, a Filipino mail-order bride will never make the first move to date a guy. That’s why if you want to win the heart of a beautiful Filipina, you have to show your confidence from the start.
  2. Funny and easy-going men. Communication is important for any Filipino mail-order bride, and they like to spend time talking about everything and laughing. So no matter whether you meet girls online or offline, be talkative, friendly, and make these ladies laugh. It will help them to feel comfortable and relaxed with you.
  3. Respectful and honest men. We have already mentioned earlier that Philippines mail order wives value honesty in relationships more than anything else. But their perfect man should also respect them, their beliefs, and their lifestyle.
filipino woman

How Much Does It Cost to Marry a Filipino Mail Order Bride?

International marriage is a complicated process that requires different expenses. And it can be hard to figure out how much a marriage with a Filipino bride will cost. That’s why we want to share some information about the main expenses everyone should expect when marrying Filipino women. Here you will find the average cost of marriage in the Philippines, including expenses on a visa, a marriage license, a wedding ceremony, and many more.

Before talking about a Filipina bride cost, let’s take a look at all the steps you need to do for getting married in the Philippines. International marriage takes more time as there are a lot of things you have to do:

As you can see, a wedding requires a lot of preparation. But what about the cost? In the table below, you can find how much a Filipino bride cost. All prices are average and the final cost depends only on your preferences.

Marriage license$7 – $15
Wedding ceremony$100 – $200
Wedding reception$2,000 – $10,000
Wedding attire$500 – $1,000
Wedding rings$200 – $1,000
Catering & Transportation$1,000 – $2,000
Total cost$4,000 – $15,000

Final Thoughts About Filipino Mail Order Brides

Filipina mail order brides are charming ladies with attractive appearance and character. Modern Philippines brides are open-minded, family-oriented, and don’t mind looking for love abroad. They are perfect for serious relationships, so it is not surprising a lot of foreigners choose them for marriage.

If you want to find a Filipina wife too, you can find many single girls online or travel to the Philippines to meet your potential Pinay bride there. It is easy to build relationships with these exotic ladies if you know their dating culture and preferences in men. We hope our tips will help you to find love in the Philippines and build a happy married life.

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