How to Date and Marry a Vietnamese Girl

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Among the many countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has long been considered a top destination for American men looking to marry foreign women. Unlike other countries in the region, such as the Philippines and Thailand, Vietnam has a very young population. In addition to this, many Vietnamese women speak English as their second language, making it easier for western men to connect with them on a deeper level. You should consider these factors if you are interested in marrying a Vietnamese woman.

The main reason Vietnamese women for marriage have become so popular among western men is that they tend to be highly caring and family-oriented. Many of these ladies want to find someone who will take care of them and their children. On top of this, they are also known to be highly submissive and loyal toward their husbands, so this is another factor that attracts western men.

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Can a Foreigner Marry a Vietnamese Woman?

The first thing to keep in mind is that dating and marriage are two different things in the eyes of Vietnamese culture. And what’s more, the culture itself has a significant influence on the way Vietnamese people go out on dates.

Vietnamese girls are timid when it comes to dating, and they don’t enjoy getting out and trying new things as Western women do. They often prefer to stay in and have a quiet evening at home. If you want to get to know a woman better, you should not try to be too forward with her.

The best way for a foreigner to meet a Vietnamese woman to marry is to meet her naturally. In this way, you can get to know each other better and, with luck, end up in a relationship.

marrying a vietnamese woman

Vietnamese Marriage Culture

Making Arrangements

Marriage is not a simple matter in Vietnam. It is a tough choice that takes a lot of time and thought. The first step is to make the proper introductions. If you have met someone you feel you would like to get to know better, it is possible to arrange with her family to meet them. This is a crucial step because you meet the person’s family, and they will be your future in-laws. If you are accepted, it’s time for the next step – the “proposal.”

When making an arrangement, the family will ask a friend or a relative who speaks almost perfect English and can act as a translator. When a family agrees to meet with you, they will want to make sure you are serious about your marriage license. They are not just looking for any foreigner; they want to know that you are financially stable (so they can enjoy their retirement). They also want to see that you sincerely want to marry their daughter and that you are comfortable living in Vietnam.

Engagement Photos

Vietnamese marriage culture has been defined by their society’s traditional and conservative values. American men will learn a lot from the culture when they start dating and marrying Vietnamese girls.

The engagement photo is a popular part of Vietnamese wedding traditions before the wedding day. The couple is photographed with their families to remember the special moment. This photo session can help American men get to know more about Vietnamese culture, including how important family is for them and how both families get along. The engagement photos also provide American men with some tips on how to propose to a Vietnamese girl for marriage, a critical step in their international marriage journey.

Engagement Ceremony

The engagement ceremony is considered the most important for any Vietnamese couple getting married as it is the first step toward marriage.

The couple about to get married can also be called a fiancé. During the engagement period, a couple is usually experiencing the same status. The fiancé is not considered a husband or wife yet, so they have the same rights and obligations.

During this time, a man’s responsibility is to take care of his fiancés, such as bringing her home and making sure that she has enough money to pay for food and living expenses. The engagement process is officially over when the wedding day comes, so weddings in Vietnam often last one to three days.

The most important thing in early marriage in Vietnam is straightforward: “Don’t break the relationship.” This rule should be in every husband and wife’s mind when dealing with conflicts like arguing, fighting, and separation.

A family loves their children most. They try to make sure that they live happily ever after and everyone in the family should get along with each other. If a husband or wife is not happy with their spouse, they can live for their own choice after giving birth to children. Vietnamese people always let parents have more rights over their children; a husband isn’t allowed to interfere with his wife’s family since he has nothing to do with it.

Wedding Processional

As the bride and groom walk down the aisle, the bride traditionally holds a red silk banner with the couple’s names inscribed in gold. This practice symbolizes a wish for everlasting love. Then, the bride’s family members escort her to the groom, who waits under a beautiful red and gold awning. The bride will bend down on one knee and extend her arms to welcome her new husband to her. The groom will then escort his bride towards the photo area and their seats.

The wedding processional is the traditional walk to the altar. Wedding music begins with the bride’s father walking down the aisle with his daughter. The bride’s mother follows with her other unmarried children; only the oldest child marries first in Vietnam. Then members of the groom’s family follow, usually in pairs, beginning with the groom’s grandfather and ending with the grooms’ mother. The wedding party sits near their assigned seats while the orchestra continues to play.

Prayer at the Altar

Attending a Vietnamese marriage ceremony is very interesting. It is recognized that the couple will officially become husband and wife at this ceremony. Vietnamese marriage customs should be carefully followed if a foreigner is present.

The bride’s family will initially invite a Brahman priest to perform the first Hindu ceremony. After praying with the couple, the Brahman priest will cover the couple with a red cloth and give blessings to the newlyweds. The couple will then proceed with the groom on his hands and knees to a red ring made of string in front of the gods so that they can receive blessings.

The next day, there will be a Christian ceremony specially held for foreigners. The bride and groom will take an oath before God and pledge to love one another forever. After receiving these blessings, they will be considered husband and wife.

After the wedding, Vietnamese people usually invite the guests over for a meal, especially if tourists from foreign countries attend. This shows that Vietnam is peaceful and friendly to all countries and people around the world.

Vietnamese Girl

Pros and Cons of Marrying a Vietnamese Girl

Vietnam has been a famous country for foreign men to marry beautiful girls. There are many positives when marrying a Vietnamese girl. Vietnamese girls age very gracefully, and they maintain their looks and good health. They typically stay young and healthy-looking throughout their life. Their skin is smooth, and their body is soft, supple, and graceful. They have soft hair, which makes them a pleasure to be with without the pain of having stiff bristly hair on your body.

How Much Does a Vietnamese Wife Cost?

The mere concept of paying for a bride should be enough to keep you from considering it, but if you must, here is how you can do it without breaking the bank. First and foremost, never buy a girl or pay for her visa or passage to come and live with you in America. This is illegal and could lead the matchmaker, who no doubt will be involved, to serious trouble in the future.

If you must offer some remuneration for your bride-to-be’s time and efforts, you should keep your payments low. While there are countless forums discussing the pros and cons of a mail-order bride costing less than $4000, that price point would be impossible in Vietnam due to their high poverty level.

A few hundred dollars would probably suffice. Also, don’t forget that many women come to America on tourist visas only, which means they are not allowed to work in the country until they get their green card after marriage. Therefore, you will be responsible for supporting her until she gets her green card.

Vietnamese Singles FAQ

What Are The Best Cities to Find a Vietnamese Bride?

Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Da Nang are the best cities to find a Vietnamese bride. You can also find some beautiful girls in Nha Trang and Can Tho. Under no circumstances should you use internet dating sites, online marriage agencies, or online personals to try and find a Vietnamese bride. These sites are often fronts for prostitution rings, and it is not even safe to use them if you aren’t trying to date a woman from Vietnam.

Do Vietnamese Women Make Good Wives?

According to modern marriage stats, marriage between Western men and Vietnamese brides has increased over the past several decades. Many men have found love in this country, while others are looking to find it. Not all of them find a suitable wife because they do not know the right way to approach Vietnamese ladies for marriage. The women of Vietnam have several qualities that make them excellent wife material. In addition to being beautiful and willing to marry, they are incredibly family-oriented, hard-working, and loyal.

How Many Vietnamese Marriages End in Divorce?

It is hard to say because the government does not regulate the institutions of marriage and divorce in Vietnam. Vietnam is developing rapidly, which means that the couple’s choice of partner is more critical than in past years. The ability to match a person with their ideal partner is central to the idea of romantic love. It also means that Vietnamese marriages may be less stable than Western ones. Vietnamese girls looking for husbands are independent, so they do not depend on their husbands for financial support.

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