Costa Rican Brides: Guide to Marrying a Costa Rican Woman

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Welcome to a comprehensive guide on Costa Rican Brides! If you’re looking for love and considering Costa Rican Mail Order Brides as potential partners, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will delve into the unique qualities, cultural aspects, and characteristics of Costa Rica brides. Whether you’re interested in their beauty, personality traits, or overall appeal, we will provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision. Let’s explore the captivating world of Costa Rica wives!

?‍? Female Costa Ricans PopulationMore than 2.5 million
? Average cost of a hot Costa Rican Brides1000 – 12000 $
?️ Best cities for meeting Costa Rica girlsSan Jose, Liberia, Cartago
? Average Costa Rica Wives Marriage age23y.o.
? Best Mail Order Bride Website with Costa Rica BridesLatinFeels
? Best Dating Site to look for a Costa Rican woman for marriageLaDate
Success marriages91%
? Divorce rate23%

Sites To Meet Costa Rican Brides


Costa Rican Brides Characteristics

There are lots of reasons why Ticas enchant Western men. Their wonderful characters, kind nature, and angelic beauty make them girlfriends and wives. But what exactly makes Costa Rica brides so special and unique for foreigners? Let’s see!

Well-Mannered and Classy

Even though the Latinas are known for their sharp straightforwardness, you’ll find brides in Costa Rica Girls polite and well-mannered. These women are confident, which only adds to the classy charm they carry. They know to be attractive but never brag about their attractiveness., Their manners were shaped from an early age. Costa rica mail order brides have a deep sense of respect towards others. You can confidently take your Costa Rica wife with you for any occasion and be sure that she knows how to behave.

Costa Rican women

They Can Be Jealous

Love is a beautiful double-edged sword. When Costa Rican singles fall in love, they dissolve into this feeling. If you’re lucky to win her sympathy, you’ll become the number one priority in her life. She will give to you all her warmth and devotion. All other men stop existing for a Tica if she has chosen you. Together with that, Costa Rican women can be really possessive towards a man they love. She would expect the same devotion by your side. If you’ve preferred an outing with friends in a bar, it’s almost a betrayal.

These Ticas are Worldly

Ticas often follow the news. They are curious about events happening in the world. Whatever it is, world news in culture, sports or the politics of other countries. Not only your wife from Costa Rica will be able to enlighten you on the order of her motherland but in other states. Nowadays, it’s hard to come across a person who’d be really interested in the things happening in other countries and their effect on local people.

Costa Rican Brides are Non-Materialistic

Locals live a Pura Vida lifestyle. Pura Vida is a phrase translated from Spanish like “Pure life.” People from Costa Rica understand the true meaning of a measured, calm, and unhurried life. This Pura Vida attitude is applied to Costa Rican women with regard to material items. The majority of beautiful Costa Rican women are satisfied with what they have. They are more focused on enjoying the present rather than worrying about the things they don’t have. Yes, everyone likes the opportunities that money can buy. A Costa Rican wife understands that money is a tool, not a necessity. They’re used to managing the finances they have, and when they have it in abundance, they share, not save.

Extremely Beautiful

No article devoted to Costa Rican girls can’t bypass their mesmerizing beauty. Many foreign men consider “Ticas” as the embodiment of beauty. These ladies have the charm to seduce. Their naturally curvaceous bodies drive men crazy. The feminine shape of a Costa Rican bride starts revealing from a relatively young age. So don’t trust the looks of a costa rican woman you approach. Ask for her passport before taking her to your place.

Costa rican girl

Costa Rican women for marriage have light to slightly tanned skin. Their brown eyes and dark hair shine under the hot sun, adding a special charm to their looks. Due to the hot climate, ticas don’t need many clothes to be warm. Watching pretty brides in the mini is another good reason to visit Costa Rica. Keep reading to learn how to meet a Costa Rican woman.


Best Sites to Find Costa Rican Bride

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How To Find Costa Rica Brides?

So how can you find a Costa Rican single woman? In reality, there are two possible ways to meet Costa Rican women. You can visit Costa Rica as a tourist or meet your dream bride online on one of the Costa Rican marriage websites.

It may be hard to believe but meeting local singles in a nightclub is pretty hard. Even if you’re handsome and financially well off, she is likely to ignore you. Local brides are suspicious about men trying to pick them up in a nightclub. They don’t want to be just another one on the list of your trophies. Costa Rican brides would feel far more relaxed in your company if one of her friends introduces you to her.

Hence, dating sites in Costa Rica look like the best variant. The main question is how to choose a reliable platform.

Find Costa Rican Ladies

Costa Rican Brides Pros and Cons

Now, let’s explore the pros and cons of marrying a Costa Rican bride in more detail.


  1. Beauty: Costa Rican brides are known for their exotic beauty, with a mix of European, African, and indigenous features that create a stunning look. They have radiant skin, dark hair, and bright eyes that can captivate anyone.
  2. Family-oriented: Family is very important in Costa Rican culture, and brides uphold this tradition by prioritizing their loved ones. They are excellent caregivers and homemakers who create a warm and welcoming environment for their families.
  3. Education: Costa Rican brides are highly educated and intelligent, with access to quality education and a strong emphasis on learning. They can hold meaningful conversations and are well-informed about the world around them.
  4. Adventure-loving: Costa Rica is a land of adventure, and brides from this country are no exception. They enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, and exploring the natural wonders of their homeland.
  5. Positive attitude: Costa Rican brides are known for their positive and upbeat attitudes, which can be very attractive to potential partners. They are warm, friendly, and always willing to help others.


  1. Language barrier: While most Costa Rican brides speak English, Spanish is the official language of the country. This can pose a challenge for those who do not speak the language, especially when communicating with family members.
  2. Cultural differences: Costa Rican culture is unique and can be very different from what some may be accustomed to. This can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts in relationships.
  3. Religiosity: Most Costa Ricans are Catholic, and this can influence their beliefs and values. This may be a challenge for those who have different religious backgrounds or beliefs.
  4. Distance: Costa Rica is a relatively small country, but it is still far away from some parts of the world. This can be a challenge for couples who live in different countries and may have to deal with long-distance relationships.

Costa Rica Wedding Traditions

When it comes to Costa Rican weddings, a rich tapestry of traditions, cultural influences, and heartfelt customs weaves together to create a truly memorable celebration of love. For those considering Costa Rican mail order brides or envisioning a union with Costa Rica brides, understanding these captivating traditions adds a unique layer of depth to the journey toward matrimony.

  1. Arras Ceremony: A symbolic gesture of unity and prosperity, the Arras ceremony involves the groom presenting thirteen coins to the bride. These coins represent the groom’s commitment to provide for his bride and their future family, and the bride’s acceptance signifies her trust and dedication to the partnership.
  2. La Serenata: A heartfelt serenade arranged by the groom for his beloved, often featuring romantic songs performed by a mariachi band. This cherished tradition showcases the groom’s devotion and intention to marry the bride.
  3. Catholic Influence: Given the predominant Catholic faith in Costa Rica, many weddings take place in grand churches, where couples exchange vows and seek blessings for a harmonious union. The ceremony is adorned with religious rituals and is a reflection of the couple’s deep spiritual connection.
  4. El Lazo: The “lazo” is a decorative double-looped rosary or ribbon that is placed around the couple’s shoulders in the shape of an “8” during the wedding ceremony. This symbolizes the eternal bond between the couple and serves as a reminder of their commitment to support and love one another.
  5. Traditional Attire: Costa Rican brides often opt for elegant, white wedding gowns adorned with intricate lace and embroidery. The groom’s attire typically includes a black suit paired with a white shirt and tie. Traditional elements blend seamlessly with modern fashion, creating a stunning visual representation of Costa Rican culture.

All You Should Know About Dating a Costa Rican Mail Order Brides

Be Ready to Let Her Family Into Your Life

You see, all ticas are very family-centered. These women know all their aunts, uncles, cousins, and grannies and happily spend a Sunday lunch all together. Don’t be surprised to get an invitation for lunch from your honey one day. She wants to show you to the world and hear her family’s opinion about her man. If you eventually marry a Costa Rican girl, be prepared to treat her family respectfully. They will automatically consider you as a part of their family.

Make Romantic Gestures

A good piece of advice when dating an average Costa Rican woman is to make romantic gestures. Grand presents like planning a dinner in a luxurious restaurant, a gift she always dreamt of, or a weekend trip abroad can undoubtedly impress your Costa Rican lady. But even cute gestures like opening the door, kissing her forehead, or giving her your coat when she’s cold can also make her heart melt. Don’t forget about all these little things that make a woman fall in love. You’re guaranteed a way to a happy marriage.

Take Things Slowly

Costa Rica is a traditional country, it’s true. Nevertheless, local Ticas, especially the young ones, are particularly open to the world. They combine traditional values and a modern mindset. You’ll find the younger generation of girls to be more Westernized. Don’t be ashamed to be upfront with them but also don’t escalate fast. There’s nothing wrong with sex before marriage if you’re already in a relationship. However, don’t expect them to be as initiative as European or American brides.

Don’t Treat Them Like Aliens

Despite the geographical proximity of Latin America and the USA, residents of the two regions treat each other like aliens. The cultural void is truly strong, but it’s not the case when speaking of Costa Rica. Local women are well aware of the American culture. This is due to the number of US love-seekers traveling to Costa Rica to find a wife there. Many ticas have engaged in amorous relationships with Westerners. Thus, seeing foreign men is not exactly foreign to them anymore. Even if your opinions on some things are different, it’s okay. Let your relationship flow smoothly, and your difference in culture should eventually intertwine on its own naturally.

Prepare for Heated Discussions

This is not in much contrast with North American women. Ticas are extremely opinionated, and dating them is fun. Costa Rican ladies are not ashamed of sharing their opinion and fighting for them in heated debates. They believe that the truth can be obtained in a small argument. Sometimes, they don’t even seek the truth. These women ask and learn where other people stand on a particular topic. They have a wonderful ability to tolerate the opinion of others. This feature lets them be flexible and open-minded.

How to impress a Costa Rican girl

Costa Rican girls are known to be beautiful, lively, and strong-willed. To impress a Costa Rican girl, you need to understand their culture and traditions. Costa Rican women are highly influenced by their rich history, as well as the natural beauty of their country. Therefore, it is essential to show interest and respect for their culture when trying to impress them. Here are some tips to help you impress a Costa Rican girl:

  1. Learn Spanish: One of the best ways to impress a Costa Rican girl is to speak her language. Spanish is the primary language in Costa Rica, and learning it will show your respect for her culture and will make communication easier.
  2. Be polite: Costa Rican women value respect and manners. Be polite when talking to her, and show her respect at all times.
  3. Show interest in her country: Costa Ricans are proud of their country, and they love to talk about it. Show interest in her country’s culture, cuisine, history, and natural beauty, and she will appreciate it.
  4. Be adventurous: Costa Rican women love adventure and trying new things. Plan exciting activities such as hiking, zip-lining, or surfing, and she will love it.
  5. Be generous: Costa Rican girls appreciate a man who is generous and caring. Offer to pay for her meals, surprise her with thoughtful gifts, and be attentive to her needs.
  6. Show your romantic side: Costa Rican women are passionate and romantic. Show her your romantic side by planning romantic dates, bringing her flowers, or writing her love letters.
  7. Be genuine: Finally, be genuine in your interactions with her. Costa Rican girls are attracted to authentic and honest men.

Do Costa Rican Women Make Good Wives?

Costa rican girl

Costa Rican women make excellent wives. Here are the top 3 reasons why your marriage with a Tica is deemed to be successful.

Hot Costa Rican Women are Traditional

Brides from Costa Rica are traditional in their view of family. But don’t confuse “traditional” and “obedient” women. Ticas won’t obey everything you say to her. Due to the strong Christian beliefs, ticas are seeking a traditional family, meaning that the leader of the household is the man. As a representative of “the sterner sex”, you’ll be expected to take responsibility for the family. A strong male who can provide for the family is the dream of many Costa Rican women looking for American men.


Passion is like a synonym for the word “Tica.” These costa rican brides are full of life. It can be noticed in anything Costa Rican women do. The way they move, speak, and of course, make love. Sexual compatibility is an important aspect of relationships. They are ready to experiment in bed and take the initiative instead of acting like an ice queen. Costa Rican girlfriends are very sensual. As long as you make her feel like a goddess, she will make you feel desired in return.


When you meet girls in Costa Rica, you can be sure she’ll take you as you are. With all your flaws and weird habits. She won’t try to remake you. Many local women looking for love are also ready to accept your kids from the previous marriage. A tica won’t make you choose between her and your baby. Because she wouldn’t like to choose between a child and relationships either.

Do Costa Rican Women Marry Foreigners?

Yes, they do. Costa Rican brides love the idea of marrying a foreigner. Just like all Latinas, they find gringos highly attractive. However, when compared to other Latin American women, Costa Rican brides don’t consider a Westerner as a magic wand. Costa Rica is a poor country where the poor population outcomes the middle class and rich. However, Costa Rica is considered one of the safest counties in Central America. Local brides feel safer walking on the streets of their homeland at night than female residents of Honduras.

The main reason why Costa Rican wives for sale choose to marry a foreigner is their own preferences in men. The image of a respectful and loving Westerner was created in social media and movies, and Ticas believe it to be true. A foreigner definitely has a significant advantage over an area groom. Especially a foreigner who embraces his gringo status. Looking differently and speaking with an accent is not a reason to be embarrassed in Costa Rica. Most Ticas will find you super attractive. And by the way, don’t be afraid of the language barrier. You’ll be surprised by the adequate level of English some costa rican brides have.

Costa Rican Mail Order Brides
costa rica women


Beauties from Costa Rica captivate from first sight and become wonderful partners for foreign men. Nowadays, every fiance can meet his ideal girl from Costa Rica online. These brides have proved to be excellent wives. So don’t lose your chance to sign up onto a dating website and start looking for a perfect match on the Internet.

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