Indian Brides: Loyal And Beautiful. Tips For Foreigners

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The modern world is experiencing globalization. We can travel to different countries and explore their customs and cultures. If we don’t have time or means to travel, we communicate online. This leads to more people falling in love with foreigners. Today, many men and women even purposefully seek spouses from abroad. For example, Indian brides are highly popular among men.

This guide provides readers with a better understanding of a typical Indian bride. It should be useful to foreigners who don’t know much about Indian culture and what women from this country want. 

Indian Brides

Indian Wedding Traditions

If you’re a fan of Indian movies, or if you’ve had a chance to watch a few Hindi movies, you may have noticed the different style of weddings when two people are marrying each other. They don’t wear white and say traditional wedding vows. 

Yet, the wedding ceremony in this country is one of the most beautiful in South Asia and the world. It’s partially because of old traditions and the attitude of a newlywed couple. We have prepared a few interesting marriage traditions that you should know about. 

An Indian wedding consists of ceremonies and traditions that differ depending on the religion, culture, or caste of the couple’s family. Choosing a date is one of the most crucial aspects. The tradition states that in order for a marriage to be pleasant, it must take place on a “favorable day.” The priest determines the ideal day to marry based on the bride and groom’s birth dates and age, the position of the planets, and the Hindu calendar.


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Indian Mail Order Brides Characteristics 

Most men know that compared to American women, a typical Indian girl is family oriented. Foreign men also are aware that beautiful Indian women prefer serious relationships. However, what most western men are attracted to is the physical appearance of beautiful Indian women. But what are all the features of gorgeous Indian women? Check out a few most common and general features in the following section.

Indian girl


The beauty of an Indian bride is something no one can deny. Typically, the beauty standard that an average Indian wife follows is having fair and flawless skin and a slim figure. However, an average Indian wife has rather tanned skin with a golden hue. 

Luckily, standards in India are experiencing change, and more women embrace the fact that they are naturally beautiful. A typical Indian wife has big, if not huge, eyes, usually of a dark color. And one of the most impressive features of their beauty is definitely their hair. A typical Indian bride has long, thick, and luscious dark hair. It looks like a dark silky river, and most men can’t help but crave a touch. 


Indian brides think that they should respect and accommodate their guests as much as possible. Typically, Indian mail order brides are welcoming and make visitors feel at home. Indian wives even have a proverb that says they should treat their visitors like Gods. 

Being a visitor of mail order Indian brides might result in exceedingly cordial hospitality. You won’t be permitted to leave without food or drink, or both. This hospitality of Indian women charms everyone around!

Talkative And Curious

One of the Indian girls’ ways to spend time is through communication. Indian women discuss everything, and they are eager to learn about different things. It’s crucial for Indian women to communicate with those around them. 

Communication adds enjoyment to their day and imparts knowledge that Indian women plan to use in the future. Indian ladies are clever and incredibly curious. It should be extremely easy for you to communicate with these ladies when you meet Indian brides.

Meet Indian Women

Caring And Loving

A typical Indian woman is devoted to her loved ones. An Indian bride considers close family members, friends, and, eventually, her husband as the closest and most prioritized people. An Indian mail order bride often wants to know about her husband’s day, and she’s 100% genuine when she asks him. The Indian mail order bride is also a very good mother. She is strict with her kids, but only to ensure they get the proper education ad are successful and happy. 


Indian women tend to have lifestyles that seamlessly combine modern ways with old customs and traditions. Many Indian women are extremely devoted to their families and friends. Typically, hot Indian brides are incredibly committed to their families and frequently give up their careers for the benefit of their children. That’s why Indian women are extremely popular among men from abroad who believe in traditional family values. 

Indian mail order brides believe their lives would be pointless if they don’t get married. That’s why they aren’t against arranged marriages. Whatever the case, Indian women always value their marriages, families, and husbands.

The key to an Indian woman’s success is found in how she approaches life. She never gripes about fate and takes what comes her way with a calm attitude. Indian girls are instilled with the responsibility of learning to cook, complete their studies, and maintain their homes from an early age. Every Indian bride believes that having children and raising them is their primary life purpose.

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Why Do Indian Singles Seek Western Men?

A person from one country is often curious about people from other regions. When we live in one country, we often believe people somewhere abroad are different, better, etc. That may be one of the reasons why brides from India are interested in marrying foreign guys.

Women in India believe in traditional values, but their views are changing. Ladies in India still want to get married to good men and have children, but they also want different treatment.

Men in India often abuse their status. They are often violent towards their wives in India. Thus, many beautiful ladies want to try having serious relationships with foreigners. Even though the situation is different in an average big city, women in India want to experience dating foreigners. 

Do Marriages With Indian Girls Work? Happy Husbands’ Stories 

Check out some success stories of foreign men who married women from India.

Mark And Sarika

“The usage of dating sites was a success in my case. I was always charmed by the culture and traditions in India. Of course, women in India are very attractive. I met my wife during the first month of using a dating site! Today, we are happily married for almost four amazing years.”

David And Brinda 

“My company offered me a chance to move to an office in India. I thought it was a great idea since I like traveling, and I’ve been to India before. Several of my co-workers kept hooking me up with women since it’s common in India to hook up with others. It’s how met Brinda. She’s one of the most loving and caring women I have ever met. She’s funny and intelligent, and I will never regret marrying her.”

Noah And Vedika

“I was always into traditional values. I wanted to marry a beautiful girl after graduating college, raise two kids, and buy a dog. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone suitable. A few not exactly failed relationships convinced me I should try dating girls from other countries. So, I created an account on a dating site. I met Vedika, and a few years later, we are married and are expecting our first child.”

Indian Women For Marriage

Indian Mail Order Brides Pricing

Dating MethodCost
Online.$150 per yearly subscription.
Living in India.$5,400 per year, including rent.

Is It Legal To “Buy” Brides From India?

You can’t buy India bride in real life. It’s impossible. However, seeking a mail order bride on mail order bride sites is completely legal. These sites are dating sites where a foreign man and an Indian woman can find an ideal match. Thus, it’s legal to use an online dating website or a marriage agency to encounter mail order brides from other countries.

Best Places To Meet Indian Women For Marriage

The good news is India is not an expensive country, and you can spend little when living in India while affording a comfortable life. 


Dating apps offer the best set of features to find a perfect match. You may see more photos of a woman you like and even use video calls to see her. Although, a dating site doesn’t substitute a real date. 

Indian Wives


Offline means that enable you to find Indian brides consist of the following methods:

If you decide to seek Indian brides by traveling to India, here are the best cities to visit:

The best thing about visiting India is it’s such a beautiful country with an ancient history and beautiful traditions. You can combine spending time and taking photos in India while enjoying views with meeting Indian women.

However, ensure you stay longer than a two week trip. An Indian bride may not believe in your serious intentions if you visit India only as a tourist. She will think you travel to hook up. 

Conclusion On Indian Wives

Many men choose women from Latin America because of the traditional values they have. However, people in India also have traditional values and believe in marriage. The country has a low divorce rate and a high success rate of marriages. It’s why you should consider starting a family with an Indian bride.

Indian girls are extremely beautiful and sexy. They have curvy yet slim bodies, beautiful faces, and charming personalities. You may check out more photos on the Internet to understand how attractive they look. 

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