Dating Cambodian Brides: Tips For Foreigners

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Dating foreigners is a common trend today. Men are attracted to foreign women, and vice versa. If you’re one of such men, think about Cambodian brides. These women are uniquely attractive, feminine, and overall gorgeous. However, their beauty is not the main virtue when it comes to marrying these beautiful ladies.

Cambodian mail order brides are loyal and faithful wives. They know how to compromise to keep a healthy romantic relationship. They are great at taking care of the household and children. And Cambodian women are also very wise. Overall, they are perfect for marriage. Keep reading to learn if it’s a true statement and where to meet a Cambodian girl for marriage. 

❤️Success RateOver 70%.
?Popular Cambodian Cities With BridesPhnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang, Serei Saophoan.
?Average Cost Of A BrideAround $10,000.
?Average Age Of A Bride20-25.
?Divorce RateAround 50%. 
Cambodian Brides

Reasons Why Cambodian Brides Are Great For Serious Relationships And Marriage

Today, Cambodian wives are gaining the interest of foreigners. Their unusual Asian beauty, femininity, ability to preserve a happy family, and other similar factors attract men who seek traditional family relationships. But what else caused such interest among foreign men? These are the main characteristics of a gorgeous Cambodian woman:

If these features don’t make Cambodian mail order brides perfect wives, then we don’t know what features do! Cambodian brides are attractive and feminine, yet they become the unrestful support for their husbands. 


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How Do People In Cambodia Organize Weddings?

Cambodian women for marriage

The traditional wedding in Cambodia represents the most important social event in the lives of a young couple. Cambodian brides and grooms believe that the union of two families will determine their children’s future. Thus, Cambodian women want the wedding ceremony to be perfect and ensure they follow traditions that bless the marriage of a young couple. 

One interesting fact is that many in Cambodia still arrange marriages. In fact, if a man wants to date or asks for a Cambodian wife’s hand, he can’t do it directly but through her family. The couple must follow an extensive, controlled, and complex ritual. Many believe this ritual is a test to check the determination of the candidate. So, as you see, Cambodian brides don’t marry out of whim. Their entire family tests the man to ensure he has serious intentions. 

Now, let’s figure out how wedding ceremonies work. If you’re into Cambodian women for marriage, you should know that a traditional wedding in Cambodia is an expensive and sumptuous event where the betrothed families reaffirm their status in the community. It’s important! 

The way in which families discuss and negotiate the socio-economic position they believe they deserve is through the dowry agreement. If you don’t know what a dowry is, it’s a document that protects the Cambodian woman in case she decides to file for a divorce. Yes, divorces are allowed in Cambodia. 

According to this document, you would have to pay an allowance to the woman after the divorce. Thus, Cambodian girls get protection, and men understand immediately what to expect f they or their wives decide to file a divorce. It’s plain and straightforward. However, you can skip this part and just have a traditional wedding. When families discuss the dowry, they also discuss wedding expenses. 

The extravagantness of the wedding outfits and accessories is one of the most remarkable features of the traditional wedding in Cambodia. But it serves purposes that go beyond simple aesthetics. The traditional gowns of the Cambodian bride and groom were inspired by the founders of the country, a prince and princess. Cambodian women believe that traditional ceremonies bless their married life and that they can be happy. 

Cambodian women

How And Where To Encounter Cambodian Women For Marriage?

Most men, when they want to meet Cambodian women, consider that traveling to Cambodia is the only option. However, one may use other reliable methods of finding a Cambodian mail order bride. Here are some ideas to use:

One more thing, if you want to win the heart of a Cambodian mail order wife, you should prove you have serious intentions. You may meet plenty of beautiful women in the said country, and all of them will be friendly and hospitable, but they may not take you seriously. You should clearly state that you want serious relationships. Otherwise, you will fail to find a Cambodian bride. 

Cost Of Finding And Dating A Cambodia Mail Order Bride

The cost of finding and dating Cambodian women looking for American men depends on what means you’re using. If you manage to find a Cambodian mail order bride in your country (if she works or studies there), then you should expect the typical costs when dating a woman.

If you’re not so lucky and you have yet to find Cambodian wife, then you have two other options: using online apps or traveling to Cambodia. Let’s check the average figures in the table.

Dating optionCost (per year)
Staying in Cambodia for some time.Around $10,000.
Using dating apps. Around $100-$300, depending on the subscription plan. 
find Cambodian wife

The good news is that living in Cambodia is almost 40% more affordable than in the United States. So, it may be even cheaper to buy Cambodian wife by traveling to Cambodia than trying to find a Cambodian bride in your home country.

However, it’s even cheaper to date Cambodian females when using dating apps. You can see it yourself in the table above. Still, you two would have to meet in real life and date for some time. This leads to more expenses. 

The best option to successfully meet Cambodian brides and find “the one” is by using a combination of dating apps and traveling to Cambodia. You can use the advanced features of a dating app to encounter an ideal Cambodian woman and then meet in person in Cambodia. Chances are, you’re a perfect match, but you have to date in person to see if you’re physically attracted. 

Why Cambodian Women Prefer Marrying Foreigners?

It’s clear that men are attracted to the beauty and femininity of Cambodian mail order brides. However, why do Cambodian brides choose foreign men? Here are a few reasons why beautiful Cambodian women prefer to date foreigners:

These are just a few hypothetical reasons why Cambodian wives seek husbands from other countries. 

single Cambodian ladies

Best Options To Meet A Cambodian Bride

Cambodian mail order brides may be looking for men from abroad, but you could be seeking more actively, too. Thus, we have prepared a few generalized methods of finding a Cambodian bride. 


The easiest way to meet Cambodian brides is by using mail order bride websites. In Cambodia, people are still OK with arranged marriages. Cambodian brides use modern means of finding husbands, which means you will find quite a few profiles of beautiful Cambodian mail order brides on dating apps. Use international sites like AsiaDate, RomanceTale, Match, Cupid Media platforms, eHarmony, etc. 


Travel to Cambodia if you have time and can work remotely. Note: it’s critical to not be a tourist, but to live for a while in Cambodia. That way, you can convince a Cambodian mail order bride that you have serious intentions. Most Cambodian brides don’t like foreigners who simply want to use them for their beauty. 

You may also meet women from Cambodia in your country. Check out the numbers and see if your country hosts a big community of immigrants from Cambodia. If you’re lucky, you won’t even have to travel and change your everyday routine. 


Cambodian brides are beautiful on the outside, as well as on the inside. These gorgeous and feminine women charm men who prefer traditional family values. If you wish to have a traditional family with a beautiful and loyal wife and a few kids, then you will definitely like dating women from Cambodia. 

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