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Many gentlemen from all around the world have heard about hot Dominican mail order brides who make great wives. And that is true – girlfriends from that country are kind, mad in love, and hot as hell. If you would like to meet your love among those ladies, this dating guide will come in handy.

Sites To Meet Dominican Brides


Dominican Women Features

To understand a person of another nationality, it is useful to learn some facts from their history. Connections with different countries throughout the history of the nation formed their mindset, customs in behavior, and specifics of romantic relationships. Let’s figure out the traits of Dominican women for marriage!

❤️ Success Rate81%
? of men who choose Dominican girls51%
✅ LegalityYes
⌛ Average age of Dominican bride25 y.o.
? Is Dominican loyal?Yes
? Divorce rate19%

Prettiness Makes No Pottage… or It Does?

Love is blind, that is what we usually say. It does not matter if a person is pretty or not, the soul means more. However, people do pay attention to appearance when choosing a partner. In terms of this, the brides of Española Island are a paradise for the eyes. Thousands of men who have ever seen beautiful Dominican women have been impressed by their appearance. What is special about it? Local people are an amazing mix of absolutely different races. Francesco Montinaro, the Post-Doc researcher at the Institute of Genomics of the University of Tartu, did some interesting genetic studies. These brides have shown that the modern genotype of Dominicans is mainly European with a significant substrate of indigenous and African populations. According to unraveling the hidden ancestry of American admixed populations, it contains about 60% of the genes of Europeans, 30% of Africans, and 10% of Native Americans. That crazy mix makes Dominican girls real beauties at any age.

Temperament Characteristics of a Dominican Woman

When looking for a Dominican mail order wife, you might be interested in her special features and customs of behavior. There are some insights on what to expect from your bride.

Role in the Society

By tradition, a bride of this nationality is expected to be a submissive housewife. Dominican wife believes she has to bear a child, take care of and support her husband, cook, clean the house, and sew. A woman who belongs to the lower class is used to a matriarchal structure, usually because the fathers have left home. Females from the middle and upper classes live in a patriarchy.

young Dominican Mail Order Brides

Character Features

These ladies are fun-loving, outgoing, friendly, committed, and eager to party. These brides are also very smart – amazing date partners! You will never get bored in their presence.

Family Mindset

The nation we are talking about here is very family-oriented and ready for marriage. That also means Dominican mail order wives keep in touch with every member of their families, being ready to help or pay a visit. As a consequence of such strong family bonds, children in this country seldom grow in incomplete families, surrounded by grandparents and numerous relatives. Be sure your kid will be happy with such a mother!

Dominican Wife and Money

What makes Dominican women desired brides is their frugality and resource-management skills, too. These features seem to be congenital because many guys and girls in Dominican Republic are not well off financially. That is why women as homemakers have to learn how to properly use money. Dominican wives are not big spenders.

Marital Duty

As regards sexual relationships, Dominican ladies are very open-minded and expressive about intimacy. These brides do not play hard-to-get with men; if these women like a guy, they are ready to go all in.


Best Sites to Find Dominican Bride

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Where to Meet Dominican Women?

If you have read through this dating guide till this point and want to know where to meet such an incredible bride, here are some places below.

Clubs and Cafes

As mentioned earlier, a Dominican lady loves parties, she is outgoing and fun. There is a high probability to meet them in local clubs, outdoor parties, or carnivals. Richer ladies spend their time in restaurants and resorts.

On the Street

The biggest concentration of beautiful and well-mannered women is usually in the capital. The streets of Santo Domingo, the main city of the Dominican Republic, are a good place to find a local girl. No need to be worried about a woman being cold! You will be met with a smile and open heart. Punta Cana city is also worth visiting. It is a big tourist place, where your potential bride may work or spend vacations.

Your Vacation

Traveling to this country is affordable for the majority of American and European men. Get acquainted with a pretty local woman while spending holidays in a hotel! The biggest advantage of meeting there is that ladies will know English quite well, apart from people who live beyond the touristic places.

Online Dating Platforms

Nowadays, one of the best ways to find a partner is through online dating sites and apps. There are several sites focusing on Latin brides only.

This online communication platform is created for people from all over the world to make new acquaintances. LatinFeels offers various handy features for striking up conversations with like-minded individuals. Users gave the site a total score of 9,8 out of ten. The prices for communication tools with girls on the platform are low compared to other similar sites.

This site gathered thousands of women from Argentina, Columbia, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. LoveFort offers a reliable financial safety program, 24/7 professional help, and reasonable prices. However, there is no option for video chatting.

This is the platform for meeting only Dominican ladies. The website has a user base numbering in the thousands – fairly small compared to many other dating sites, but reasonable size considering the small population of the country. A lot of Western men have found their love here. The one disadvantage is that the Dominican Cupid app is not available on iOS. Hope they will fix it soon, as the site gains more and more popularity every day.

Meet Dominican Women

All You Should Know About Dating a Dominican Woman

If you choose to look for a Dominican wife online and through catalogs, you should know some tips and tricks on how to gain her.

Show That You Are Reliable

Dominican women are incredibly loyal to men who present themselves as reliable and financially stable. It is not because they are gold diggers. The country’s population is not very rich, a lot of families struggle to make ends meet. That is why local girls want someone to build a family with without having to worry about basic needs.

Be Ready For Explicitness

Members of the weaker sex from this nation are known for fully embracing their feminine nature. They don’t mind being curvy or thick or adapting to feminine scents and behavior. Dominican ladies usually wear skimpy dresses, shorts, or crop tops because they love their bodies and are not afraid to show them.

Be a Leader in the Relationship

As mentioned before, Dominican society lives in a patriarchal system. As a result, women love to play the role of submissive partner. It is a boyfriend/husband who is responsible for decision-making or anything serious in the relationship.

Show Respect to Family Values

Dominican brides enjoy being around their families. On weekends and holidays, they love to visit their family homes to spend time with loved ones. If your girlfriend introduces you to her family or asks you to spend time with them, it is a sign that your Dominican mail order bride wants to spend her entire life with you.

Dominican wedding customs

Dominican wedding customs are a blend of Spanish, African, and indigenous traditions. The bride and groom often wear white, which symbolizes purity, and the wedding ceremony is usually held in a Catholic church. A typical Dominican wedding reception includes music, dancing, and food.

Music is an important part of Dominican weddings. Traditional Dominican music includes Merengue, Bachata, and Salsa. The bride and groom often choose to have a live band or DJ play music at their reception.

Dancing is also a big part of Dominican weddings. Guests often dance the night away at the reception. The bride and groom may even choose to have a traditional first dance, such as the Bachata.

Food is another important part of Dominican weddings. Typical wedding food includes rice and beans, roasted chicken, and plantains. A wedding cake is also often served. Guests can wash down the meal with champagne or rum.

Dominican weddings are a great way to experience the culture of the Dominican Republic. If you’re planning a destination wedding, be sure to consider a Dominican wedding.

How to Impress a Dominican Bride?

It is only half of the deal to meet a Dominican woman. Making her stay with you is a difficult task. The girls at Española Island are freedom-loving and self-confident, they also usually have several suitors at once. What should you do to impress your mail order bride?

Learn Spanish

The official language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish, and the locals appreciate it when foreign people try to speak it. You may not succeed in learning la Lengua Español, but women’s hearts will be yours. Also, do not try to get rid of your American or another native accent. As do Brits for girls from the US, Dominican ladies lose their minds hearing foreign accents. Keep reading to learn more about marrying a Dominican woman.

Choose Your Clothes Carefully

Another way to win the local bride is your appearance. There is nothing sexier in the world than a man wearing stylish clothes that fits his body and emphasizes his handsomeness. Do not be lazy and dedicate some time to your wardrobe’s modernization.

Spend Money on Her

It is not a secret that 90 percent of women love to receive gifts from their partners, and that especially concerns Dominican females. Men who are willing to take care of them are more attractive and endearing. It would be a good idea to take your significant other to a nice restaurant, to buy her little thoughtful gifts, to take her shopping, and other generous acts.

Take Charge

If you are a foreigner who is used to gender equality and feminism, it may be strange for you to see an absolute difference in Dominican society. Having a bride from this country, be ready to make all the important decisions starting from where to go on a date and finishing with family matters. Marrying with females from here means becoming the president of your own little country. And your wife will appreciate it a lot.

Do Dominican Women Marry Foreigners?

Lonely men from different countries come to Española Island to marry a local beauty. But do they get what they want?

There are many Dominican women looking for American men. The first reason may sound unpleasant: local girls ready to have an international marriage hoping for a better life abroad. Girls here are also ready to become brides to foreign men because they believe them to be more faithful and respectful than the locals. They are used to being sexualized by men, which increases violence. As a result, foreign gentlemen are usually lucky after they meet a Dominican woman.

Dating a Dominican Woman


To conclude, Dominican mail order brides are perfect from many perspectives. They are kind, loving, sincere, dedicated to the family and husband, and hot and sexy at the same time. In this beautiful island country, there are many women looking for American men to become their brides, as they want to get a financially stable and respectful partner. A wife of this nationality will make you feel like a king!

How to Find a Dominican Girl?

The best places to meet Dominican singles are:

How to Attract a Dominican Woman?

To persuade a Dominican single woman, men should make efforts. You will conquer the local bride if you show her you are financially stable, for example, by buying her some gifts or taking her to a good restaurant. Dominicans are mainly poor, so middle-class foreigners are very impressive for local girls. Secondly, be ready to make decisions – show you are alpha but gently and respectfully. They have enough violence in society towards women. Thirdly, demonstrate that you value family and respect her relatives. Finally, learn Spanish. This will show your interest and respect in the culture, which is also appealing.

Why Are Dominican Women so Beautiful?

Firstly, Dominicans are an amazing mix of absolutely different races. Genetic research held recently has shown that the modern genotype of these people is mainly European with a significant substrate of indigenous and African populations. It contains about 60% of the genes of Europeans, 30% of Africans, and 10% of Native Americans. That crazy mix makes local girls real beauties. Secondly, women here are beautiful because they love themselves, their bodies, and the female energy they have. They are self-confident, which makes other people see them from the best perspective.

How Much Does It Cost to Marry a Dominican Woman?

Dominican women looking for love are not for sale, but talking about the state fees concerning marriage with the Republic citizens, they are:

These fees regard the situation when the fiance is a foreigner, not a resident of the Dominican Republic, and the bride is.

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