PlaceToChat Review: Will This Chat Site Give You What You Want?

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While some wait for love to knock on their doors, others prefer to act actively. What category do you belong to? We believe that you belong to the second – because in order to meet your person, it is not enough just to dream.

We do not encourage you to approach every woman or man you like on the street or in a cafe, but will suggest an easy and comfortable way to find your soulmate. It’s online dating! First of all, it’s fast. Secondly, there is no need to leave the comfort zone. Thirdly, it is an opportunity to really find your own person who will share your interests, and not just attract you externally. Ready to try? Then be sure to come to PlaceToChat – a dating site for love and serious relationships.

PlaceToChat main page
Gender Ratio65% women, 35% men
GoalsDating, flirting, communication
Age Distribution18-50

Short Overview

The primary focus of the Place To Chat website is on helping people meet like-minded individuals. PlaceToChat makes it easy to create quick chats with friends and family who share your interests. With PlaceToChat, you can be connected to people in real time. You can chat about anything quickly and easily. 

Profile Quality4.0
Ease of Use4.5

What Is It?

PlaceToChat makes it easy to communicate with anyone, no matter where they are. With PlaceToChat’s anonymous chat rooms, you can also discover new friends around the world. With the help of Place To Chat, you can access chat rooms, start online dating, and more. We guarantee you will like watching girls videos! But don’t forget that you’ll have to pay money for it! If something goes wrong, you can easily contact PlaceToChat customer support: Place To Chat reviews say it is pretty helpful. 

PlaceToChat features

Site Audience

The Place To Chat audience is men and women ages 18-49. Place To Chat can be called a worldwide social network that gathers millions of people from different countries, providing them with an opportunity to meet new friends, find interesting people near them, share pictures and videos, or just listen to music together. PlaceToChat site offers to send chat messages, which is considered the most convenient communication option. It is also possible to view personal photos. Some professional girls work here as well, but there are still many real ladies looking for fun.

Most visited byEuropean countries
Average age of usersLadies – 18-25, men – 30-50
Females are fromEurope, Slavic Countries

Main Pros and Cons

There are many other sites that offer services you may like. So what makes Place To Chat really special? The entertainment service offered provides a high quality service that helps you communicate with other users, a reliable support team, and more. Take a look at some benefits and drawbacks.



PlaceToChat welcom to site

Registration Process

The first step in registering is entering your email address, username, and password. Then hit Register; you will be sent an email confirmation with a link to activate your account. When you click the link in the email you receive, the PlaceToChat website will automatically display a success message to notify you that your account has been created.

Things You Must Know When Registering

Dating sites provide many opportunities for finding a person with whom, perhaps, you will connect all your subsequent life. But at the same time, do not forget about the safety rules. After all, a variety of scammers and swindlers, and sometimes people with certain mental disabilities, can take advantage of your trust.

  1. Registering on a dating site is a risk. Regardless of the dating site you choose, you are at risk, as your personal data or correspondence can be stolen by hackers. Also, you should be aware that the information on the personal pages of users, in most cases, is far from reality. The way a person actually looks can be radically different from what is captured in the photos of his account on the Internet. It should also be remembered that very often various scammers hide under other people’s photos on the Web.
  2. Decide if you want to share your personal data with the dating site. Your personal data can be stolen by hackers, in which case a flurry of advertising or fraudulent messages will come to you not only by mail, but also by SMS. Therefore, some users register on this kind of portals using not permanent, but newly created emails. There are also those who write on dating sites under pseudonyms. Thus, they insure against unnecessary publicity so that acquaintances or colleagues cannot find them on the Internet by name and surname. 
  3. Avoid scammers. If you are asked for your credit card number or persuaded to transfer any amount to a specific account, be sure that you are facing a scammer. Any communication with such users should be immediately stopped. Also, do not open any graphic files from online interlocutors, as they may contain fraudulent programs that can steal your credit card withdrawal data and other valuable information from your computer.
  4. Set up a first date in a public place. On a first date with an online friend, you should go to some busy place: a restaurant or a movie. If you are assigned a meeting at night in a wasteland outside the city, then for your own safety it is better to reject such an offer.
PlaceToChat users

Profiles Quality

Place To Chat is a verified communication site that offers detailed accounts of real girls who are interested in finding a partner. On existing pages, you will find detailed information about hobbies, place of work, education, marital status, attitude to religion, and much more.

What Information Is Not Recommended to Be Posted on Social Networks?

Before you purchase credits and start online communication, you must be aware of some safety rules, in particular, what information should not be posted on your personal page.

Personal Data

No social media account is immune from hacking. Personal information that you post on the Internet can fall into the hands of scammers. For this reason, it is not recommended to indicate on your page the following:

Pay special attention to the information on your page if you are registered on social networks under your real name and surname. After all, anyone can see the page – starting with the manager of the HR department and ending with your ill-wishers. It is not for nothing that public people usually hire professionals to maintain their pages and monitor the content posted.

In addition, experts recommend disclosing as few details about yourself as possible. Very often, people share the name of a pet, their mother’s maiden name or favorite dish on the Internet, forgetting that using this data you can guess the password to their accounts. If possible, do not use this information as an answer to your security question.

PlaceToChat girl profile

Banking Data

You should not store copies of your documents online, as well as “link” bank cards and electronic wallets to accounts. If hacked, criminals can use this data to steal money from your account or illegally issue a loan in your name. Never disclose any financial details, such as a card number or pin code, in comments and personal correspondence. Even if you urgently need to make a purchase.

Private Photos and Videos

When posting personal photos online, keep in mind that they can be seen by the employer, the employee of the bank where you applied for a loan, or your parents. For this reason, it is not recommended to post personal photos to the public: from parties, the beach, vacation or from the bathroom.

Private pictures can fall into the wrong hands if the page is hacked. Therefore, it is better to publish on the Internet only photos where you look decent and well-dressed.

Mobile Version

Place To Chat does not have a PlaceToChat mobile app, but you can access the site from your smartphone. The mobile version adapts well to any device, preserving all the functionality and without taking up space in the memory of your phone or tablet. Therefore, it is even better and more convenient than a separate mobile application.

Search Process

Finding partners is made easier using Place To Chat free search option. There are filters you can use, and there are also two other ways to find like-minded individuals. 

PlaceToChat search

Tips: How to Find Love On PlaceToChat

To meet love on PlaceToChat, just create an attractive profile and start getting acquainted. Here are some more tips on how to communicate on the site to find and retain your person.

  1. Be open to dating.
  2. Feel free to write first. It’s not a shame; it only shows your sincere interest.
  3. Learn more about the interlocutor. Ask more about him, not just talk about yourself.
  4. Answer his questions. It can be difficult for a new person to open up. But if you came for a serious relationship, you need to do it.
  5. Believe that everything is possible. The search for love will succeed if you believe and tune in to the right wave.

Messaging Features

There are two ways of communication: Chats and Mails. It is also possible to send winks, stickers, likes, etc. 

Scam and Safety

Place To Chat carefully protects users’ personal information and correspondence history. This is monitored by a whole team of professionals who also check each new questionnaire for reliability. That’s why there are almost no fake pages and bots on the site – they are quickly identified and eliminated. Nevertheless, you can still meet some fake profiles: even the most reliable online porn sites are safe here. Nevertheless, the Place To Chat online international communication platform is a nice choice to find a real life date. If you are facing any difficulties, you can contact financial or technical departments of customer support and you are guaranteed to get a professional help. 

PlaceToChat do you like

Unique Features

To find your pen pal in the Place To Chat secure space, you will definitely need to use some paid features. We have selected some of the most interesting options. 

Private Conversations

Premium users can send private messages in chat or send long Mails. They can also add media files, stickers, gifs, etc. PlaceToChat dating site provides great options for private conversations.


We have already mentioned this tool: this is a Feed like on Instagram, and that’s definitely a fun way to meet new people, whether charming ladies or handsome gentlemen.

Virtual and Real Gifts

If you meet someone special or already met them, you can surprise your new friend or match by sending virtual or even real gifts.

PlaceToChat virtual gifts

Pricing Politics

First of all, imeediately after the registration, all members are given 20 free credits. The customers service works just fine, so if you don’t really understand the way of PlaceToChat work, you can contact a support or moderation team before you spend credits in a casual chat. There is a credit-based payment system on Place To Chat, so you can buy packs of credits whenever needed. 

Free Services

Paid Services

Live chat2 credits per minute
Sending a photo10 credits
Opening a video50 credits
Sending a mail10 credits for the first one and 30 for the others
Opening a photo10 credits
Live videos4 credits per minute
Sending a gift100 credits
PlaceToChat buy credits

Customer Reviews 

As you have already understood, there are both paid and free features the Place To Chat online platform offers. The Place To Chat communication platform also offers high quality support services. We have found lots of positive positive reviews, but there are also some negative ones. Take a look. 


I am here to share my positive experience and write a short PlaceToChat review. First of all, I read lots of PlaceToChat reviews before registering. There were some negative reviews as well, so I decided to figure out whether PlaceToChat worth paying for. All the benefits it offered are good, but not enough to say it is a perfect option. But still, PlaceToChat legit website is a decent choice, so you can give it a try. I have found several interesting ladies here. 


I can say for sure: if you are looking for a cool girl, PlaceToChat safe site is the best choice! There are no third party contractors: I carefully reviewed Place To Chat and can confidently say it is pretty good! I especially like the newsfeed: it looks so fresh!


If you find it difficult to stimulate conversation and want to find a serious relationship, Place To Chat is a good site. Although it is not recommended for those eager to find something serious, I managed! If any questions arise, you can easily contact customer support. Carefully fill in your user’s profile, and you will get nice chances for broader participation: you can meet love or find new friends here!

PlaceToChat do you like


There is no strict verification procedure, which I dislike. I cannot say it is an expensive site: the site’s terms are acceptable. But immediately after registration, I ran into a fake profile. After that, I have met different users, so I would rate Place To Chat 4.

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So, Place To Chat is not a leader on the market, but it is worth giving it a try. But remember to be careful when looking for PlaceToChat real members: if a person’s page looks too unnatural and perfect, it is a bad sign: it may be a fake. Also, you have to buy credits to communicate. Overall, Place To Chat has both benefits and drawbacks, so the choice is yours. 

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