Marrying a Polish Woman

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Today marrying a Polish woman is not easy as we live in times of freedom of choice and independence. Both women and men meticulously approach the question of marriage. Someone pursues high career goals and does not care about marriage. But when they meet their significant other, everything becomes unimportant, only love matters. For Polish girls looking for husband is not a priority as ladies are interested in achieving success in life. They are beautiful, calm, well-educated, and compassionate.

Poland women are not hunters for rich boyfriends: they can provide for themselves and actively seek healthy relationships. Open-minded, intelligent, elegant Polish ladies will win your heart, but how to charm them?

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Can a Foreigner Marry a Polish Woman?

Every foreigner can marry a Polish woman and live a happy life with her either in Poland or in any other country. There are three possible options to get married to a Poland lady under Polish law.

Civil Registry Office

If you choose civil marriage, you should address the Civil Registry Office (USC) for official marriage registration. These official institutions will quickly provide you with a marriage license. You should prepare a list of documents and translate them into Polish. And now we move to an important question about what documents do you need for marriage in Poland?


Another option is to get married at a temple. Religious couples may benefit from the concordat marriage when the Civil Registry Office recognizes the marriage contracted by the church. You should also provide the priest with the above-mentioned documents, and there may be required some other documents like your baptism certificate.

Polish Consulate

And if you decide to get married abroad, you can visit a Polish consulate. This option is very expensive and takes a long time, up to two months. But there are different circumstances, and you should be prepared to marry anywhere if you truly love your Polish bride.

Marrying a Polish Woman

Polish Marriage Culture

Local weddings are joyful events that stay in memory for the whole life. There are many aspects to consider such as food, dress, music, decor if you want a true Polish wedding and feel the culture of this country. A century ago the wedding took place for several days, there were hundreds of guests and unique traditions. Now couples prefer Western-style weddings with stylish and minimalistic ceremonies. If you choose Polish ladies for marriage, explore what to expect from a modern Poland wedding.


A marriage ceremony is an important event with a long history and many traditions. Today, Polish couples prefer civil ceremonies in beautiful places like beaches, forests, parks, or restaurants. There may not be so many guests: newlyweds invite their nearest and dearest. The ceremony is accompanied by a video and photo shooting, music, snacks, and more. After the ceremony, spouses and guests go to the restaurant to eat and have fun.


It’s great to know what special dishes you will taste at the Polish wedding. You should note that each Polish region has its cuisine and traditional meals. But there will be a lot of food, drinks, and nobody will be hungry. According to Polish traditions, there should be bread and salt at the wedding. Guests are served a variety of meals, fatty food, meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, fruits, and more. Brides compile a wedding menu to their taste, but it is always tasty, hearty, and sweet.


When you want Polish women for marriage, get ready to become a member of their family. People tend to drink a lot at weddings and dance with all their friends and relatives as now you are one big family. There is the first dance of the newlyweds, accompanied by a romantic song. Music played at weddings is Polish and popular English songs.

Pros and Cons of Marrying a Polish Girl

Meeting Polish singles is real luck as most good women are married and other ladies prefer career and self-development to marriage. There are mostly advantages of marrying a Polish lady, and here we’ll discover the most crucial of them.

Pro – Positive

If you consider Polish girls for marriage, you will live a happy life with this positive person. She has a good sense of humor and understands all your jokes. Intelligent and sometimes witty, a Polish girl will never offend anyone. With a Polish wife, your every day will be lighted by her sunny smile and sonorous laughter.

Pro – Understanding

You can be who you really are together with this woman. She will love all your odds and understand you without any words. You’ll not feel awkward or uncomfortable as Polish girls know to break the ice.

Pro – Intelligent

Polish ladies are not only attractive but also smart. They are well-educated, read a lot, and can discuss with you any topic. You will never get bored from living with this wife as she doesn’t stop exploring new things. Sometimes you may feel she is smarter than you but this woman will never make you feel humiliated.

Con – She Is Hard to Get

Considering a Polish woman to marry, use all your gentleness, good manners, and patience to win her demanding heart. She will not marry the first stranger but will meticulously analyze if you are ready for a marriage and family life.

How Much Does a Polish Wife Cost?

If you are actively seeking a Polish wife, do not be greedy and show that she can rely on you. Men dating women from Poland spend from 5 to 15 thousand dollars. The sum depends on many factors. You can search for your future wife online on dating sites or visit Poland for in-person communication. Many say that it is extremely challenging and even impossible to meet a Polish girl for marriage in real life. Men tend to find partners on the internet, communicate, and then meet face to face.

Polish ladies for marriage


Men living in Poland or neighboring countries do not have to worry about a visa issue to visit their potential wives. American men should care about some formalities, but they do not need a visa as Poland is a party to the Schengen Agreement. The residents of other countries around the world should pay permission to visit and stay for a while in Poland. They have to apply for a nonimmigrant visa and pay about $200. If your girlfriend from Poland would like to visit the US for marriage, she can benefit from a fiancee visa and stay in the country for 90 days.

Travel and Residing

Travel expenses depend on the place you live and how far it’s from Poland. Men from America and Australia will have to pay a handsome sum to meet their future wives in real life. It may cost you more than $500 for a transatlantic flight to a European country. You can choose the ticket type depending on your budget but take into account that the whole trip is not cheap.

When it comes to accommodation, the price may also vary. It depends on the city you visit and the living conditions you prefer. The apartment in the midtown of Wroclaw is much more expensive than a hotel room for a couple of days in some small town. You will also have to cover expenses on daily food, transport, etc. The sum may range from $50 to $300 per day.


If you truly wish to marry a Polish girl, be ready to satisfy her demands. These women are not demanding, but they like attention and gifts. She will appreciate all your efforts to make her happy. You should go to restaurants, cinemas, do not forget to give her flowers, jewelry, cosmetics she likes. If your intentions are serious, visit her parents, and mind buying presents for them too. Men can spend around $100 on a date with their beloved Polish lady. The price of presents and their number is at your discretion.

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