Marry A Latvian Woman: Everything About Latvian Brides

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Getting married is arguably one of the best moments of people’s lives. It’s a new beginning when you don’t have to walk alone in life. But the difficult part is finding a partner. Today we have a wider range of options when choosing a partner. For instance, we can meet someone from abroad. Say, marrying a Latvian woman doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Latvia is a country near the Baltic sea. It’s considered one of three Baltic countries. Moreover, Baltic nations have similar qualities to Scandinavian people. For instance, people in Latvia often have light hair and blue or gray eyes. However, Latvian women are different. If you are intrigued about the appearance of the Latvian bride, keep reading the article.

The readers of the article are about to learn about marriage traditions in Latvia. The article also describes the life of a married Latvian couple and the pros and cons of this marriage. Keep reading if you’re interested in dating or marrying one of the Latvian singles.

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Can A Foreigner Marry A Latvian Woman?

Yes, men from abroad marry Latvian girls for marriage with no problem. You will learn a bit more about the wedding traditions in Latvia further in the article. The key fact to understand is that marriage often requires an official ceremony in the church. Yes, you will also sign the documents that will prove you are now married. However, the part in the church is also very important.

Finding a bride may be a tricky part. Often, a typical Latvian girl for marriage isn’t against the idea of marrying a foreigner. However, she may not trust foreigners. Foreign men tend to visit Latvia to have casual fun, while girls in Latvia want serious relationships. Girls from the said country don’t want to be used. That’s why it’s important to win the trust of the girl you like.

Latvian Marriage Culture

Typically, Latvian women for marriage choose more modern traditions when it comes to marriage. However, some still choose traditional weddings. The tradition states that wedding ceremonies should be in autumn.

During the autumn months, sometimes under a full moon (it’s rare in modern days), young couples make promises to make each other happy and to be loyal. However, today Latvian brides prefer modern traditions since they give more freedom of when to get married, etc.

When you marry a Latvian woman, the bride wears the veil until midnight. Then there is another ceremony when the veil is removed, and the groom puts on a hat. It symbolizes the transfer from single to married life.

Latvian women keep their wedding dresses for life since it symbolizes one of the happiest days in their lives. Some couples choose to include another tradition – when couples go to seven different bridges. They release balloons into the sky and make wishes about their married lives.

It’s also worth mentioning traditional cuisine. Typically, if Latvian ladies for marriage choose to have a traditional wedding, they want traditional meals. Latvian cuisine is amazingly delicious, and everyone should try it. Wedding meals are prepared according to traditional recipes. As for married life, it’s more of a modern custom these days.

marrying a latvian woman

Most Latvian mail order brides are into keeping their jobs and working on their careers. Attractive brides from the said country are hard-working and want to lead a comfortable lifestyle. In marriage, both make decisions. The great thing about a marriage in the said country is that brides here are very wise. They support their husbands’ decisions, but they never shy away from pointing out their mistakes.

Most Latvian girls looking for husband prefer working, so they want their husbands to help maintain the household. Marrying a bride from Latvia means getting an equal partner. The best thing about the partnership is that men don’t feel a lot of pressure when it comes to finances.

In many countries, men are believed to be the main providers for the family. But it leads to a lot of stress. In Latvia, you get the support of your loving Latvian wife as well. But when the husband and wife work, both of them take care of raising their children and taking care of the household.

Pros And Cons Of Marrying A Latvian Girl

Now that you know more about wedding and marriage traditions in Latvia, let’s check the pros and cons of marriage. If you marry any woman, whether you a marry a Latvian girl, or a woman from another country, there are always benefits and drawbacks. As you see from the table below, marriage to a Latvian woman promises more advantages than disadvantages.

BeautyMay have trust issues
IndependenceSeem to be icy
Wisdom and intelligence 
Cooking skills 
Family values 

Now let’s discuss pros and cons in detail to better understand what to expect from marrying a Latvian woman.


The advantages of marrying a woman from Latvia in detail are as follows:

These are only a few advantages of being married to a beautiful woman from Latvia. Overall, instead of getting a wife, you get a loyal and beautiful partner who won’t leave you in need.

Latvian girl for marriage


As you see from the table, there are just two disadvantages:

These disadvantages aren’t even that important. When you win the heart of a girl from Latvia, you become the happiest man on Earth.

How Much Does A Latvian Wife Cost?

Latvia is considered an affordable country for tourists. You may get a delicious meal at a restaurant for around 15 euros, so the date may cost starting from 30 euros. Staying at a hotel for a night costs around 40 euros. Note: during summer, prices go up, given it’s the tourist season. So, overall, the cost of finding a bride depends on when you visit the country.

Best Places To Find A Latvian Bride

If you ask any person, they would immediately say that the best way to find a bride in Latvia is to travel to the said country. They are not wrong, but you may consider some other options as well. Check out the table below.

LatviaRiga, Daugavpils, and Liepāja.
The U.SThe biggest Latvian communities are located in the following states: New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
Dating websitesConsider, InternationalCupid, Bumble, eDarling, eHarmony, Tinder, etc.
Other countriesThe best places are countries where Latvian women go on vacations.

The easiest way to find a Latvian girl is to use a dating app. Even though the biggest community of Latvians in the world is in the United States, dating websites guarantee better chances to find a bride. If you still want to find a Latvian bride living in theU.S, then consider visiting such states as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

You may also visit Latvia since it’s a beautiful country. Most people prefer traveling to Latvia during summer since the country has amazing beaches. However, it’s more expensive to travel to Latvia during the summer. That’s why dating apps are preferred by single men. They are cheaper and offer access to profiles of brides who want to start serious relationships with foreigners.

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