Marrying a Hungarian Woman

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Central Europe has become a holy grail for men seeking Hungarian girls for marriage. These women are not like western females. Why? After having read this article, you will become an expert on Hungarian brides.

Hungary is located in Central Europe, northwest of Romania. It is mildly cold, cloudy, and humid during winter, the summers are warm. Flooding is prevalent in Hungary. And not because of the rains! Those are the tears of gentlemen with hearts broken by Hungarian women. Thousands of foreign men come to this country to marry a Hungarian woman. Here you will learn if it is possible to marry her and more importantly – is it worth it? Read and note.

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Can a Foreigner Marry a Hungarian Woman?

American men who use dating agencies or go to Hungary alone want to marry a Hungarian girl legally. The good news is that foreigners can marry a woman with local citizenship but must follow some rules. To register an international marriage, follow the steps:

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Later, you can apply for Hungarian citizenship if you have been married to a Hungarian woman for at least 10 years. If you have one child together or more, you can apply after 5 years of marriage. For your wife, on the other hand, it would be easier to get an American passport. She can apply for a green card and you two must live together in the US for at least three years.

Hungarian Marriage Culture

In Hungary, weddings are the most elaborately celebrated life-cycle events. They represent the continuity from past to present of many traditional customs. Only after the marriage ceremony do Hungarian singles achieve their full social rank. In this paragraph, we will tell you about the most considerable local traditions. You may like this interesting video, too.


To ask a Hungarian girl for marriage, the groom had to visit her house, place a piece of clothing called szűr – a decorated jacket – on the fence and then walk a couple of circles around the house. If the szűr was taken inside by the time he arrived back at the fence, he would go inside and ask for the girl’s hand from the father. Although nowadays you should only bend the knee and offer the ring, the approval of her parents is still recommended.

Hungarian Bride’s Attire

If the wedding is traditional, brides wear colorful embroidered dresses and decorated headdresses, which may include woven wheat that symbolizes fertility. The main bridal color is green. As regards the rings, Hungarian brides should wear them on the left hand; once lovers are married, they switch the ring to the right hand.

Peculiar Traditions

The traditional wedding always differs from a modern western one. There are some customs you must be ready for when marrying a Hungarian woman. At the end of the evening, brides are likely to emerge wearing a kerchief on their heads to signify their transformation into wives. Also, it is normal for the brides to dance with guests in exchange for wedding money—the first “collective wealth” of the newlywed couple.

Stealing the Bride

It is funnier than it sounds! The point is that the wedding might begin with the groom’s friends “stealing” the bride. To get your Hungarian bride back, you will have to accomplish some funny tasks. In some weddings, however, the friends of the bride might steal the groom instead, making the bride do them. Beware!

Pros and Cons of Marrying a Hungarian Bride

Before connecting your life with Hungarian women, you must consider their special features. They are different from American of Western-European women. Here, we give honest lists of the advantages and disadvantages of Hungarian brides.

  • Hungarian women are honest and do not have secrets from their spouses
  • This marriage introduces you to another unique culture
  • She will make you feel like an emperor by courting and taking care of you
  • Hungarian brides are not annoying and clingy, they can manage things on their own
  • Hungarians are used to saving money and they usually do not spend much
  • A Hungarian wife is not scandalous, she is realistic and calm
  • These ladies are wild in bed and enjoy making love
  • Few Hungarian women speak English fluently, so you might face a language barrier
  • Being honest also means being blunt for Hungarian brides; they always say what they think and sometimes it is really rude
  • She needs an alpha, so if you are a softy – prepare the divorce papers
  • Hungarian women are impatient: if they do not like you anymore, they will go to another man with little explanation
  • They like giving life advice, even if you did not ask for it

Dating and marrying a Hungarian bride will be a unique experience for every man. Despite that Hungary has been an EU member since 2004, its people are still seen as black sheep in terms of culture. However, “strange” does not mean “bad”. On the contrary, marriage to Hungarian women could broaden your horizons.

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How Much Does a Hungarian Wife Cost?

Although Hungarian mail order brides are not Ferraris in terms of money, they are like good precious Mercedes. Here are the main cost items for foreigners in Hungary.


The most expensive part of getting a Hungarian mail order bride is airfare. An average flight from the USA to Budapest, the capital of Hungary, will cost you at least $1,000. Moreover, there are no direct flights, so get ready for an exhausting trip. But the good news is that Americans do not need a visa to enter Hungary for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes.


Hotel prices range from $24 to $120 per night. In Budapest, there are hundreds of apartments for people with different budgets. However, if you are planning to invite Hungarian women for a night, it is better to spend more on a good hotel.

Food and Drinks

Travelers claim prices on food and beverages in Hungary are lower than in the United States. The regular food like McMeal at McDonald’s is worth $4,5. For a carton of milk you will have to pay less than $1 and for a mid-range wine – $4 per bottle. Cappuccino in Budapest is $1,4. As regards restaurants, an average meal would cost $7 per person. Do not forget to double it to treat Hungarian women!

Shopping and Gifts

To please your Hungarian bride, you should not save on gifts. Although they do not feel like accepting valuable gifts, you can buy some cute jewelry or a theater ticket. We cannot name the precise amount of money you need here. It is all up to your generosity!

Dating Agencies

If you do not want to travel, you may find dating websites useful. Finding Hungarian ladies for marriage online will cost you about $100-300 depending on the website. This price is only for access to a platform. Gifts, kisses, and other options are additional money.

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What Are the Best Places to Find a Hungarian Bride?

The best way to find Hungarian women for marriage is to go out to big cities. Budapest, as a capital, gives many options for men to meet beautiful Hungarian brides. In the table below you can find the most popular locations.

Type of a placeExamplesWhy there?
  • P2 Club Budapest
  • Instant-Fogas Complex
  • Otkert
  • Peaches and Cream Club
Classy and young Hungarian women usually hang out in luxury nightclubs. Here you can meet a passionate and hot chick
  • Onyx
  • Babel Budapest
  • Bestia
  • Spago by Wolfgang Puck
Single Hungarian girls looking for husband go to famous restaurants to meet foreign men
Parks and streets
  • Margaret Island
  • Olimpia park
  • Millenáris
  • Nepliget Park
On contrary to nightclubs, parks are favorite places of calm and decent Hungarian women
Tourist attractions
  • Buda Castle & Castle Hill
  • Hungarian Parliament Building & Crown Jewels
  • Fisherman’s Bastion
  • Gellért Hill
Above we have mentioned a language barrier. Visiting popular historical places in the city, increase the chances to meet English-speaking Hungarian brides

Those are the main places you should try first. If you do not manage to find a Hungarian woman to marry you, try changing your attitude. Perhaps, you are too “foreign” for locals.


Marrying a Hungarian bride might be the best thing that ever happened to you. They are uncut gems of Central Europe. Wooing local women is not an easy task but they are worth it. Try to go to Hungary and do your best to meet these ladies!

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