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There is a pearl of popular wisdom that a person learns only from his own experience. So it was with you while you were learning to value harmonious relationships. And each time, you started to build relationships with different girls. The first woman you loved was an American lady who had a sensitive nature and helped you build a career. But she did not believe in love and was too selfish. Even next to her, you sometimes felt lonely, so you had to leave. Then you decided to look for happiness among foreign girls and started dating an Asian woman. Yes, she was a great partner, but she was too dependent and indecisive. And this relationship also failed.

Now you are looking for a girl who can become your soulmate. A true soul mate who shares your values ​​and outlook on life. This is important because this is the only way to achieve perfect synergy and build a harmonious marriage based on mutual respect. Your recent trip to the Netherlands gave you the answer to your question. After all, here you saw a lot of tall and slender Dutch beauties. It seems that you should look for a woman for marriage in Holland.

It remains only to solve the issue of distances, which has become quite simple thanks to modern technology. Today you can quickly register on a dating site and start chatting with cute Dutch mail order brides. This way, you save time and money. And we will tell you about the important features of Dutch women in our review.

Average age of Dutch Women on dating sites27-38 years old
Chance to meet perfect Dutch lady at matrimonial servicesHigh
Best dating services with Dutch mail order girlsMatch, PlentyOfFish, EliteSingles
Do these sites legit and safeBest sites have licenses
SecuritySSL Protocols, Users Verification
Marriage success rate56%
Prices for creditVary from $2.99 to $179
Average cost of Dutch bride$5400
Dutch Women

Sites To Find Dutch Women For Dating or Marriage


Dutch Brides – Who Are They?

Dutch women have many distinctive features that make you feel comfortable and confident around them. Interestingly, the Dutch bride is an excellent choice for marriage. After all, they prioritize family. The country is now at a high level of development, so women here often enjoy the right not to work but to plunge into caring for their husbands and children. As a rule, Dutch girls have 2-3 children and concentrate on their upbringing. Therefore, you make the right choice when starting communication with Dutch mail order brides. Moreover, today it has become easy thanks to convenient modern technologies.


Best Free Sites to Find Dutch Bride

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Dutch Wedding Traditions

Dutch dating culture has its special nuances. So, get ready for new sensations by starting a relationship with charming Dutch women. And when you are ready to marry a Dutch mail order wife, we recommend that you have a wedding in the best traditions. After all, the local culture has some interesting and beautiful features that will make your holiday even more memorable and enjoyable.

Sweets Instead of Cake

One of the most delicious Dutch wedding traditions. A wedding may not have a Dutch bride and groom cake. But there will be delicious sweets. Sweets are made to order in the best confectioneries and are referred to as “bride’s sugar”. All sweets are different – they symbolize the changeable mood and character of the Dutch mail order bride, but among them, there are one or two pairs of identical candies. According to the old belief, those who are lucky enough to pull them out will have a long and happy fate.

Romance and Flowers

A wedding with a Dutch bride can be full of romance and sweet acts. For example, a local tradition says that newlyweds plant a row of lilies around their house, which symbolizes their family happiness and long-term love, which will bloom stronger every year and never go out. Such actions symbolize true love and remind partners they are experiencing strong feelings.

First, the Wedding with the Dutch Bride, and then the Registration

Dutch women approach this event rationally. They believe it is necessary to live in a civil marriage and experience all the delights of family life. This approach allows you to learn more about the nature and everyday habits of the partner. And then make an informed decision. Also, weddings with a Dutch bride are usually modest. They are celebrated and surrounded by the closest and dearest people. Lush events are not welcome here, so the number of guests is strictly limited.

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Characteristics of a Dutch Woman

Holland is perhaps one of the most stereotypical countries in the world. Windmills, tulips, cheese, small multi-colored houses, bicycles, red-light districts, and coffee shops are a rough list of what comes to mind when talking about this country. Everything is so. The perceptions match reality, except that Holland is an amazingly versatile country where you can come for one thing and stay here for another. But the most important thing is that many hot Dutch girls live here, with many important features. And you made the right choice by deciding to start communicating with the Dutch mail order wife.

Typical Appearance of Dutch Women

One of the important features of Dutch women can be called their northern-type of appearance. There are many tall blondes in the country, and their height is above average. Don’t be surprised to meet a Dutch woman over 180 cm tall. They look great with such a tall height. Magnificent top models come out of Holland on the fashion catwalks. It is necessary to highlight the natural beauty of the Dutch. They don’t wear high heels and evening make-up – they put on sneakers, get on a bike and rush around the city at high speed. Their blue eyes are filled with light. Dutch mail order wives tend to have blond hair and blue eyes. They are distinguished by a cheerful disposition, good health, and self-confidence. It is very pleasant to watch them. She watches her figure and goes on a diet. Dutch women cannot be called thin and tend to be overweight, so they are very careful about this. Few of them turn into loose and fat women. Dutch brides can be called big and powerful, full of energy.

Autonomy and Independence

Another reason to choose Dutch brides. Because Dutch women are self-sufficient and do not want to live off men’s finances, don’t be surprised if, on your first date, a girl offers to split the check and pays her half. Moreover, they are very smart and ambitious, allowing them to build a good career and replenish the family budget. And most importantly – they believe in love and do not need expensive gifts. For Dutch girls, the best gift is the attention of a husband. Also, Dutch brides know how to plan finances well, so your family budget will be enough for a pleasant vacation and a comfortable everyday life. And this vacation will be interesting because the Dutch mail order wife do not like routine. Dutch brides prefer an active lifestyle-traveling, cycling, running, sports, etc. Moreover, such women know how to properly plan a vacation so that your vacation becomes as pleasant and amazing as possible.

Attitude Towards Family

Many men choose Dutch wives order via mail because of their commitment to the family. Dutch brides respect traditional family values ​​and can create the perfect atmosphere of comfort and coziness at home. Imagine a wonderful situation when you wake up next to a charming lady, and the house is clean and tidy. What’s more, Dutch cuisine has many exquisite and delicious dishes. And you have a chance to try them. Also, Dutch women have mature characters and can understand their partner’s point of view. With such a Dutch mail order wife, it is easy to find a compromise and reach new heights together.

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Dating Dutch Women

You will never be sad or lonely if you start dating a Dutch woman. Moreover, her great sense of humor makes even the toughest challenges easier. And most importantly – Dutch mail order brides provide the necessary support at the right time. This is not just a woman next to you, but a real partner and soul mate who will make your family life perfect. And together with the Dutch bride, you will be able to reach new horizons and build real family happiness.

Dating Culture With Dutch Bride

The beginning of a relationship and communication with the Netherlands girl have their characteristics. After all, the mentality of Dutch women is unique. They are used to being equal to men. Don’t be surprised if a Dutch mail order wife wants to pay for herself on a first date. Here, the generosity of men is unusual, and prudence and even stinginess are considered normal things.

Also, your relationship and life with a Dutch bride will change a lot after marriage because the wife wants to realize her maternal potential and give birth to children. As a rule, Dutch women prefer a family with two children. And in relationships with men, honesty and mutual understanding are highly valued.

Why Dutch Women are Dating a Foreign Men

It is worth saying that beautiful Dutch women have a real European character. Local ladies respect foreigners and are interested in their culture. Their worldview has no strict restrictions or prejudices against marriage with men from other countries. Therefore, if you want to find a beautiful bride who shares your interests and respects your beliefs, a Dutch woman is a perfect choice.

Also, Dutch mail order wives show interest in foreigners due to their inquisitive nature. They like communication, showing sympathy, and courtship. A caring, honest, and interesting man can win their hearts and love. Therefore, you can safely register on dating sites and start chatting with hot Dutch women. Perhaps one of them will become your Dutch wife.

Dutch Mail Order Bride Cost

You have several options for finding a Dutch bride. The classic is going to Europe and chatting with local Dutch girls. The second is to register on an online dating site. Both methods have their merits. And remember that you will have to use a credit card in both cases.

Dutch Brides Online Finding Costs

Cooperation with a quality dating site is the most convenient and effective way to meet a Dutch bride. Because all you have to do is sign up for the service, and you already have access to a large database of Dutch mail order ladies ready to chat. But it also needs to spend money.

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Offline Expenses for Dating Dutch Mail Order Bride

Of course, you can go to Holland in search of a Dutch bride. Here you can plunge into the atmosphere of the cities, enjoy the local flavor and chat with charming Dutch women. But remember that this path will require frequent use of a credit card.

Top Facts About Dutch Women

Beautiful Dutch women can charm many men. And also, about them, there is a certain number of myths. Let’s talk about what to expect from the start of communication and relationships with Dutch mail order brides.

The first myth is that Dutch women are careerists. This is not so, the balance between family and career in Holland is tilted in favor of the family. Historically, when a country has reached a high level of well-being, then women have the “right”, “freedom”, and “opportunity” not to work but to devote themselves to the family. Even working women’s clubs sprang up to keep them company because they usually didn’t have a family. In the 1950s, all women quit their jobs as soon as they got married. Now the situation has changed, but Dutch ladies prefer to focus on the family rather than on a career.

The second myth is that Dutch ladies don’t play sports. The Dutch love sports and the overall athletic level of the population is very high, equally for men and women. Of course, children from a very young age ride a bike daily to school. Dutch girls at any age go in for sports and try to do it seriously: do not miss training, improve their level and participate in amateur competitions with people of similar age and qualifications.

Summary of Dutch Brides

Thanks to our review, you have learned a lot of interesting things about Dutch ladies. Now it remains to proceed from theory to practice. Choose a quality dating site with Dutch mail order wives, register, and start looking for your soulmate. Good luck!

Questions & Answers

What Are the Stereotypes About Dutch Girls?

On the Internet, we found many stereotypes about Dutch women. For example, some users claim they are ugly, do not take care of themselves, and are not very good housewives. But we want to say that our lives and choices depend on our actions. Therefore, you can find the perfect Dutch mail order bride that suits your appearance and character, thanks to modern technology and dating sites.

Are the Dutch Women Good Mothers?

Yes, your Dutch bride can be a great mother. After all, Dutch women love children very much, and the education system in Holland is very professional. You can be sure that together with your wife, you will raise beautiful and complete personalities.

How Can I Buy Dutch Mail Order Bride?

We want to remind you that you are not looking for Dutch wives for sale, you are looking for the perfect partner. But some steps require the use of a credit card. For example, the average monthly subscription to a dating site is $30-50, and organizing a date with a Dutch woman will cost you $3,000 (visa, plane tickets, hotel, etc.).

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