Marrying a Dominican Woman

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Are you thinking of marrying a Dominican woman? These beautiful and easy-going ladies are worth your attention, indeed. But international marriage can be more complicated if you’re not familiar with the culture of your bride. We are sure that this article will be helpful for those who want to better understand the marriage culture in the Dominican Republic. Keep reading if you are looking for answers about wedding customs, marriage registration, and Dominican wives.

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How to Marry a Dominican Woman?

If you are about to ask your Dominican woman to marry you, be ready that she would like to arrange the marriage in the Dominican Republic. We totally understand her, because this country is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Also, for American men from Western regions, the Dominican Republic is a quite close destination. Let’s talk about the process of marriage registration there.

Marriage Registration

The general requirements for legal marriage in the Dominican Republic are pretty simple: a man and woman have to be over 18 years old, have proof of single status, express a free will to marry, and have two witnesses. If the groom is 16-17 years old, or the bride is 15-17 years old, they have to get notarized parents’ consent for this marriage.

To get married, you need to apply some documents to the Civil Registry office:

The married couple is also required to pay a fee. The amount of fee depends on where you want to get married. If you celebrate your marriage in the Civil Registration Office, it will cost you around $190. In case you want to get married somewhere else outside the Office, you will pay around $270.

marrying a dominican woman

Civil and Canonical Marriages

There are two categories of marriages that can be performed in the Dominican Republic. The first type, civil marriage, gets registered by the government of the country. The government official holds a ceremony only in witnesses’ presence. After the future spouses confirm their free will to marry, they get a marriage license with their writing consent and signatures of the witnesses, the Officer, and their own.

Another type of marriage is canonical marriage. It is equally legal as civil marriage but performed by the Catholic priest. The ceremony is held in a church, and the church is responsible for the registration of your marriage in the Dominican government office.

You can also legally marry a Dominican girl of another religion. The marriage held in another religious denomination has to be registered in the government registration office by the couple.

Marriage Customs in the Dominican Republic

Any nation has its own weddings, traditions, and rituals that may differ significantly. They usually represent the main values of family life. However, they can surprise you or become a chance to make your wedding more special and intimate. What does a traditional Dominican wedding look like?


The best thing about Dominican weddings is they aren’t based on strict rules and rituals. The traditional marriage ceremony is a combination culture of Spanish and American descent. Everyone at a Dominican wedding will feel comfortable and happy.

Any ceremony starts with a photoshoot to picture this happy moment for future spouses. Such traditions help everyone relax and set a good atmosphere at the beginning. The guests are relatives and friends usually, but sometimes even strangers can come to celebrate. But the special thing about Dominican marriage is there are no bridesmaids. Usually, there are only two witnesses and godparents. The latter is a mother of a male spouse and a father of a female spouse.

Also, Dominicans don’t bring gifts to the ceremony. Traditionally, they are sent to the groom and the bride the day before the wedding. The address where everyone can send a wedding gift is written on invitations.

Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is divided into two parts. The first one is a ceremony in a church or in a marriage register office. The common thing is to see younger relatives in cute dresses who are carrying a little Bible, rings, and coins. After the marriage ceremony is finished, newlyweds and guests move to the wedding reception.

The wedding reception is not always a lavish party as it is frequently seen in other countries. The special characteristic of the wedding is singing. Dominican people prefer live music, and frequently the guests sing songs by themself. Another tradition is hora local, which refers to delighting entertainment like dancing, fire show or music band performance.

Food is also a thing that distinguishes a Dominican wedding from others. There will be a lot of local dishes like Pasteles en Hoja, Dulce de Coco, Moro de Habichuelas and others. If you like Spanish cuisine with Caribbean spices, you will enjoy local food.

Married Life With a Dominican Woman

What is life after marriage with a Dominican woman like? Well, most of the Dominican girls tend to become housewives and raise children. They are amazing cooks and will make you fall in love with Dominican cuisine. Along with all house chores, these beautiful women stay cheerful and romantic. They know how to enjoy married life, and the low divorce rate proves it.

If you’re looking for a supportive and caring wife, the girl from this exotic country is total matches you. She will take care of the happiness of your marriage and help in solving any problems.

Pros and Cons of Marrying a Dominican Girl

Do Dominican ladies for marriage make good wives? It is a common question for those who are thinking about marriage with an amazing Dominican lady.

We assure you that Dominican women for marriage become good partners and loving mothers. But everyone can have some traits, which you won’t like. What to expect from your bride after marriage? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of your potential wife.



Dominican ladies for marriage

How Much Does a Dominican Wife Cost?

If you don’t have a Dominican girlfriend or bride, but want to find one, we are here to help you figure out where to communicate with these ladies and how much it will cost you. There are two main ways of meeting Dominican singles and many factors that affect their cost. Let’s start by understanding what affects the cost of online dating.

Online Dating

If you are doubting if there are Dominican girls looking for husband online, don’t worry. Dominicans are very friendly and like to meet foreigners, that’s why there are plenty of them on dating websites. Also, using dating services, you can be sure that a girl you talk to is single and looking for a relationship. Usually, such platforms also show a type of relationship members seek there.

Usually, dating websites have several paid communication tools or require a monthly subscription. The pricing may differ from service to service, but we want to share with you the average prices.

If the service doesn’t provide a monthly membership, the average cost of communication with a bride is around $500-600 per month. You may say it’s a considerable amount of money, but let’s check on how much offline dating will cost you.

Is Real-Life Dating Cheaper?

When you are going to visit the Dominican Republic and seek girls in real life, many other expenses come out. Let’s take a look at the list of these expenses and the average cost of them.

As you can see, the Dominican Republic isn’t cheap, and a 7-days trip will cost you around $1800-2500. The price is a lot more than online dating. A trip will be a worthy decision if you’ve already dated a Dominican girl for marriage and planned a trip to her. But if you have just started to seek a potential partner, we recommend you try online dating first. It will be a reasonable decision that will help you to find love much faster and easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Cities to Find a Dominican Bride?

There are a lot of beautiful cities in the Dominican Republic where you can find gorgeous ladies. We recommend you to visit Puerto Plata, La Romana, and Santo Domingo. In these cities, you will have the opportunity to spend a good time on the beaches, clubs, and bars and find a beautiful Dominican bride.

Do Dominican Women Make Good Wives?

Dominican women are very caring partners and usually prefer to become housewives. They see managing house chores and upbringing children as their main responsibility. At the same time, they stay romantic and don’t let the marriage become just a cohabitation.

How Many Dominican Marriages End in Divorce?

The divorce rate in the Dominican Republic is relatively low – 1.2 per 1000 inhabitants in 2021. However, the divorce process in the Dominican Republic is easy and doesn’t require many procedures and documentation.

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