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Every year the number of people visiting Eastern Europe grows. A particularly large quantity of tourists travels to ancient Bulgaria. While families visit the beaches of the Black Sea and historical sites. Single men come to this country for a completely different reason – they want to meet charming Bulgarian brides.

Bulgarian girls have very diverse appearances. There are many brunettes but also enough blondes. In the east, girls are primarily medium height, but in the west, women are tall. Because Bulgarian ladies have very sexy body shapes, they gained a reputation as the most attractive beauties in the Balkans. The color of the eyes of most Bulgarian brides is brown, rarely – green. In general, ladies from Bulgaria are very beautiful, no wonder they constantly reach the finals of various beauty contests.

Although the country is relatively small in size, the mentality varies depending on different regions. Still, there are some general, nationwide character traits of Bulgarian brides:

Bulgarian brides

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Why Is Bolgarian Bride Great Choice For Relationships?

Bulgarian women are usually quiet, calm and rarely show any excessive emotions. These are serious people who do not get hysterical. Sometimes they can show themselves as aggressive and cruel women, but only when someone provokes Bulgarian brides. In the relationship, the Bulgarian ladies expect that the partner will not betray their loyalty and devotion. Local women are not too jealous, do not like to fuss, and will not make scenes.

The elegance of the Bulgarian singles is fantastic. They understand what femininity is and how to manifest it properly. Bulgarian have an innate sense of style, and they know how to combine shoes with a dress.

Bulgarian women are not dreamy people. Local girls prefer to stand firm on the ground rather than resort to fantasies. Bulgarians are materialists. They believe only in what they can see and touch. And her behavior is always based on common sense.

Bulgarian brides have a great taste in food. And in music. They know how to appreciate art. Walking with a Bulgarian woman to museums and on excursions is a pleasure. They hate to hurry up and know how to enjoy the visual arts.


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How Bulgarian Women Are Different From Other

It is no secret that all women, to a greater or lesser extent, have similar traits. But rarely does anyone mention the significant differences between girls from different countries or regions. Although these differences are sometimes pretty big. Bulgarians are also very different not only from girls from other continents but also from other European women.

The most drastic differences are noticeable in comparison with modern Americans or Canadians. It is due to trends in modern pop culture. So what are these differences? Consider a few examples:

Ways To Find Bulgarian Wife

There are many ways to find a partner to build a family. And if in the past men could only count on visiting Bulgaria or help from international marriage agencies, now the variability has increased significantly. In the last decade, online dating has become very popular. Social networks and dating sites have helped millions of people to find their love. Lonely local women are looking for love on the internet more often than ever before.

Dating Sites As Way To Meet Partner

Sites and applications. Among the advantages of dating Bulgarian woman on specialized websites or applications, you can highlight the ease of search. It is enough to “fill in” the necessary parameters (country, city, age, etc.) and calmly choose from a thousand parameters suitable for you. By selecting the girl’s profile, you will see all the information about her: what she likes, what she doesn’t like, what she is interested in, etc. It is very convenient. The disadvantages include the possible inaccurate information and the lack of “live” communication (you will not see her real emotions, behavior, and manners, will not hear the voice and intonations).

Social Networks May Offer Many Bolgarian Ladies

Social networks. The absolute advantage of such an acquaintance is the opportunity to see what the Bulgarian bride lives: what her hobbies are, who is in friends, what music she likes, what she watches, how she thinks. There are usually more photos on social networks. In addition, here you can find a person from your preferred city. But there are downsides. First, maybe the chosen Bulgarian bride is in a relationship (females do not always mention it). Second, she may simply not want to meet anyone. And, thirdly, in cyberspace, in principle, you often see the ideal image of a person, and it sometimes differs from the real one.

Trip To Bulgaria As An Option

Traveling to Bulgaria is another popular option for finding a local bride. Thousands of men come to Sofia or other cities to meet their love. And it’s pretty easy to do because Bulgarian women know English and don’t mind meeting foreigners. Bulgarian women looking for American men and Canadians want to change their lives drastically. But where in this country can you meet? Here are some of the most common options:

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What Bulgarian Mail Order Brides Like In Men?

Bulgarian brides, like any other women, have certain standards when choosing a husband or boyfriend. And appearance does not play the most important role. Of course, a typical Bulgarian girl will pay attention to height, eye color, or physique, but this does not play a decisive role. The following personality traits are more important:


Bulgarian mail order wives are very attractive and interesting. Local girls want to get married, so they often choose foreigners to start a family. Bulgarian ladies are different from other women. They are not stubborn and very supportive of their boyfriends and husbands. Thanks to modern technologies, even foreigners who don’t know a word in Bulgarian can find a local bride and build a happy family.


Are Brides Sold In Bulgaria?

Women for sale is illegal in Bulgaria. But despite this, the local gypsy community annually holds a so-called market of brides in the city of Stara Zagora. Who knows, maybe you can even meet your love there.

Are Bulgarian Girls Attractive?

Bulgarian girls are considered the most attractive in the Balkans. Among the local brides, there are both blondes and brunettes. The eyes are mostly brown, and the height is average. Also, the local beauties love to play sports, so they have sexy figures. Obesity is very rare among Bulgarian ladies.

How Do You Marry A Bulgarian Woman?

To marry a local bride, you must first find her. You can use social networks, dating sites, or marriage agencies. You can also visit the country and try to meet your future wife in real life. It’s a bit old-fashioned but still effective.

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